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Get $10/mth off a new Essential or Premium mobile plan for 6 months. Order with code ONLINEONLY by 03 June.
Online only offer for customers taking up a new Essential or Premium Upfront mobile plan. For new services. Roll onto Telstra’s standard month-to-month price after six months unless you change or cancel beforehand.

Up to $60 off Premium nbn over 6 months

Get a discount on fast home internet plus Telstra Smart Modem included for use at no extra cost. Love reliable internet.

For new services. Offer ends 1 July 2024. Monthly discount ends early if you change plans. If you leave within 24 months, return your modem or pay a $200 non-return fee.

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Add on up to 5 Bundle Plans to your Essential or Premium Mobile Plan.

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First Nations

Digital inclusion in remote First Nations communities

Research reveals the reality of digital inclusion gaps faced by remote First Nations customers.

Travel tech

Travel tech essentials for your next trip

Our guide to the latest travel tech essentials that you'll want to take on your next trip.

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We're closing our 3G network

We're removing our oldest mobile technology, 3G, and repurposing it to expand our faster 5G network.

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