How Coca-Cola Europacific Partners built a unified ‘contact centre of the future’ with Telstra and Genesys


  • Significant reduction in network and infrastructure downtime
  • 35% increase in first-contact resolution
  • Calls in vending segment reduced by approximately 50% due to IVR enhancements
  • 17% increase to customer engagement score
  • Reduced OPEX costs by approximately 40%

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As a leading global consumer goods company, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) makes, moves and sells some of the world’s most-loved beverage brands throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, Indonesia and PNG. In Australia, the organisation provides support to thousands of businesses that place beverage orders, as well as its own field sales teams and delivery drivers.

CCEP engaged Telstra Purple to help build a world-class contact centre, powered by Telstra Contact Centre Genesys Cloud, providing a feature-rich and reliable solution for its teams across Australia and New Zealand.

Replacing a legacy contact centre that wasn’t fit-for-purpose

CCEP was using an ageing contact centre solution that was increasingly unreliable and no longer satisfied its business needs. It was difficult to dynamically make system changes without contacting the organisation’s solution provider, making the process slow and expensive.

The old solution was not intuitive for users and lacked integration with CCEP’s software environment, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This made certain core tasks overly time-consuming, as users would have to switch from application to application to understand customer requirements.

It was also impacting outbound calling capabilities, where CCEP contact centre agents call customers to ensure they’re ready to take stock deliveries and they’re getting the amount of stock they need. These calls are critical for customers in regional areas, so that deliveries can be planned optimally. Without integration with their CRM, contact centre agents had to manually keep track of routes and customer orders.

“We wanted to deliver an experience that both our agents and customers love to use,” says Dave McDougall, Collaboration Solutions API Lead, at CCEP. “If our agents are having a good experience, customers will find it easier to engage with us and receive the service they need. A big part of that is making sure we’re using the right system for the right task and that we have that 360° customer view.”

An integrated platform, powered by Telstra Contact Centre Genesys Cloud

After a period of consultation and workshops to understand CCEP’s vision and address core challenges, Telstra Purple, CCEP and Genesys co-developed a plan to deliver a solution based on Telstra Contact Centre Genesys Cloud.

The open, API-based Genesys platform was seamlessly integrated with CCEP’s wider software stack, including its Salesforce CRM system and Microsoft Dynamics, giving contact centre agents a 360° view of their customers.
Genesys Cloud’s omnichannel capability allows customers to engage with the contact centre on their terms. The platform’s feature set includes real-time feedback on NPS survey results that customers provide after contact, allowing CCEP to fine-tune its Gold Class customer experiences.

“We now have a stable platform that’s scalable and secure. We’ve had less PC issues and our system downtime has been reduced remarkably, which has been a critical outcome of the project.”

Dave McDougall, Collaboration Solutions API Lead at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

With Telstra’s integration between Australian and New Zealand SIP networks, CCEP has also been able to bring its contact centres from both countries under one tenancy for the first time, allowing agents to operate in a single, unified environment.

Genesys Cloud provided operational improvements by automating manual tasks and centralising all applicable customer data. With key information easily accessible, contact centre agents no longer need to make follow-up calls to clarify information.

A number of additional features have improved both the agent and customer experience, including built-in secure online payments functionality and the ability to route customers to the most appropriately skilled agent.
“Our team spends a lot of time using Salesforce, Dynamics and other tools. Jumping from platform to platform all the time becomes hard,” McDougall adds. “Genesys allows us to plug in the tools we need and take advantage of a single platform with great capabilities. It’s a big improvement.”

As this transformation occurred during COVID-related lockdowns, Telstra’s team was able to deliver the solution – including required training - remotely.

Improved agent and customer experience

“There have been some great outcomes for our business,” McDougall adds. “We’re finding new advantages as we become more familiar with the system. For instance, it allowed us to identify some common customer issues within our vending business, so we adjusted the IVR to educate customers, which reduced calls by around 50%. That’s really powerful.”

Telstra Contact Centre Genesys Cloud provides CCEP with an agile contact centre capability that adapts to its changing business needs. The integration of its business application toolset has already driven improved strike rates and intra-day performance, with a 35% increase in first contact resolution, which is now sitting at 70% overall. The company’s customer engagement score has also increased by 17% since implementation, reflecting the solution’s simplified user experience.

From a technological perspective, it has increased stability and significantly reduced network and IT infrastructure downtime. With a range of additional efficiencies – including self-service capabilities – it’s also driven down annual OPEX costs by approximately 40%.

Telstra Purple is committed to supporting CCEP with a roadmap for the future and ongoing managed services, including a technical account manager who works with CCEP to identify business improvement opportunities.
With a vision for future innovation, CCEP—using Telstra Contact Centre Genesys Cloud—will continue to identify new ways of delivering the high-quality experiences customers expect from the Coca-Cola brand.