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  • Empowering our first responders.

    We’re committed to helping Australia’s emergency services by pioneering world leading technologies.


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    When every second counts, you need technology that works

    With limited resources, disparate systems and specialised data and security needs, public safety agencies are looking to technology to help improve community preparedness, responsiveness, situational awareness and officer safety.

    So with our world-leading technology, we stand shoulder to shoulder with Australia's emergency services - whether they're dealing with fire, flood or cyclones.

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    Partnering with us means

    Reliable communication

    Real-time information sharing is the lifeblood of effective prevention, response and recovery. Remain operational when critical communication is a necessity.

    Staying connected

    With the ability to handle the full spectrum of communications across fixed and wireless networks, our fixed IP network provides unmatched reach and critical data. This enables front line officers to collaborate in any scenario, including large-scale emergencies.

    Situational awareness

    Field mobility and applications help front line staff make smarter, safer decisions. They can now access critical information, assess risks, conduct searches and issue infringements in the field, which reduces paperwork and improves efficiency.

    Inter-agency collaboration

    It's critical that officers in the field, emergency responders, central command and other Government stakeholders can share information in a timely way. That's why we use our unified collaboration capabilities to provide an optimal experience for every agency and responder.

    Faster data to emergency rooms

    Patient data can be sent via a secure application to hospitals before patient arrival, saving valuable time and ensuring information is consistent.

    Safe cities

    By improving communication infrastructure and allowing faster response times in critical situations, smart technology can help to reduce crime and increase safety and security.

    A new era in critical communications

    Today, front line officers want a richer picture than voice calling alone can offer. They require video to provide situational awareness, and geospatial data to keep every responder on the same page.

    All these data-rich information sources require national public safety mobile broadband (PSMB), which is just one of the world-leading technologies we've developed as part of our commitment to Australia's emergency services

    We're also delivering the Next Generation Triple Zero platform: an IP-based service that will enable new ways of accessing and managing the Emergency Call Service, based on requirements determined by the Department of Communications. This will enable multi-channel access, advanced location data and telematics technologies, giving Australians enhanced services and choice.

     A new era in critical communications for emergency services by Telstra

    Telstra LANES® Emergency

    Expanded, prioritised LTE network access for the emergency services during critical events.

    Mobility Managed Service

    With a tailored mobility solution, field officers can access individual backend systems and applications - boosting productivity, efficiency and officer safety.

    IOT and data analytics

    Protect citizens and manage urban infrastructure more efficiently with real-time traffic management and environmental monitoring.


    As the scale of interconnected IoT and M2M devices increases, so does the complexity of information security.

    Queensland Police

    In future, policing will be about agility and flexibility. And with mobile devices providing unprecedented computing power, front line officers can now be online throughout a shift - anywhere they can get connectivity.

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    Telstra LANES Emergency

    With Telstra LANES® Emergency, the emergency services have priority access on our commercial LTE network. This can help improve situational awareness, officer safety, command and control.

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    PSMB webinar

    Join Alex Stefan (Public Safety Industry Executive, Telstra) and Kevin Noonan (Global Lead Analyst for Government, Ovum) to discuss what organisations should consider when moving to public safety mobile broadband.

    Public safety report

    Read a report from Ovum on how the convergence of standards, devices and mobile broadband is creating a perfect storm for next generation push-to-talk.


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