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    Prioritised access on our LTE network for Emergency Services.


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    Today, Emergency Services increasingly rely on data intensive applications like video streaming to improve operations. Problem is, traditional Land Mobile Radio networks have limited capacity to support these applications.

    With Telstra LANES® Emergency, Emergency Services have prioritised access on our commercial LTE network. It can help Emergency Services to improve situational awareness, officer safety, command and control, and much more. And all this without needing to invest in building and maintaining their own LTE network. Connecting to our LTE network couldn't be simpler. With the basic solution, all that's needed is a Telstra LANES® Emergency: service, SIM card, plan and approved device.

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    Telstra LANES® Emergency is a world-leading mobile broadband data service designed specifically for the mission-critical communications of Emergency Services. With a Telstra LANES® Emergency service, when Emergency Services connect to our commercial LTE network, they receive:

    • Prioritised access on our LTE network, even during the busier periods
    • Preferential data treatment through Quality of Service, helping prioritise data
    • Bandwidth allocation that can be dynamically shaped to meet spikes in demand
    • A managed service with a portal and 24x7 help desk support


    We offer two options to suit the different needs of Emergency Services:

    Telstra LANES® Emergency Priority

    A simple to use service over the Telstra LTE network with predefined terms and conditions and standard service levels.

    Telstra LANES® Emergency Tailored

    Our LTE network is tailored for specific needs and includes customised service levels and reporting. You can also use your own LTE spectrum with an option to extend onto the Telstra LTE spectrum.

    Telstra LANES® SIM cards

    Providing priority access to Telstra’s LTE network.

    24x7 helpdesk

    Assists with service requests at any time.

    Online Portal

    Provides reports, LTE network coverage maps, bills and FAQs.

    Improve situational awareness

    Help Improve situational awareness

    When using LANES®, field operatives can quickly view data such as maps, aerial photographs and building schematics; ambulances can have access to detailed patient history and get specialist advice on the go; while police can view information about suspects.


    Increase safety in the field

    Increase safety in the field

    LANES® can assist with providing intelligence on environmental conditions and the public can forewarn field operatives about potential dangers.

    Enhance command and control

    Enhance command and control

    Video streaming and data sharing can give command centres a better understanding of events. They can escalate resources, withdraw operatives and collaborate more effectively with other Emergency Services Organisations.

    A world-leading solution


    Telstra LANES® was recognised at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where Telstra won the Outstanding LTE Solution award. Telstra LANES® also won the Urban Improvements award at the 2015 Telecoms awards.


    Proven in real situations


    We have successfully trialled Telstra LANES® services at high profile events including G20 and the AFL Grand Final.


    Defined roadmap of innovation


    We have a clear roadmap to deliver innovative new features such as Voice over LTE.




    Priority access
    Prioritisation of your users during network congestion.


    Be in the know
    More easily send and receive vital data while on our LTE network.


    Extensive reach
    Take advantage of the largest 4G mobile coverage area of any mobile network in Australia.


    Simple to set up with the basic option
    All you need is a Telstra LANES® Emergency: service, SIM card, plan and approved device.


    Focus on what's important
    Peace of mind with a managed service, portal and help desk for support.


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