Telstra Programmable Network

A new kind of network

From 30 November 2023, Telstra Programmable Network (TPN) is no longer available for purchase by new customers.

Key features

Digital technology such as cloud and the Internet of Things is powering transformation around the world. Unlocking the full potential of those services requires an agile network to match. With Telstra Programmable Network, you can enjoy secure, flexible and on demand connectivity to virtual network services around the globe with automatic provisioning in minutes. All through one self-service, software-defined networking (SDN) platform.

Telstra Programmable Network gives you Network as a Service to make the network your competitive advantage.

Automated connectivity and Global Exchange

Browse the TPN Global Exchange to add your network building blocks by choosing clouds, data centres and services from an ecosystem of 170+ cloud service providers and 35+ enabled data centres. Enjoy automated connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle.

VNF Marketplace

Select from a marketplace of virtual network functions (VNFs) vFirewalls and vRouters from leading vendors. Bring your own licence or choose Telstra VNFs, such as Telstra Cloud Router which come with licences included.

Fast, customisable networks

Use the platform canvas to design and deploy your modular solutions, with layer 2 Ethernet connections and VNFs provisioned in under ten minutes and flexible commercials.

Fixed bandwidth Rigid annual contracts Inflexible configuration Fixed physical hardware Manual provisions Bandwidth on demand Network as a service Modifiable configuration Virtual routers, firewalls and other services Service delivered in minutes

Telstra Programmable network provides advantages over traditional networks


Creating your own modular network

One platform with endless possibilities

Create the network you want. Choose from modular capabilities and self-provision your choice of network capacity, services and applications.

Responding to needs faster

Respond faster

Provision in minutes not months so you can adapt to changing business and market demands.

Connecting to anywhere on the globe

Reach global markets

Connect to new customers in more places with ease and speed. We have already laid the infrastructure so you don’t have to.

See performance in your private connections

Accelerate your application performance

Dynamic access to secure private connections helps to improve end-user experiences.

Select payments for the services you use

Pay only for the services and functionality you need

Virtualise your network services, reduce capital expenses and move away from rigid contracts.

How it works

Step one

Click to access a self-serve SDN platform for network control at your fingertips

Order services and provision them automatically on Telstra Programmable Network, leveraging the latest in SDN and network function virtualisation technology.

Step two

Choose the services you want - add exchange connections from the Global Exchange and virtual network functions from the Marketplace

Access an ecosystem of clouds, data centres and partner services around the world with more than 35 global Programmable Points of Presence (POPs), directly integrated with over 2000 Telstra IPVPN POPs in 200 countries and territories.

Step three

Connect your services – use the platform canvas to design and deploy your modular solutions

Provision layer 2 Ethernet connections and VNFs in under ten minutes. Select your bandwidth on demand with unlimited data transfer from 1mbps to 10 Gbps and flexible commercials as short as one hour.

Price and plan

Try our interactive Telstra Programmable Network Pricing Calculator for a cost estimate for your service.

Tutorials for Telstra Programmable Network

Watch our tutorial videos to learn how to build key use cases

Discover a software-defined network that will adapt with you in real time, offer a new level of control and flexibility, and evolve to suit your business.

Case studies

Here are some of our customers enjoying on demand connectivity with Telstra Programmable Network.

Empowering Mannatech Japan's agility, resilience and efficiencies with Telstra Programmable Network.

Mannatech case study

Easier and more cost-effective peering with global content providers through TPN.

CNCi case study

Delivering exceptional customer experiences by bridging the technology gap.

Cloudmax case study

Use cases

With Telstra Programmable Network you can build modular solutions and create the network you want. Here are just some of the ways our customers have used Telstra Programmable Network.

Cloud connectivity

Create direct private connections to public clouds such as AWS, Azure, Oracle and Google Cloud, and access many more. Use Telstra Cloud Router to dynamically change routes between your cloud services.

Learn more about Cloud Router

Data centre interconnect

Connect on demand to a global network of enabled data centres. Get the stability, capacity and efficiency of layer 2 Ethernet connectivity with the flexibility of on demand SDN technology.

Secure internet access

Connect securely to the internet from your WAN service in near real-time and with unlimited internet. Use virtual network functions (VNFs) such as virtual routers and firewalls to secure your traffic to the internet.

Developer APIs

See our Telstra Programmable Network APIs. You can use these to program your business systems and applications to integrate with ours.

Visit the developer hub

Accelerating Growth in Asia-Pacific

Linode is the world’s largest independent cloud provider, helping developers accelerate innovation by making cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible.

Simple, affordable, and accessible cloud computing

Save the Children connects more families with secure, supported tech

Save the Children is supporting vulnerable Australian families with a whole-of-business network and unified communications solution from Telstra Enterprise.

Read the Save the Children case study

Delivering a unified and secure user experience

Find out how Telstra developed a suite of solutions to meet the varying needs of multiple locations in China.

Read the use case on a unified and secure use experience


  • IDC-logo-vertical-fullcolor

    "The carrier continues to focus on building networks of the future through various software-defined initiatives, including virtualizing its core and implementing a programmable network fabric, facilitating increased flexibility and operational agility in serving customers in Australian and international markets."

    IDC MarketScape: Asia/Pacific Next-Generation Telcos: Telecom Services 2018 Vendor Assessment, Doc # AP43860618, May 2018

  • “Telstra has become the first telco to interconnect its flagship software-defined platform, Telstra Programmable Networks (TPN) directly to the Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) and expose clouds services to a TPN GUI… few operators, perhaps a handful, have built their own SD-platform from the core, embraced a lot of open source and gone down the path of building own ‘IP’ and lines of code.”

    GlobalData, September 2018

  • “TPN has enabled us to improve our business continuity, save millions of Yen in hardware costs, and given us the platform for further digitisation. Our network engineers think it’s the coolest thing they have seen in years!”

    Marc Arkinstall, IT Manager, Mannatech Japan

Brands we work with

Why Telstra

Connecting across a city

Leading innovation

Telstra Programmable Network is the industry’s first globally connected on demand networking platform, developed in-house using an agile DevOps model. We are continuing to build capabilities that power your competitive advantage, including a $3b commitment to digitise our network services and collaborating to build OpenKilda, a new opensource SDN controller.

Speaking to a business expert

Expertise to match your business needs

Draw on the experience of our global experts and business partners who understand the importance of your network and can help you design, build and manage complete integrated solutions, whatever your requirements.

Two people on a sidewalk

Extensive, fast and reliable network

You can access more than 2,000 PoPs and connectivity in more than 200 countries and territories globally, on a network consistently ranked amongst Asia’s most peered IP networks by Dyn’s Internet Intelligence.

Getting started

Logging into the TPN

Log in

Access the Telstra Programmable Network.

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Things you need to know

*Gartner Critical Capabilities for Network Services, Asia Pacific, High Performance Networks 2018, Low Latency and High Capacity Networks 2014-2017

Read our customer terms for Telstra Programmable Network here.