Telstra Industrial Automation

Telstra Industrial Automation

All Systems Go.
Telstra helps solve the complexity of industrial automation across sensors, high-speed, high-density 5G networks, IT/OT integration, control platforms, cyber security, AI, and data analytics.

Make sense of complexity. Securely operate with intelligence.

Telstra brings you specialists, process and technology – across the entire industrial automation value chain - to help you optimise productivity, improve safety, simplify environmental reporting and deliver value.

Maturity Model Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4

  • Machinery and Fleets securely connected and visible
  • Unified view of operations
  • Data and analysis informs most operational decisions such as maintenance
  • Continuous analysis and optimisation of operations

Intelligence Characteristics
  • Reactive
  • Proactive
  • Predictive
  • Adaptive

Technology Characteristics
  • Pervasive, secure industrial networks
  • Secure 5G/Private 5G
  • Secure IoT sensors  
  • Robust, supportable OT network infrastructure
  • Unified monitoring and alerting 
  • Integrate OT systems, switchboards, motor control centres, control panels,
    business systems etc. 
  • Unified security across OT, IT & IoT
  • Consistent operational data platforms, tools and dashboards
  • Data is aggregated and
    integrated with company
    systems – ERP, CRM etc.
  • Consistent analytical and reporting tools across the business
  • Process performance software
  • Data flows to automation
    systems for end-to-end automation and control
  • AI and  Machine Learning optimisation
  • Digital twins for testing and operational improvements

Criticality of security & data quality
Graph rising at 25% Graph rising at 50% Graph rising at 75% Graph rising at 100%


Navigating the path to industrial automation

Get expert guidance at every stage of the automation process with our interactive whitepaper. 

Hear from Telstra automation experts


Designing a network for automation.

Many of the technologies driving industrial automation, including IoT, robotics, analytics, AI, and AR require an evolved network infrastructure that can support the sheer volume of connected and powered devices.


The convergence of IT and OT

IT/OT convergence has become a priority across mining, energy, construction and supply chain organisations to help them run their businesses more effectively.


Securing IT/OT environments

The convergence of IT and OT platforms has expanded the attack surface through the connection of sensors, machines and devices.


Creating a data-driven business

Gideon Ratner, Chief Customer Officer, Quantium Telstra and Warren Jennings, CTO for Industry at Telstra, provide insights on using analytics, AI and Machine Learning to obtain the full benefits of industrial automation.

Why Telstra for industrial automation?

Telstra brings you specialists, process and technology – to help you optimise productivity, improve safety, simplify environmental reporting and deliver value. 

All made possible through Telstra’s extensive ecosystem - including Telstra Purple’s acquisition of Alliance Automation and Aqura - and joint venture Quantium Telstra. We help customers design and deploy industrial networks, integrate IT/OT environments, and deliver insights through trusted data.

Expert guidance for your business

Bring us your business goals and we’ll work with you to develop a smart solution. Experienced professionals can help you assess your business and discuss next steps.