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Telstra has a long and proud history of working with government.

We play a significant role in enabling the digital economy, ensuring jobs and skills in Australia, stay in Australia. We also have an important role to play in keeping Australians safe, and helping to lift Australia's digital inclusion.

With Australia's largest network and our sovereign capability, we partner with all levels of government, to enable all Australians to participate in the digital economy, to see our nation thrive.

Protect every link in the chain

Telstra's cybersecurity capabilities defend government networks, critical systems and applications from external and internal threats to optimise system resiliency.

Empower a digital workforce

Keep people productive with the right digital tools, applications, and processes. Simplify collaboration for hybrid working and manage workplace flexibility.

Secure Intelligent Sovereign Networks

Telstra’s owned and managed, in Australia network. A network that is robust, adaptable, secure, and equipped to connect all levels of government across Australia, with reach that is next to none.

Accelerating digital economy

Change the way you operate and serve your customers . We will provide you with cutting-edge platforms which help you share and analyse data or build reliable customer-facing apps & web portals to better serve citizens.

Adaptive Mobility & Networks

Your network is more than just a network - it’s your force for productivity as teams collaborate in the cloud. It’s your springboard for innovation. It can help you adapt to challenges and opportunity at pace, and deliver control, flexibility, and security.

Manage and Optimise your Cloud

Simplify the complexities of your clouds with our powerful, award-winning cloud management platform and simple, easy-to-consume managed services.

Insights for Government


Helping advance the digital economy

Nicole McMahon, Group Owner for Government, shares her thoughts on how government can enable a prosperous digital future for all Australians.

Nicole McMahon, Head of Government, Telstra Enterprise: So government have an ambition to be a leading digital economy by 2030 and move all services online. As we are going forward it's really important to understand how technology from a capacity, from a connectivity and from a security perspective, plays that important role in helping the digital economy

The interaction isn't face to face anymore, all the time, we don't have to travel for that one meeting. It is unparalleled, uncharted times and you know the interesting thing is - how do we respond so that Australia can participate in the digital economy?

The threat of security is unprecedented, we're seeing more attacks more frequently at levels of government, business and consumers. So we really need to be mindful about securing all aspects of the digital economy online, because if you take part of it out then you're actually impacting Australia’s abilities to succeed and be that leading digital economy.

We did some research last year that highlighted that there's around 90 billion dollars that could be gained by 2025 for Australia to be a digital economy and that equates to also around 250 000 jobs for our country, that is significant.

Telstra have an amazing role in keeping Australia safe but also enabling the digital economy. So we've got Australia’s largest network, we're investing in rural and regional Australia, we're bringing mobile networks to this country. So, we're actually working to bring that capability to help our government, customers, businesses and citizens.

As the digital economy is thriving, we're seeing more people move away from cities and into rural and regional areas, we've spent eight billion dollars over the last five years on our mobile networks and three billion of that has been in regional Australia. That means we're able to focus on jobs and skills in Australia for Australia, we're able to bring capability into the Australian market that actually solves solutions for Australia.

I’m passionate about the fact that what we do actually impacts the lives of Australians and we have the ability to change those for the better, so we've got the ability to help those in rural and regional Australia. We have the ability for our children to grow up safe online and we have the ability to help with the economic recovery of this country and I think that is pretty remarkable. And that is the key role that a technology services company can play in enabling the digital economy and enabling Australia’s future.



Keeping government agencies secure and compliant

Hear Telstra’s CISO Narelle Devine discuss how we are simplifying Essential 8 and network protection.

Narelle Devine [Chief Information Security Officer Asia Pacific, Telstra]: I look after cyber operations for the company, so I protect all of Telstra and our customers. There's been a huge increase in the last few years for cybercriminals and nation-state actors alike. So our network is big, it's large, it's complex, we operate at scale and it's ever changing, but that is no different to other big companies and government departments. One of those things that we're aligning at the moment is to look at bringing the essential eight to our primary control framework. That means a lot to us because we can simplify what we do, but it also means that when we're liaising with government, it's a standard that they've been using for many years now.

We see an amazing number of threats come across the network and the attacks continue to grow and grow. In a way, attacks are becoming far more sophisticated, but to a certain degree, they're becoming more simple. We're still seeing attacks where simply clicking on a link is the one mechanism to get you inside a company and then you can move a lot as an adversary. So in order for us to succeed, we need to work together. We need to have those strong partnerships. We need to share our threat intelligence. We need to share our defensive postures. We need to understand what's potentially happening to others around us, so that we can make better decisions about how to protect ourselves and Telstra really sits at the heart of that. We get to see all of that underlying network traffic and we can really contribute to that discussion.

I am so proud of our people. Cyber is about technology, process and people combined. We can have the best tools and we do, but it's really when people put those together. I love that our team are able to do good. I love being involved in a company that wants to do good and our posture and where we sit within the cyber ecosystem allows us to extend that to uplift the entire country and being able to have that uplift across Australia and contribute so much to the Australian cybersecurity strategy is quite an amazing position to be in.

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Case Studies

Driving innovation and enhancing community life

Switching on Darwin aims to improve safety, sustainability and community life through cutting edge technology.

Transforming operations for the WA Police Force

Digital Policing will provide the tools and platform to interconnect and collaborate between agencies and the wider community.

Bringing schools together across South Australia

Telstra delivered a fibre-optic broadband network to over 500 public schools across South Australia in just 18 months.

Empowering health workers to save more lives

An easy-to-use platform helps Ambulance Victoria health workers gain more visibility into bed and equipment capacity, patient status and personal protection equipment (PPE) availability.

Restoring commuter confidence with Victoria’s Department of Transport

Real-time information service helps passengers plan and ahead and avoid congestion by showing how busy trains, platforms and stations will be.

Shifting millions of transactions from service centres to the cloud

Telstra Purple helped VicRoads transition to a modern cloud-first environment in less than two years.

Why Telstra?

Trust our coverage

With multiple fibre links in every capital and the broadest coverage in regional and rural centres, we’ll keep your people and services online.

Meet your security compliance requirements

Telstra works closely with the Australian Government, leading security vendors, and the worldwide security community to provide the latest intelligence on the local and global threat landscape.

Know you’re protected 24/7

Telstra’s Security Operations Centres are based in Australia and built to ASIO T4 standards, a requirement in protecting government agency data.

Plan a smooth transformation

Our skilled professional services team can propose a cost-efficient migration to a future-proofed, simplified architecture.

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