Teletrac Navman

A better way to manage your fleet and assets.

It’s the telematics and asset management solution that’ll drive your business forward.

Key features for Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman Asset Management Solutions help remove the guesswork from managing remote assets.

With a simple and intuitive user interface, you’ll have the intelligence you need to take your asset monitoring to a new level. You’ll increase utilisation and reduce your exposure to unforeseen costs caused by loss or theft.

Teletrac Asset Management Solutions are suitable for a wide variety of industries, with an array of features, reports and alerts that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Fleet & Asset management

Track your vehicles or assets via GPS, monitor speed, braking, fuel consumption and route efficiency.

Fuel Tax Credit Manager

Automate the process of managing your Fuel Tax credits. Teletrac Navman will automatically monitor when you’re using a road and when you’re not.

Heavy Vehicle Compliance Assistant (HVCA)

Collect key data required for heavy motor vehicle adherence.

Design & Implementation Service

Utilising the Teletrac Navman national partner network, we can help you design & then install the perfect Teletrac Navman solution all around Australia.

How it works

Step 1: GPS/Satlellite Tracking

Qube hardware installed in each vehicle communicates with the GPS/Satlellite to provide the position of each vehicle in your fleet.

Step 2: Vehicle communication

Information is transmitted between each vehicle and Telstra via the Telstra Mobile Network.

Step 3: Telstra Mobile Network

Communication continually travels between each vehicle and Telstrac Navman via the Teletrac Mobile Network.

Step 4: Secure AWS Hosted Server

The Telstra Mobile Network relays information back and forwards with Teletrac Navman AWS Hosted Server which is located in Australia.

Step 5: Internet

The internet carries all data traffic between the Teletrac Navman server and your PC.

Step 6: Teletrac Navman Director Application

Your computer displays information in near real time via the Teletrac Navman Director application. 

Software for Teletrac Navman

TN360 AI-Powered Fleet Management Solution

Teletrac Navman’s TN360 is an AI-enabled telematics platform that is designed to deliver real-time data, visibility and impact for any fleet operation. With its ability to turn data into decisions, TN360 helps you manage all aspects of your operation and helps you answer questions while detecting patterns for the biggest points of impact.

MT201 In-Vehicle Driver Compliance & Productivity

The ultimate tool for the future of transport. The solution helps eliminate paper-based checklists (or forms), stores documents electronically and communication with instant messaging, designed to be delivered in real-time and available for the driver. Used by tens of thousands of drivers across Australia and New Zealand, the managed in-cab environment is a proven and dependable driver tool that improves productivity, safety, compliance, and communication.

FTC Manager – Digital Fuel Tax Credit Management

Teletrac Navman’s FTC Manager is the most revolutionary fuel tax credit solution that is designed to provide real-time high-definition second-by-second GPS location data from telematics installed in vehicles and equipment to calculate off-road travel and auxiliary fuel use to help maximise your fuel tax rebates.

Hardware for Teletrac Navman


The VT102 is the latest addition to the Navman Vehicle Tracking device suite for use with either the Director Professional or TN360 platform.

The VT102 collects key metrics such as trip distance, vehicle engine data, and safety data and sends it to the software platform, where you can easily view current status, alerts and ask detailed questions through Insights or run customised reporting.


TN3640 is a GPS enabled tracking device that collects and sends information directly from the vehicle to you via a fleet management solution. Operating standalone or paired with an M-Nav for integrated driver messaging and navigation, you create a powerful fleet and equipment management system that provides the data to help you make informed decisions.


Introducing the RE400 Asset Tracking device. From yellow iron to heavy duty machinery, the IP67 rated RE400 device offers the benefit of an AI-powered fleet management solution with the near real-time data captured from your assets. Derive metrics key to your business direct from your equipment - the RE400 is able to collect key data from sources such as GPS, GPIO, CAN bus, engine data, and more.

NavCAN Engine Management System

An Engine Management System captures and collates second-by-second vehicle data from a standard heavy vehicle CANbus. Key features include reports on braking, speed, revs per minute, engine hours, distance on the odometer oil pressure and water temperature. Positive behaviour such as the correct use of cruise control and gears is also captured.


The SI201 is a tracking device designed for light vehicles, providing business owners and managers essential information on location, usage and driving behaviour to help reduce operating costs and enable them to address concerns before an incident or collision may occur.


The MT201 is an IP67 ruggedised in-cabin device built to withstand Australia’s harsh environment. It provides the driver with a means to complete their tasks with ease digitally, and helps to eliminate paper-based processes like jobs, route management, forms & checklists, documents, messages, and more. It also designed to provide intelligent safety and compliance assistance to professional drivers in real-time.

ST101 Solar Asset Tracker

The ST101 Solar Asset Tracker is a purpose designed and cost-effective solution for tracking of small assets and trailers. It uses the latest in efficient, low power IoT communications to provide years of reliable, battery powered location tracking for essentially any kind of asset. The Solar Asset Tracker is especially suited to set-and-forget tracking of trailers and portable equipment due to its rugged, waterproof design and solar charging long-life battery.

MT501 Teletrac Navman Terminal

The MT501 provides the driver with an integrated vehicle tracking, messaging, job dispatch and navigation solution in one package. The MT501 sits within the vehicle and interfaces with the telematics device. This provides the ability to send messages, job information and routes from the office directly to the driver and also provide trip purpose information for FBT reporting.

Satellite Communications Unit

The Satellite Communications Unit allows you visibility and communication with your employees, vehicles and equipment whether they are in phone network coverage or not. To help manage the cost of satellite communications, you have the option to define which events are vitally important and should be communicated via satellite, while low priority event data is stored on the vehicle location unit and uploaded when the vehicle is next in cellular coverage.


Why Telstra

We’ll help to fund your tech

Telstra provides you with a generous Tech Fund allowance, which helps to significantly offset the upfront investment costs of purchasing hardware.

Scalable and customisable solutions

The winning combination of Teletrac Navman’s scalable and customisable solutions and Australia’s largest mobile network enable you to integrate with your existing business applications via API’s and add features to your as solution your grow.

Australia-wide partners and local data storage

Get set up faster with the help of a national network of qualified Design & implementation partners. And enjoy local data storage on Australian based AWS servers.

Getting started

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Things you need to know

The standard Teletrac Navman solution is dependent on network connectivity, and therefore is not intended to act as, or replace existing, fail-safe technologies. Telstra’s solutions use Australia’s largest and most reliable network, the Telstra Mobile Network. For areas outside of mobile reception, you may (subject to availability) purchase satellite connectivity.

Telstra Mobile Network coverage depends on your location, device and whether it has an external antenna attached. Visit to check coverage locations.

This brochure is for information purposes only and products and services mentioned may not be suitable to your circumstances. Please contact your Telstra representative to discuss options available and for further information.

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