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Location of things

We'll help turn lost into found.

We all know the frustration of losing something. But Telstra has services that can help you find lost items.

What can I use to find my things?

Telstra has two services that can help lead you to lost objects.

Telstra LocatorTM

Telstra Locator is a subscription-based service that uses Telstra Locator Tags and the Telstra Locator Network to help you find your things. You can attach the tags to your keys, your handbag and even your dog.


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Telstra Locator

Telstra Device LocatorTM

Telstra Device Locator is an opt-in feature in the Telstra 24x7 App that can help you locate your compatible, SIM-enabled iOS and Android devices on your Telstra account.


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Telstra Device Locator

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