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Connecting government at every level

We help government agencies become better connected to the community by providing services that collate and disseminate information.

Creating online services for citizens

Digital technology and cloud computing means government agencies have an unprecedented opportunity to create citizen-based online services.

Our Connected Government vision allows agencies at every level of government -federal, state and local – to be more responsive in rising to the challenges of changing social and demographic dynamics.

To do that, Connected Government considers factors such as how inclusive, collaborative, innovative and productive an agency is, and how our solutions can help improve those outcomes.

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Partnering with us means

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Cost effective solutions

Our national coverage provides significant economies of scale. Services stretch across the continent for all to access any time with our fully integrated national service.

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Secure communications

We provide the level of network security that citizens expect of their government, allowing them to interact safely with the knowledge that confidential data is protected.

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Government agencies need to increase bandwidth to meet public and internal demand. Our Next IP® network offers the ability to grow or shrink depending on this demand.

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Access to industry experts

Our specialists work closely in partnership with all levels of government across Australia to develop and implement solutions to meet specific challenges and policies.

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Tailored solutions

Our solutions are tailored to meet a diversity of needs based on our long heritage of servicing government requirements. We will work hard with your agency to find the right answer.

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Integrated national approach

Our integrated approach based on compatible platforms helps to facilitate the increasing need to share services, data or communications within and between governments.

We connect agencies and empower staff to deliver on government goals and policies

The Australian federal government is tasked with delivering more open and collaborative modes of government.

State governments share high aims - equitable healthcare, minimise the impacts of natural disasters, schools that prepare a smart workforce, community services that reach people as needed.

Meanwhile local governments are at the frontline meeting the needs of the local community.

We’re working to help safely incorporate the perspectives of Australians in every level of decision-making.

Our value proposition includes a skilled, experienced workforce, a track record for designing innovative ICT solutions designed specifically for government, and secure, far-reaching networks capable of delivering modern services to more people in more places.

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Telstra & City of Joondalup Collaboration

We worked with the City of Joondalup, in Western Australia on IoT Internet of Things Smart City technology that will improve the amenity in the area for the local community while delivering efficiencies for the local government.

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City of Sydney NYE 2012

At one of the world's biggest parties, City of Sydney's 'New Year's Eve 2012' generated over 90 million SMS messages.


WA Police Forensic

Our Next IP® and Next G® networks provide the backbone to a Forensics Solution that turns days and weeks into minutes.

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