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Unlock the full potential of your cloud with Telstra Programmable Network (TPN), a software-defined network that matches cloud services’ speed and agility.
From 30 November 2023, Telstra Programmable Network (TPN) is longer available for purchase by new customers.

TPN Demo – Cloud connectivity with Telstra Cloud Router

Create direct private connections to public clouds such as AWS, Azure, Oracle and Google Cloud, and access many more. Whether connecting to one cloud or many, simplify the experience with Telstra Cloud Router on TPN – it’s easy to create & deploy for scalable Layer 3 connectivity to key cloud service providers.

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Organisations are increasingly adopting cloud for the agility this provides in a constantly changing business environment.

[Text on screen: Cloud Connectivity with Telstra Cloud Router:

  • Flexibility
  • Improved application performance
  • Improved experience]

However, the rising usage of cloud-based applications can pose serious strain on corporate networks, especially ones tied to physical devices and traditional contracts.

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  • Branch Office x2
  • Customer HQ
    • Your Network
    • Telstra Cloud Router
      • Aws
      • Azure
      • Google Cloud Platform
      • IBM Cloud
      • Office 365]

By connecting your cloud through the Telstra cloud router, a virtual network function available on the Telstra programmable Network Marketplace, you can easily create a secure and reliable connection to cloud and receive bandwidth on demand giving you more control over your cloud environment.

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to securely connect you Microsoft Azure Express route with Telstra cloud router.

Step 1: start by logging into the Telstra programmable Network.

Step 2: create your topology.

Step 3: add your network endpoint here we are using Telstra next IP, IP VPN.

Step 4: from the marketplace, click on the Telstra logo and select Telstra cloud router. Tick the box to add it to your favourites.

Step 5: return to the canvas to add a new item. In the marketplace choose a router select Telstra, select Telstra cloud router and click ‘Add VNF’. You will then be prompted to add parameters such as region, VM size and ‘AS number’. Click ‘save & continue' and your Telstra cloud router endpoint will appear on your canvas and start deploying.

Step 6: while Telstra cloud router is deploying, create your cloud endpoint. Prior to connecting your Azure cloud endpoint, you will need to initiate this connection through Azure and generate a service key. In the global exchange, search or scroll to the Azure tile and click on the plus sign to add a new connection. From here you will be prompted to add your credentials including your Azure service key, location, point of presence provider, bandwidth and account information.

Click on the Azure tile to see the status of your cloud in point connection. Here you will see the status as approved once the connection is accepted.

Step 7: navigate back to your topology and you will see that your Telstra cloud router is now live as it's gone green. To add your cloud endpoint to the canvas, add a new item through the global exchange. You will be prompted to choose your cloud provider, location and your endpoint. Once complete click ‘Done’.

For best practice resiliency, we're going to create a primary and secondary link. You are now ready to create a flow. First let's create a flow between Telstra cloud router and your cloud. Simply click on one of the icons and drag it on to the other. You will be prompted to enter the parameters for your flow including description, IP range, duration and click ‘Save’ to deploy. Follow these steps to create a flow between Telstra cloud router and Azure.

Follow these steps to create a flow between Telstra cloud router and your network. Once your flows are created, hit ‘Deploy’ to activate. Watch your flows activate and turn green in a matter of minutes.

Now you can see the Telstra cloud router configuration graphical user interface for routing, network address translation and access control lists.

To learn more about cloud connectivity with Telstra cloud router on Telstra programmable network, visit

Key features

Up and running in minutes

Use Telstra Cloud Router, a custom-built Virtual Networking Function (VNF) to establish and configure private Layer 3 peering to public, private and hybrid clouds in near real-time.

Licence included

Telstra Cloud Router includes a software licence for as little as one hour – see below for plan and pricing information. You can take up the plan that best suits you at the TPN Marketplace.

Guided network parameters

Set up Layer 3 peering to key cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure using an intuitive graphical interface.


Cloud connectivity made simple

Telstra Cloud Router is custom-built to optimise your cloud connection experience. You can easily manage traffic from your network to your clouds in one place, without needing deep technical expertise or separate licence procurement for your VNF.

Control and manage your hybrid cloud routing

Manage multiple cloud connections with one Telstra Cloud Router, from the self-service Telstra Programmable Network platform.

Fast, scalable and secure

On demand secure, private connectivity provisioned in near real-time enabled by software defined networking and network function virtualisation technology.

Price and plan

Telstra Cloud Router is only available to customers on Telstra Programmable Network.

Try our interactive Pricing calculator.

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Telstra Programmable Network

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Why Telstra

Leading innovation in software-defined networks

Telstra Programmable Network is the industry’s first globally connected on demand networking platform , developed in-house using an agile DevOps model. We are continuing to build capabilities that power your competitive advantage, including a $3b commitment to digitising our network services.

Expertise to match your business needs

Draw on the experience of our global experts and business partners who can help you build complete integrated solutions, whatever your requirements.

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As a network operator and services provider, we can give you more visibility of your IT systems and structures. We can also make managing your IT simpler by offering technology and service as a complete, integrated solution with one port of call for support.

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