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Telstra has a long history of successfully working with State Government agencies, co-creating solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your community.

From public safety to community engagement and service delivery, Telstra empowers your agency to focus on your mission and meet – and exceed – the citizen expectations.

We work with your agency to bring together key solutions, integrate infrastructure and leverage external skills and capabilities to provide foundational mission-enabling capabilities.


Be sure your network and devices are protected from end to end, around the clock through our core commitment to security.


Ensure cost-effective management and control of your infrastructure through flexible cloud management platforms and self-service portals.

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Empower your people with engaging mobile solutions that let them work the way they prefer.

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Make it quick, easy and intuitive to collaborate and engage with omni-channel contact solutions backed up by in-depth analytics.

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Enable citizens, staff and stakeholders to connect and engage with innovative technologies, underpinned by high performance networks, data centre and cloud solutions.

Internet of Things

Spend less time on administration and more time helping people in your community through digitising business processes.

Case studies for State Government

Improving driver safety digitally

The MyLearners app. Telstra supporting VicRoads and Transport Accident Commission.

[Jill Fitzroy, Director Service Strategy, VicRoads] We developed an app with Telstra to modernise the way in which young people and their supervising drivers learn to drive.

[Title] Improving driver safety digitally. Telstra supporting VicRoads & Transport Accident Commission.

[Jill Fitzroy] Before we had myLearners App, the approach to learning to drive was one where young people and their supervisors had a logbook which was a paper log book. So VicRoads decided to work with the TAC, the Transport Accident Commission, to develop an app to modernise the experience of learning to drive.

[Serena Eric, Learner Driver] I find the myLearners App great. It's super convenient for me because it's on my phone. I don't have to carry around a massive logbook everywhere.

[Ajay Ravindran, Director of ICT Delivery, VicRoads] As part of the Towards Zero strategy myLearners was a significant initiative that VicRoads took on board in terms of developing an App. In collaboration with TAC and registration licensing group. MyLearners App is a co designed developed App. Telstra was able to project manage this and build in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders. The whole delivery of the app was done in an agile way. Telstra was also able to involve a professional partner Tiger Spike who were able to apply innovative ways in terms of how the information integrated with our mainframe systems and provided a robust solution. This approach is quite significant for VicRoads and can be used for future systems and application development.

[Jill Fitzroy] Benefits to the App are young people can record their hours electronically using the devices that are with them all the time. It also allows for custom content to be delivered to them at the time that's appropriate to their learning.

[Serena Eric] I do find that the app is really intuitive and that the tips are so well catered to every single drive that I do and so at the end of the lesson I can always refer back to it. As well as any comments that my dad has left for me.

[Jill Fitzroy] We've got about 70000 people using it and logging hours 35000 young people and about 30000 supervising drivers. I think that organisations absolutely have to learn to respond to what customers want and young people in particular want electronic and digital means to record all of their activities including learning to drive.

[Serena Eric] I definitely think that it's something that is expected in this generation to go paperless. Everyone my age carries a phone everywhere so it's just really great.

NSW FACS embraces mobility

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services' (FACS) Housing Connect digital transformation program is helping staff spend more time with the tenants who need them.

The fast lane for emergency services

We give the emergency services priority access to high-speed connectivity to improve situational awareness, officer safety and command and control, and much more.

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