Activate your mobile

Depending on the type of service you're activating there are different things you'll need to get set up.


Thanks for choosing Telstra Pre-Paid. To activate, you’ll need your SIM Starter Kit or the device packaging, and a valid ID.


Activate online now


multiple mobile-phone pc prepaid mobiles starter kits

To get you up and running quickly, you’ll need the letter you received with your package.

It should have all the info you need, including:

  • Your mobile number
  • SIM serial number
  • IMEI for your phone

You should only submit the following webform to activate your mobile if you have ordered a personal plan online. If you have ordered a business plan, please follow the instructions on your letter. 

Activate your online order

Please note that some activations may take up to 48 hours in some circumstances.

Activate mobile phones on a plan