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Intelligent Manufacturing

Evolve your operations by streamlining processes to improve productivity. Track inputs, plant and vehicles. Empower your team while keeping workers safe. Demonstrate sustainability and ethical sourcing. Strengthen your cybersecurity. We can help take the complexity out of modernisation.
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Three steps to intelligent manufacturing

Establish a flexible foundation for modernisation and automation.

Through our high-speed industrial and IoT networks, Telstra can link your factories, people, vehicles and sensors using the right technology for smarter, more efficient operations.

Safeguard your data, business continuity and brand reputation.

Telstra can embed multi-layered security from the core to the very edge of your network to help safeguard your devices, factories, cloud services and business continuity.

Optimise your operations with Telstra Purple experts and solutions.

Our industry experts can help you deploy digital tools to track and control all the moving parts of your operations, and unlock the power of data analytics to automate, track in near real time and deliver better business outcomes.

Bringing it all together

Telstra's end-to-end solution for industrial automation.


Digital Maturity Roadmap

Explore our digital maturity roadmap to see where you stand. 

Supply Chain Whitepaper

Read the The Data-Driven Supply Chain whitepaper to discover more about the technology transforming the world of supply chain management.

Industry Insights Whitepaper

Find out why visibility is the overarching benefit of digitisation, and how it improves efficiency, sustainability and worker safety in Building Resilient Supply Chains.

Behind the Mic

Listen to the Telstra Behind the Mic podcast with our industry expert Jon Young Flores and AI expert Lenka Bednarikova to find out how Telstra Data Hub can help Australian industries grow with standardised secured data sharing.

Reduce industry emissions

We helped our customers to avoid 2.7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2021 – the equivalent of taking 1.2 million vehicles off Australian roads per year.

Moving to the cloud

In 2021, Telstra’s cloud solutions helped customers avoid 106,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions (tCO2e).1Refer to references at end of content

Telstra mobile and mobile broadband plans are certified carbon neutral with Climate Active.2Refer to references at end of content

Connected workers

In 2021, approximately 36% of the Australian workforce usually worked from home. Telstra provided internet connectivity to millions of these workers, enabling customers to avoid 806,000 tCO2e.1Refer to references at end of content

Fleet management

Using Telstra IoT sensors and LTE technology to track and monitor vehicle fleets, optimise routes and reduce fuel consumption.

Telstra enabled our customers to reduce emissions of 212,000 tCO2e in 2021.1Refer to references at end of content

  1. See the full report, Deloitte: Enabling Positive Climate Action for details, assumptions and qualifications.
  2. The carbon emissions of Telstra mobile and mobile broadband plans are now offset. This includes the SIM cards and the energy that powers our network to make calls and stream content. While we don’t offset your physical device (i.e., your phone itself), we contribute by ensuring that when you use it to make a call or use data, you’re doing so in a more sustainable way. 

Using CloudHealth, Telstra and Purple were able to help one of the world’s largest manufacturing firms track cloud usage and costs with intelligent insights in near real time.

Learn more about Unlocking a more cost-effective public cloud for manufacturing

We’ve not only been able to improve the experience for users, but we’ve reduced delays in the workflow and optimised the process.

Diana Tan
Corporate Communications Manager, Suntory Beverage & Food Asia

Learn more about Transforming employee experiences for Suntory Beverage & Food Asia

We now have a stable platform that’s scalable and secure.

Dave McDougall
Collaboration Solutions API Lead, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Learn more about How Coca-Cola Europacific Partners built a unified ‘contact centre of the future’ with Telstra and Genesys

Why work with Telstra in manufacturing

Industry Experts
  • Rely on the capabilities and domain knowledge of our dedicated manufacturing team.
  • We bring you access to our extensive partner ecosystem, so you can draw on best-in-class solutions.
  • You can be confident in our best-practice methodologies, with proven reference sites. 
Integration specialists
  • Our expertise in IT and OT integration brings you efficient process management and automation.

  • Our Data Hub aggregates data from multiple sources (sensors, systems, vehicles, machinery, etc.) and tags it for smart analytics, insights and reporting.

Smart IT Solutions
  • We offer tools and technology that can automate processes to improve efficiency.
  • Track inputs, outputs, materials, machinery and equipment. 
  • Simplify environmental management.
  • Enhance site monitoring to improve compliance and keep workers safer.
Cost efficiency
  • Reduce costs and free up valuable IT resources with our affordable managed services.

  • Take advantage of pay-as-you-go cloud services and flexible mobility and network plans with no lock-in contracts.

  • Telstra’s advanced networks have smart, embedded technologies designed to safeguard business continuity and help protect data.

  • Our secure-by-design approach puts security at the centre of the product lifecycle – so you can be confident your business is protected at every later. 

Extensive Ecosystem
  • From IoT sensor platforms to wearables and high-definition cameras, we bring you the right blend of solutions for your goals.  

  • We’re provider agnostic, so we’ll provide a range of options designed to suit your needs.

Purple Professional Services

Telstra Purple industry specialists can work with you to modernise and automate your operations, empower your staff with advanced technologies and introduce powerful IoT platforms for remote monitoring and control, making it easy to automate fleet management, safety and environmental monitoring.

Purple Managed Services

From managing your IoT sensors or your fleet through to taking care of your industrial network, we offer tailored managed services to suit your needs.

Book an expert consultation

Bring us your ideas or business goals and we’ll work with you to develop a smart solution. Our experienced professionals can help you digitise and automate everything from complex paperwork to machinery and vehicle fleets as well as safety and environmental management.