Telstra LANES Emergency

The fast lane for emergency services

Prioritised access to our LTE network for Emergency Services.

Introducing Telstra LANES® Emergency

Improve situational awareness, officer safety, command and control during emergency

Today, Emergency Services increasingly rely on data intensive applications like video streaming to improve operations. Problem is, traditional Land Mobile Radio networks have limited capacity to support these applications.

With Telstra LANES® Emergency, Emergency Services have prioritised access on our commercial LTE network. It can help Emergency Services to improve situational awareness, officer safety, command and control, and much more. And all this without needing to invest in building and maintaining their own LTE network. Connecting to our LTE network couldn't be simpler. With the basic solution, all that's needed is a Telstra LANES® Emergency: service, SIM card, plan and approved device.

How it works

Telstra LANES® Emergency is a world-leading mobile broadband data service designed specifically for the mission-critical communications of Emergency Services. With a Telstra LANES® Emergency service, when Emergency Services connect to our commercial LTE network, they receive:

  • Prioritised access on our LTE network, even during the busier periods
  • Preferential data treatment through Quality of Service, helping prioritise data
  • A portal and 24x7 help desk support

At Telstra we recognize the vital role of emergency services in Australia. We continually invest in our network to bring our critical communications customers better performance and reach. As a result, our Telstra mobile network has fewer dead spots and dropouts.

We have the largest 4G mobile coverage area in Australia. We're continually innovating to improve network speeds and capabilities, and now as your reliance on data is increasing, we've developed a world-leading solution called Telstra Lanes.

We've introduced priority tears in our LTE network, so that Telstra lanes emergency services data access can be prioritized over all other LTE network traffic except triple zero. We can provide our Telstra lanes emergency users with three key benefits. Firstly prioritize access on our LTE network during the busier periods. Secondly preferential data treatment across our LTE network using enhanced quality of service, and finally self-dimensioning bandwidth allocation to meet your dynamic needs.

It works like this. Without Telstra lanes there is no priority access, so all data on our LTE network is treated equally. During a large-scale emergency is can create congestion on the network, slowing down communications. However, with Telstra lanes, emergency services communications have priority on our LTE network and data gets preferential treatment, assisting field operatives and emergency control centres to continue to collaborate effectively, even during large-scale emergencies.

We have developed two distinct offers. Telstra Lane's emergency priority, providing you with a data priority and preferential treatment over our LTE network. It's as simple as selecting a mobile plan that suits you. Or Telstra Lane's emergency tailored, where we can further enhance our LTE network or develop a solution using dedicated Spectrum.

Telstra lanes can connect your entire community on the LTE work so you can share information to make quick accurate decisions. To understand more talk to your Telstra representative or visit

Telstra's Emergency Services solution

Telstra LANES® Emergency

A simple to use service over the Telstra LTE network with predefined terms and conditions and standard service levels.


Priority access

Prioritisation of your users during network congestion.

Be in the know

More easily send and receive vital data while on our LTE network.

Extensive reach

Take advantage of the largest 4G mobile coverage area of any mobile network in Australia.

Simple to set up with the basic option

All you need is a Telstra LANES® Emergency: service, SIM card, eligible plan and approved device.

Focus on what's important

Peace of mind with a portal and help desk for support.

Why Telstra?

Prioritising Critical Communication

Our LANES® Emergency solution is our world-first mobile broadband data capability designed specifically for mission critical communications.


Our LANES® Emergency solution is a simple, easy to consume service over Telstra’s 4G/5G network. It offers Emergency Services customers prioritised access (4G/5G) and preferential data treatment (4G ONLY) on Australia’s largest 4G/5G network to help ensure delivery of their critical communications.

Industry Leading Solutions

By choosing Telstra LANES®, you will work with teams that understand your business and the capability to deliver industry leading solutions to help you deliver your strategies, not just for today, but into the future.

Getting started

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