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Driven by digital business transformation and cloud-based services accessed by an increasingly distributed workforce, the network perimeter has expanded. This presents a challenge to traditional security solutions, especially when it comes to inconsistent security policies and gaps in visibility across remote users, branch offices, private and public clouds.

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SecureEdge enables secure internet access while protecting users and applications against malware, ransomware and zero-day threats. It has the ability to apply consistent security controls, meaning the same security policies are enforced at all times – across remote users, branch offices, head offices, and spanning from private to public cloud architectures.

SecureEdge Cloud

SecureEdge Cloud helps offer secure access to the internet for users, workloads and business applications residing in public and private clouds. It is available to all organisations, regardless of whether they are a Telstra fixed connectivity customer and their underlying WAN technology.

SecureEdge Remote

SecureEdge Remote helps provide secure remote user access and device protection to the mobile workforce, as well as a consistent secure user experience for all employees, anywhere and at any time.

SecureEdge Connect

SecureEdge Connect combines the benefits of SecureEdge Cloud and SecureEdge Remote into one bundled solution. It provides complete security for all application traffic while ensuring an exceptional user experience.

SecureEdge Network

SecureEdge Network is a cost-effective, configurable and highly available in-line next generation firewall solution purpose-built for Telstra Next IP customers to securely connect their network and remote users to the internet, public cloud services and SaaS applications.

Sovereign SecureEdge

Sovereign SecureEdge provides government-specific security and secure inter-agency connectivity. The solution is Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessed and Information Security Manual (ISM) compliant. Full data sovereignty is maintained.

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Accelerate your digital transformation and cloud migration without compromising security. Find out more about Telstra’s SecureEdge solution.

Today's landscape is shifting.

Cloud computing is transforming the way organizations do business and digital transformation is a key driver pushing corporate data away from the traditional data centre centric model. But despite the promise of cloud many enterprises still struggle, and security is a key concern.

In recent research, only 21% of Australian organizations believed their organization was well prepared for the security challenges they faced in cloud migration.

Source: Omdia and Telstra 2021 Australian Executive Survey: State of Cloud Adoption in Australia

Concerns included incomplete control over who can access sensitive data, advanced threats against the cloud provider, a lack of visibility and regulatory compliance regarding what workloads and data were in the cloud, and a lack of consistent security controls over multi and hybrid clouds.

With more applications being consumed in the cloud and a dispersed mobile workforce, the network perimeter has expanded, as has the available attack surface of the business. The need for organizations to keep their data safe yet accessible to employees anywhere and anytime has never been greater.

Telstra in partnership with Palo Alto networks, the global leader in cyber security, have the solution: Secure Edge.

Telstra Secure Edge offers simple, flexible, robust, and cost-effective cloud-delivered network security to provide proactive threat protection. Security is consistent and compliant across your network and cloud infrastructure, where users can securely access the internet and SAS applications.

The same policies being enforced at all times across remote users, branch offices and headquarters, spanning private to public cloud architectures. Secure Edge offers highly available, reliable, enterprise grade security for all users, applications, and data, to help safeguard against evolving malware, ransomware, and zero-day threats and it's suitable for companies of all sizes in all industries - including yours.

A single set of credentials is all that's needed to access the Secure Edge customer portal from Telstra connect, providing reporting and detailed management of your service. The portal provides a single pane of glass, which means your corporate security policies and controls are all visible and managed from the one central location across the workforce, across the business.

Secure Edge hyperscales as your business grows and offers peace of mind with 24/7 technical support and flexible managed security and professional services.

Finally, it leverages the best of both worlds combining the strength of Australia's best network provider, Telstra, and global cyber security leader, Palo Alto networks.

Within the Secure Edge product family there are four options available

  • Secure Edge Network for Telstra next IP customers.
  • Secure Edge Cloud to securely access internet, data centre, SAS applications and cloud workloads.
  • Secure Edge Remote giving secure access to your distributed workforce and,
  • Secure Edge connect combining the benefits of Secure Edge Cloud and Secure Edge Remote.

Accelerate your digital transformation and cloud migration, without compromising security, with Secure Edge.

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Key Features

Telstra SecureEdge is a portfolio of advanced next generation cloud-delivered security services allowing organisations to accelerate their digital transformation and cloud adoption in a more flexible and secure manner, without compromising performance.

Comprehensive security

Advanced threat prevention including web filtering, sandboxing, DNS security, credential theft prevention, data loss prevention and next-generation firewall policies.

Dynamic portal

Innovative and easy to use portal to view policies, submit service requests, and ensure consistent security policies across the organisation.

Security Add-ons

Telstra add-ons include professional and managed service support if required.


Best of both worlds

Combines the strength of Australia's best network provider Telstra, and global cyber security leader, Palo Alto Networks


Intuitive and easy to use portal providing a single pane of glass to view policies, generate reports and make changes easily

Cost effective

Allows for the consolidation of point solutions and vendors, while improving your overall security posture

Peace of mind

Always on security with 24/7 technical helpdesk to help you remain safe and compliant with the latest regulations

Remote User Protection

Apply consistent security measures across your workforce, no matter where they are

Built for SASE Adoption

Building on Telstra’s carriage network and cloud capability, SecureEdge can be a foundational element in your SASE strategy

Protect your business with award-winning enterprise-grade security solutions

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  • JAPAC Service Provider Partner of the year, 2021
  • Managed Security Service Provider Partner of the year, 2020

Customer success stories

Case study

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Telstra's SecureEdge Network platform is helping the Royal Flying Doctor Service stay secure and innovate.


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