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Case studies

NSW FACS embraces mobility

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services' (FACS) Housing Connect digital transformation program is helping staff spend more time with the tenants who need them.

Queensland Police

With handheld mobile devices that provide unprecedented computing power, front line officers can now be actively mobile throughout a shift, anywhere virtually throughout the state where they can get connectivity.

[Text on screen: Telstra Case Study, Queensland Police Service, Mobile Data Solution – QLiTE. QLite logo with tag line ‘Right information, anytime, anywhere’]

[Commissioner Ian Stewart, Queensland Police Service]: Future policing is going to be about agility and flexibility, that means we need to be able to provide our officers, on the front line with the right information anywhere anytime.

Where we've landed is with handheld devices which provide computing power unprecedented to our frontline officers. That means that they can be actively mobile throughout a shift, anywhere virtually throughout the state where we can get connectivity.

[Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski, Queensland Police Service]: We're trying to be innovative in many ways as an organization and we see this is an area that we are certainly, what is probably national, international, best practice. That translates the into a safer community, which is what we're all about.

[Acting Inspector Gavin Saison, Mobile Service Program, Public Safety Business Agency]: The solution is a mobile tablet in the field, individually issued to officers. They are securely connected back through 3 and future 4G and they provide information to those officers, not just textual information but photographs of who they're dealing with so they can confirm their identity.

[text on screen: Can push information from the field.]

We've actually built apps that allow officers to push information from the field directly back into our back-end systems, capture intelligence information roadside drug testing and we'll be doing the electronic ticketing.

[Senior Constable Richard Leonars, Road Policing Command, Queensland Police Service]: You could do in excess of 100 checks per shift whereas previously you might do five if you're lucky. We would keep a lot of statistics on the people that we'd run test and that would be handwritten and then when we get back to the station would have to put that into another computer system. With these devices a couple of clicks of the button and the amount of time that you spend back in the office is more than halved.

[Sargeant Teala Muller, Operations Support Command, Queensland Police Service]: It just makes my job a lot easier as far as accessing information, as far as doing my job, engaging with members of the community and helps me to make informed decisions in operational capacity.

[Text on screen: Saves on average 30 mins per officer per shift.]

[Acting Chief Superintendent David Johnson, Executive Director, Frontline Integration, Public Safety Business Agency]: We're saving on average 30 minutes of administrative tasks per officer per shift. If you equate that out to the 2800 users that we have today, that's a significant productivity saving.

[Text on screen: Increasing Police presence, reducing reliance on congested radio network.]

We're putting more police presence out there in the community and we're also reducing that reliance on the congested radio network.

[Constable ben Biering, Brisbane Region, Queensland Police Service]: We're able to input data onto the police system which is instantly accessible to other officers around the state and I think it certainly made the job a lot more productive and safer.

[Senior Constable Andrea Lowien, Brisbane Region, Queensland Police Service]: Feel safer because I can identify any people with any warnings or violent history a lot quicker than I did on the radio.

[Police interacting with member of the public]: “Do you have any identification on you? Lovely…are you recorded with police?”

[Text on screen: Secure encrypted devices, can be tracked & wiped remotely.]

[Acting Chief Superintendent David Johnson, Executive Director, Frontline Integration, Public Safety Business Agency]: We've had to work very closely on the security model to ensure that each and every device is allocated to an officer, that it can be tracked, traced, remotely wiped and remotely located if we needed to do so.

We worked with Telstra along those scenarios to do a series of assessments to make sure all of the security standards are there. We currently have a fleet of around 2,850 and there is a strong desire by the QPS executive to increase that so the majority of frontline officers will have device in their hands.

[Text on screen: Aims to equip every frontline officer with a mobile device.]

[Commissioner Ian Stewart, Queensland Police Service]: Our partnership with Telstra is in the form of a service contract, they provide the logistics and the delivery and the shipping of the devices to our people.

[Text on screen: Telstra sets up and ships, Maintains devices, 24 x 7 technical support, Runs on Telstra’s Next G® network.]

They provide a maintenance and service arrangement for those same devices, and they provide the network arrangements for the transmission of the information between the devices and our computer systems.

We're very gratified that other emergency services and other policing jurisdictions are looking at our our QLiTE program, they're looking at the types of apps that we have to enable policing out in the field. I'm certain our QLiTE program will result in greater interoperability in time right across Australian police jurisdictions.

[Text on screen: Telstra logo with the tagline ‘It’s how we connect’.

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