Adaptive Networks

Adaptive Networks

Power digital transformation with an adaptive network that’s ready for innovation and change. We make business agility simple with flexible access, networking connectivity choices, no lock-in plans and integrated security.

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Why it's time to rethink your network

See why an adaptive network is the essential foundation for a modern, agile business.

Welcome to the business of today. Where fast discoveries and insights are critical. Shopping is personalised and contact free.

Work is no longer a place. Anything that can be automated is automated. And one small event can change everything.

It’s time to rethink your network. Because it’s not just a network anymore. It’s enables your competitive advantage.

With Telstra Adaptive Networks, every online transaction can be a smooth experience. And your websites, apps and business communications can perform at peak across every touchpoint.

Your network is your speed to market, allowing you to dynamically set up branch sites, new services, or a field team with an optimal combination of IPVPN, Internet or wireless connectivity. Plus, whole new levels of commercial flexibility to change your network as your business changes. Your network is your business continuity.

Telstra helps to safeguard your data, your productivity and your reputation from today’s growing threats with inherent network security, 24/7 expert monitoring, security gateways and a network that brings it all together, providing the reliable bedrock you need for business today.

And your network is your business command centre. Giving you greater insights into your network and more control so you can intelligently route traffic for optimal application experience and automate cloud connectivity.

In a world of change, find the silver lining. Thrive through change with Telstra Adaptive Networks.

An adaptive network explained

Understand the features and benefits of an adaptive network and how you can use it to evolve business. 

In today’s connected business world, success comes to those who innovate fast. Using modern technologies and networking capabilities to transform and disrupt.

In this fast-paced competitive environment, do you have the network you need to succeed?

With Telstra Adaptive Networks you’re equipped for the modern business world.

They bring you a seamless combination of carrier-grade connectivity, SD-WAN architecture and technology services to enable faster speed to market.

Reliable business continuity, network visibility and control, and superior application performance, create a strong competitive edge for your business.

Need speed to market?

With Telstra Adaptive Networks, you’ll have a network as agile as your business plan that lets you scale rapidly and add new sites and branches as your needs and markets change.

Need to safeguard your business information?

Telstra Adaptive Networks have SASE architecture that combines network security functions with WAN capabilities to support dynamic, secure access for your business - protecting users and data from cyberthreats.

Need network visibility and control?

With Telstra, you’ll have leading-edge tools to optimise your network, traffic and application performance.

And if you need to sharpen your competitive edge, you’ll have fast dedicated bandwidth with equal upload and download speeds.

Plus, direct local connectivity to global cloud providers, enable brilliant customer experiences across e-commerce, video conferencing and high-speed business applications.

By combining connectivity and enterprise-grade WAN overlay with security and technology services, you’ll have a reliable bedrock for your business growth and innovation.

Telstra Adaptive Networks.

Get the network you need - and thrive through change.

How it works

We make it easy to design and manage your own adaptive network with a modular approach and no lock-in plans.

Management choices

Set your business up for innovation and growth, without the burden of multi-provider, multi-technology, multi-platform management. Telstra and our partners can manage your Adaptive Network to keep your business running at peak. Or take control yourself.

Network choices

Use our Adaptive Design Centre or work with experts to custom design a flexible network-as-a-service to suit your business goals and your IT environment.

Connectivity and access choices

Pick and mix any combination of public or private connectivity and clouds to suit security and workloads, including fibre, wireless 4G, 5G, and nbn® with flexible no lock-in plans.

Four ways Adaptive Networks enable your business to thrive

Simplicity - for speed to market

React faster to opportunity with the ability to spin up and scale network services without dealing with multiple cloud and platform vendors.

Agility - for innovation

Have a new branch or field force up and running in days. Equip staff with cloud services in minutes.  Do business anywhere with a choice of clouds and data centres with automated connectivity to hyperscalers.

Certainty - for brilliant experiences

Be confident your applications will perform at peak with pre-tested and optimised management solutions, network appliances and connectivity.

Security - for business continuity

Safeguard your business continuity and support data privacy for your hybrid workforce with SASE-compliant options, proactive 24/7 network monitoring and embedded multi-layer security to help shut down attacks

Flexible pricing options

We offer a choice of easy month-to-month, ‘no lock-in’ contracts or you can commit to a term if it suits your business needs

Three steps to an agile, innovative business

Image of a highway with text reading 'Connect'

We’ll help you create a flexible foundation for modernisation and automation

Connect your buildings, sites, people and assets using the right combination of wireless, fixed, fibre and broadband across a Telstra high-speed adaptive network.

Image of a cybersecurity team monitoring the netwrok with the text reading 'Protect'

We’ll work with you to help protect your data, your people and your business continuity

Telstra can embed multi-layered security from the core to the very edge of your network to safeguard your devices, sensors, cloud services and business IP against cyberthreats.

Image of 2 young male and female workers talking while holding an iPad with text reading 'Empower'

We’ll help you transform into an agile, innovative organisation

With a secure, adaptive network you can embrace opportunities to empower your hybrid workforce, automate processes, deliver standout customer experiences and create a data-driven business.

Find out more

SASE roadmap tool

Where are you on your adaptive network journey?

Explore our interactive tool to see where you are and what the next step entails.

Turning Silos to Synergy

Meshing cloud, network and security transforms IT

See how network modernisation and SASE to understand the technologies and their benefits.

Adaptive Network Choices

Choose how your network is designed, assured and managed from options including the latest software-defined networking technologies, cloud gateways and security platform integrations. Pick any combination of public or private connections to sites or clouds to suit your business and workloads. And select between fibre, wireless, 4G, 5G and low-cost nbn® broadband access.

Management choices

Choose management by accredited network professionals or opt for self-managed.

Managed and professional services

Focus on innovation and growth with a scalable adaptive network and professionally managed or co-managed services. If you need something customised, Telstra Purple expert multi-disciplinary teams can collaborate to help you evolve and manage a modern, future-ready network. 

Telstra Accredited Partners

Enjoy personalised service from a local Australian company. Telstra accredited partners can optimise and scale your adaptive network to suit your dynamic business and liaise directly with Telstra for quick answers and issue resolution.


Design and manage your own Adaptive Network, including bandwidth adjustments, using our Design Centre. We support a choice of options including Cisco, VMware, Fortinet and Cradlepoint. Plus, you can make self-service changes through T Connect.


*Availability dependent on Adaptive Network service.

Network choices

Work with our experts to design a Telstra Adaptive Assured Network that is monitored and alarmed from device to core.

SASE SDWAN controllers

Adapt Assured Meraki

Manage your entire distributed network infrastructure in the Meraki dashboard to monitor access, WiFi and analytics, WAN and IoT technologies. Solve issues remotely and power hybrid work.

Adapt S1

Combining SD-WAN and network security into a single cloud-based offering, Adapt S1 protects against the latest threats and provides more agility to the business.

SD-WAN Adapt WMware

Enterprise grade SD-WAN that leverages inbuilt SD-WAN gateways to minimise disruption and reduce risk to your existing network.

Routers and firewalls

Select from a marketplace of physical or virtual solutions from leading vendors. Whether you want to increase visibility and control of your network or manage traffic to optimise performance, we can help you design and deploy modular solutions from leading vendors to suit your needs.


Connect your people, places, and things with LTE and 5G for an enterprise Wireless WAN. Cradlepoint offers secure and reliable cloud-delivered wireless edge solutions for reliable and elastic branch, mobile, and IoT networks. 

Telstra Design Centre (TPN)

Enjoy secure, flexible and on demand connectivity to virtual network services around the globe through one self-service, software-defined networking (SDN) platform. Add your network building blocks by choosing clouds, data centres and services from an ecosystem of 170+ cloud service providers and 35+ enabled data centres. Enjoy automated connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle.

Connectivity options

Choose any combination of public, private or non-Premise connectivity to sites or clouds to suit your business and workloads.

Telstra Internet Direct Adapt Telstra Business Broadband on nbn Ethernet
A secure, high-performance internet service with exceptional availability and scalability. It is designed to support business-critical operations and provide a consistent, quality experience for your staff and customers. This connection combines robust networks and services with options like speed, number of IP addresses, mobile broadband backup and voice traffic prioritisation you can tailor to suit your business needs and online strategy. A reliable, high-performance and low latency Ethernet service with national reach and that is nbn ready. Delivered on Australia’s largest fibre network, your business can benefit from high bandwidth, high availability and high control over your connectivity.
IPVPN Cloud Connector Point-to-Point  Ethernet
A fast and scalable. MPLS-based IP VPN network. Built on the resilient and secure Telstra IP network, Business IP includes a last mile access service and national wide area coverage. An automated, high-performance, and reliable network connection from your site to your cloud service provider’s network that helps you reduce the security and performance issues common with public internet access.   Telstra's reliable and secure optical fibre point to point services are great to connect your head office, branch sites and data centres. Speed options range from 1Gbps to 100Gbps, on one of the largest fibre networks in Australia, so your connectivity grows with your business. A reliable, high-performance and low latency Ethernet service with national reach and that is nbn ready. Delivered on Australia’s largest fibre network, your business can benefit from high bandwidth, high availability and high control over your connectivity.
nbn Smart Places from Telstra Enterprise Wireless Satellite Services
nbn Smart Places from Telstra is an ethernet-based Fibre product designed to enable wide scale non-premises connectivity in eligible locations within the nbn footprint. It provides secure, reliable fibre access with the high capacity needed to transform how remotely located assets and devices are utilised.  Unleash productivity with an unrivalled mobile network that covers more of Australia than any other provider. The flexibility of 4G or Gigabit LTE/ 5G to quickly and cost effectively connect remote sites can help keep vital operations enabled. Telstra’s Satellite Services can support a range of voice, video and data services with inter-connectivity into Telstra’s extensive terrestrial networks globally. From Telstra Starlink that offers Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for lower latency/ higher throughput to Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) for greater reliability.

Access choices

Connect sites and people to suit your application performance and security requirements.


At Telstra, we offer various speed tiers on our Telstra Business Broadband (TBB) on nbn plans to suit your business needs. Your actual speed may be lower than the maximum attainable speeds on your line due to a range of factors. View factors affecting maximum attainable speed

Telstra Fibre

Select Telstra Fibre for fast access to images, video and demanding apps and content. You will also be able to self-provision networks in minutes in the future with our Design Centre.

nbn Enterprise Ethernet

This premium fibre access network is fast, reliable, and available to more Australian businesses, in more areas, than ever before.

Enterprise wireless 4G/5G

Empower your hybrid workforce to get the job done in more places. Telstra’s 5G now covers 80% of the Australian population and is available in over 400 Australian cities and towns.

Satellite & Special Services

Choose Dark fibre, Wavelength or OpticWave with speed options up to 100Gbps and dedicated bandwidth between your critical sites across Australia.

How Telstra secures your network

Rigorous security protocols and 24/7 monitoring

Our network has embedded multi-layer security to shut down attacks with ISO 27001 certification for IP WAN, IP Wireless and IP Gateway. Plus, we can support data privacy for your hybrid workforce with SASE-compliant solutions.

Unique observability tools with AI and ML

See how Telstra Adaptive Networks use digital twins, AI and Machine learning in a world-first capability that can observe the network and take predictive action to rapidly resolve issues and help ensure business continuity.  

Stay on top of what’s new

Read the latest from our experts and leaders on how adaptive networks are making businesses more agile, efficient and productive.

We have seen a shift in where we need to enable security policies and access - from 10 days in a traditional network environment versus a couple of hours here. We can now provide network access to our students, teachers and partners, seamlessly and securely

Nitin Singh, Acting Executive Director, Information Technology Services, Victoria University 

Council has saved tens of thousands of dollars … increased speeds, lower cost, more redundancy, more visibility and more security. There’s also more control as well

Michael Ballard, Senior IT Officer, Longreach Regional Council, QLD

Where Telstra has helped us has been to connect our sets, connect our locations connect everything that we are working on

Christopher Reig, Digital Imaging Technician, Blueback 

The power of Purple

Purple Professional Services

Telstra Purple, our tech services business, have Adaptive Network specialists who can work with you to connect, secure and optimise your network. They’ll help you create the secure, flexible foundation you need to springboard 5G innovation, business automation, cloud, AI, data analytics and more.

Purple Managed Services

Free up your scarce IT resources to focus on key business initiatives while our managed services team takes care of your network. We offer managed network and managed security services to help you ensure your business is operational with optimal user experiences.

Unique capabilities that Telstra brings

Our partner ecosystem

nbn®, nbn co and other nbn® logos and brands are trade marks of nbn co limited and used under licence.

Interested in our adaptive network solutions?

Whether you’re exploring new possibilities or needing support for your existing solutions, we’re here to help.