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Helping to serve the emergency services

Our cutting edge technologies can be deployed to help the emergency services stay connected and action public safety solutions when disaster strikes.

Using technology to keep the public safer

From our cities to the bush, combating fires, storms or floods, there is a growing need for cost-effective public safety solutions.

Faced with limited resources, disparate systems, specialised data and security needs, Emergency Services Organisations are looking to technology to help improve community preparedness, responsiveness, situational awareness and officer safety.

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Partnering with us means

Improved patient comfort

Remaining connected

Public safety organisations can stay connected state-wide and across state borders by integrating our Next G® and Next IP® networks with radio and satellite networks.

Improved patient comfort

Speeding up response times

When emergencies happen, using our solutions mean emergency services can coordinate a rapid, multi-agency response.

Automated monitoring

A complete operating picture

Commanders and field offers can video call, send photos and data, and stream high-quality video using our networks to make accurate and potentially life-saving decisions.

Improved patient understanding

Assist emergency vehicles

The Telstra Vehicle Access Network (VAN) provides traffic and situational data to forward response units and police vehicles helping their ability to respond effectively

Better decision-making

Faster data to emergency rooms

Patient data can be transmitted to hospitals ahead of time, saving valuable time and ensuring information is consistent and legible.

Using our technology and experience to help protect the Australian people.

Public safety agencies must continually improve their capacity to coordinate a rapid, effective response.

We work to help agencies prevent, respond to and reduce the impact of emergencies.

Our vision for connected public safety is a rationalised ICT infrastructure that connects field officers, emergency response centres, agencies and departments to a robust communication.

It means a collaboration framework provides teams with secure access to situational awareness, smart mobile applications, video and online collaboration tools.

We are passionate about finding solutions to today’s education challenges

Spatial Video Solutions

Powered by EYEfi Pty Ltd

Capture real time video, telemetry and environmental data in the field with fixed, mobile and portable cameras.


Managed Radio

We design, construct, and manage privately-owned and commercial radio networks to support mission critical services.


A two-way multi-channel platform that lets you reach out to customers using their preferred method of communication.

Telstra LANES® Emergency

Expanded, prioritised LTE network access for Emergency Services during critical events.

WA Police Concept Car

Our employees can choose their own time and work space, which improves collaboration and wellbeing.


Ambulance Service NSW

Rolling out Electronic Medical Record (eMR) technology in all NSW ambulances to transmit vital patient information.


WA Police Forensic Solution

WA Police rely on our networks to enable forensics investigators to examine and match fingerprint information at the scene in minutes.


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