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Partnering with Entag to support Hospital in Your Home deliver premium regional healthcare

Hospital in Your Home delivers premium healthcare to patients from the comfort of their own home. In collaboration with our partner Entag, we developed a solution that has enabled Hospital in Your Home to roll-out their innovative telehealth services across regional North Queensland.

Telstra and Entag.

Partnering to provide the regional virtual healthcare of tomorrow.

Vanessa West: Hospital in your home was developed to provide a better everyday life for many Australians to be able to recuperate at home, to have their acute care hospital substitution treated in their own home, to reduce the pressure of bed flow on the emergency department and on the hospital wards.

Dr. Michael Young: You know we are a regional company, and we needed to find a provider that would provide that platform that we can use to store our information and interact with our patients, but it needs to be a reliable and stable network in places that were oftentimes regional and sometimes a little bit remote.

Kris Carver: Enteg, we're a Telstra business enterprise partner, proudly based on the Sunshine Coast. And our goal was to work with the diary corporation to provide a solution and a platform that customers could use to virtualize healthcare and provide a different level of patient care within the Australian landscape.

Bianca Morabito: So I got involved with Hospital In Your Home through an engagement with their digital transformation officer. They were looking at a tele-health type of solution. That's why the customer partnered with Telstra because they knew that the footprint that we could provide within our mobile network coverage was going to be able to help them with the connectivity of these devices in these locations.

Alex Krinks: My role really at Entag is kind of pulling it all together. To begin with they were utilizing paper to track all of their clinical notes, which as you can imagine, can be time consuming and there's a lot of data error. So we were looking at alleviating those pain points and really providing them a scalable technology solution that would grow with them. Since doing the deployment and rolling out this new technology solution, nurses are now reducing their referral time by 50% which is saving you know the business a lot of money. We're also saving each nurse three hours per day just by removing the paper-based system.

Vanessa West: Our doctors have iPad access. They can log in and see live action of what's happening for our patients. They can respond, they can update medical treatment plans, they can add progress notes and we all see it on the go.

Dr. Michael Young: They can see what they need to do to help themselves convalesce from their from their illness. And I think that for us is a really powerful tool because we know that the more patients are engaged in their own healthcare, the more likely they are to get better sooner, with less complications .

Vanessa West: To date our experience with Telstra and Enteg has been amazing. They have brought together a solution for us that is cost effective, it's practical and it's patient focused, and they've made it easy.

Bianca Morabito: Looking into the future I’m really excited to continue to work with transformational partners that will help the relationship that i have with my customers.


Partnering with Exigo Tech to launch Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo is a one-of-a-kind destination with the latest and most technologically advanced habitat design. This is the first time Sydney has opened a zoo in a hundred years, and we partnered with Exigo Tech to deliver a technology solution that laid a foundation for improved animal welfare and visitor engagement.


Ronan Alonzo (Head of IT, Sydney Zoo): We chose Telstra and Exigo Tech because they provided us with a platform to design our foundation, and it started from the site being completely flat, concrete slabs still being laid down in the ground. And they came forward with a design, I provided my input based on how a lot of the exhibits were being designed and how the pathways were coming together. And we wanted to make sure that even through the cabling that's laid down in the ground, you know, that's the veins of this operation from an IT infrastructure. We wanted to make sure even to that level, that was very robust, and it will support what we need now, but it has a lot of wiggle room for the future as well when we start delivering internet of things, when we start introducing technology for animal welfare and making that experience unique for our customers.

Jake Burgess (Managing Director, Sydney Zoo): We're always very keen to use the latest in technology at Sydney Zoo because technology basically enables us to do our job better. So we're running a phased program of technology development, and it hasn't really been used, to my knowledge, within the zoo context before. So we're starting with data analytics and how we manage people around the zoo, and how we get an understanding of how people utilize our zoos, so that we can continually improve it and make it better over time. The second phase of that is then going to be applications of technology to animal welfare so things like robotics, motion tracking, and a range of other technological innovations, which will help us basically be the world's best at our animal welfare practices.

Pia Veloz (Partner Manger, Telstra Enterprise): Exigo Tech have formed part of our channel ecosystem for four years. In that time, they've developed strong relationships with our sales community, predominantly in business custom sales. When they were introduced to the customer, they instantly built a solid relationship with them.

Vivek Trivedi (Managing Director, Exigo Tech): The design thinking approach what Exigo Tech works with this client is all about outcomes. It's all about asking the clients why they want this technology and that that technology will do for their businesses. Initially Sydney zoo's requirement was all about network services. We did a detailed design thinking process with Telstra, Sydney Zoo, and Exigo Tech, and we found that the opportunity is not just about network services.

Hamza Najam (Client Executive, Telstra Enterprise): One of the exciting things we are looking at is how to use the existing wi-fi infrastructure that Sydney Zoo has. How can we use analytics to drive better value for Sydney Zoo's customer? How can we improve the customer experience?

Ronan Alonzo: A lot of it was to address the fundamental need to open up a business in the first place. For example, we needed some pos machines so we could sell tickets. We needed some computers so people can do their work. With the wi-fi, it was really to allow our zookeepers and all of our employees to work anywhere throughout the zoo, and for the public wi-fi, it allowed our customers to jump on internet, share immediately their pictures on social media. That's what it's all about, it's the experience that we're trying to present to our guests that come here, and we need to use technology to amplify that and enhance that experience for them.

And we can't forget about the most important people in this organization and that's our guests. We want to make sure that we protect that memory that they've created here. And, you know, through the use of technology I’m very confident we can do that and then some, moving forward.

Vivek Trivedi: One of the main reasons Telstra’s partnership with Sydney Zoo was important because of the service they provide called Telstra Air. This service provides a lot of analytics on the wi-fi network they provide to their customers and to the corporate network to Sydney Zoo.

John Wagner (Client Executive, Telstra Enterprise): The relationship has just gone from strength to strength for all of us. So much so now, that Sydney Zoo rely on Exigo Tech as their IT partner to provide all of the professional services and their ongoing maintenance of all of their technology throughout the zoo.

Pia Veloz : Exigo Tech and Telstra have an incredible working relationship. It's built on three fundamental factors, trust, ownership, and communication.

Vivek Trivedi: Sydney Zoo was a very exciting project for Exigo Tech. It's a brand-new vertical for us and we were very happy to provide end-to-end solutions with partnership with Telstra.

Jake Burgess: So it's been a long journey, and when I reflect on what me and my team have achieved at Sydney Zoo, the thing I’m most proud of is seeing the children walk around the zoo and the delight on their faces. The level of community engagement that we have managed to achieve is second to none. And I actually have people stopping me as I walk around the zoo, congratulating me and thanking me for the contribution that we're making to the community and also to the social infrastructure of Western Sydney.


Building Smart Cities Together with Mackay Regional Council and Azentro

Telematics channel partner Azentro is helping the Mackay Regional Council track their fleet and make informed decisions with IoT solutions and real-time data.


Kylie Kavanagh (Manager, Procurement and Plant, Mackay Regional Council): Telstra's Azentro were chosen by Mackay Regional Council because of their ability to engage, their support mechanisms and their communication.

Arran Miller (General manager, Telematics, Azentro): Azentro was formed in 2013 and it was a merger from two leading Telstra Enterprise partners to offer a comprehensive business and enterprise solution.

We've progressed with the Telstra partnership in the telematics base due to Telstra's smart city team and collaborating with them in conjunction with local councils.

Kylie Kavanagh: Mackay region has a wide span of area that we cover. Enabling the location, devices, and also the productivity within our crews, was very important to the solution that we're looking to you with the partnership and Azentro.

Arran Miller: We've worked quite closely with Telstra's IOT teams to take the next steps around automation of some of these councils internal processes, introducing apps to make their day-to-day operations a lot more seamless.

Kylie Kavanagh: The devices have allowed us to find efficiencies in productivity for the work teams. We've also been able to make sure our drivers are safe, so safety is a key focus for Mackay Regional Council.

Arran Miller: Queensland has an extremely large regional footprint. Partnering with the best network was crucial in rolling out a successful solution.

Kylie Kavanagh: Mackay regional council looks forward to partnering with Azentro and Telstra into the future to develop the products and to utilize them to their full capabilities.  Arran Miller: There's no doubt in our mind partnering with Telstra has allowed us to be extremely successful and we can see this continuing on for many years to come.


Frequently asked questions

It’s our way of providing an end-to-end solution to customers by partnering with experts in consulting, sales, technical and managed services.

Each of our channel partners bring their own specialities and combined with Telstra’s own abilities, we can meet customer needs and provide better service to more people.

We want to empower our partners to deliver their expertise to enterprise and mid-market customers, knowing they can rely on Telstra networks. Our sales and technical specialists work closely with partners as one team to serve customers and create value that goes beyond product expertise. We provide accreditation for our partners, and accredited partners can access a range of benefits including exclusive events, brand assets and campaigns.

Telstra is looking for customer-centric partners that are excited about using the latest technology to help service customers’ needs. We’re looking to partner with businesses particularly in metro and regional areas across Australia that are working in IoT, data analytics, mobility applications, cloud, security, and also looking to resell our network solutions to mid-market businesses.

Here’s a preview of our initial assessment criteria:

  • You own or work for a registered company with an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • You have a company website showcasing your expertise to large businesses and enterprise customers in Australia.
  • Your company is serving large businesses and enterprise customers in Australia.
  • You have a workforce with expertise in providing professional services and consultancy to large businesses and enterprise customers in Australia.
  • You can provide a minimum of two years company financial data.
  • Your current operation satisfies at a minimum Essential Eight Maturity Level 3 (Essential Eight |
  • You acknowledge a requirement to participate in a Telstra cyber security assessment at your cost to confirm your alignment to Essential Eight Maturity Levels.
  • You acknowledge the requirement to undertake continuous cyber security uplift and meet Telstra compliance requirements as part of the agreement.

If your company meets all of the above initial assessment criteria, we’d love to hear from you!

Once the process is underway, we’ll work with you to understand your business plan, your objectives and explore how we could potentially work together to better serve customers.

Partner with us

If you’re a professional services organisation that is looking to sell, deploy and support our network solutions, and/or specialises in IoT, Security and Cloud, submit an enquiry form below and we’ll get in touch with you to guide you through the application.