IoT Connected Fleet

When it comes to transforming your fleet, Experience Matters!

For many years, Telstra has empowered customers to transform their fleet management processes and helped them adapt and thrive in a competitive and dynamic economy.

Service capabilities

Smart and innovative fleet management solutions to help run a smarter fleet, increase efficiency, become more resilient and stay compliant.

Make daily scheduling easier

Get all your vehicles to the correct addresses at the right time, with more efficient mileage. Fulfil more orders and save on fuel.

Deliver on customer promises

Enable remote access to vehicle locations, accurate traffic updates and dynamic route options. Give customers more accurate ETAs.

Automate your workflows

Digitise in-field forms and timesheets, to help reduce order errors and give your people the freedom to focus on the work that matters most.

Impactful decisions with data insights

Promote data-driven decision making in areas of safety, predictive maintenance, asset utilisation and customer experience, as well as carbon efficient practices.

Drivers’ safety is key

Help ensure drivers’ safety and wellbeing. Stay in touch with your drivers and keep an eye on your fleet. Also help improve driver retention, and meet your compliance obligations.

More resilient fleet

Gain end-to-end visibility of your fleet and their environment. Act fast and better manage disruptions

Explore Connected Fleet solutions


Customised telematics and fleet management solutions that include parts which are Australian designed, built, installed and serviced.

Fleet Complete

Specialising in small fleets, this advanced GPS fleet tracking solution provides improved visibility of your assets.

Teletrac Navman

GPS tracking solutions for any industry to help you manage your fleet and assets, and enable your resources to be where they need to be.


Advanced collision avoidance technology that scans the road and alerts drivers to potentially dangerous situations.

Case study

Telstra’s IoT network - Optimising routes and keeping drivers safe with Linfox

When you have thousands of trucks on Australian roads every day, there’s an IoT network that can help keep them all on track.

Importantly, it doesn’t just issue notifications. Instead it helps remediate and remove the threat.

You don't need Australia's largest IoT network, until... you have thousands of connected trucks delivering essentials across the country and you need to keep them running on time, every time, every single day. Until your trucks are feeding back on changing road conditions – keeping an eye on braking and acceleration to help save fuel and keep drivers safe.

Until data helps you warn drivers of hazards up ahead, shows them a safer way to go, or reminds them to take a break.

Until you’re one of Australia’s largest logistics companies, trusted by businesses everywhere for dependable delivery.

[text on screen and audio: You don’t need Australia’s largest IoT network... until you do.]

Why Telstra

Solutions to real challenges around costs, productivity and customer experience

Future-proof your IoT investment with Australia’s largest IoT network.

Telstra’s superior and reliable network helps you optimise your application performance. And with our unrivalled mobile network coverage, reach your drivers and, keep them safe and productive.

We bring expertise and end-to-end capabilities so you don’t have to

Telstra team of experts can design, integrate, operate and maintain digitised fleet management solutions.

End-to-End managed and tried & tested Connected Fleet solutions to help you automate, integrate and digitise your fleet management processes.

Solutions to real challenges around costs, productivity and customers experience

Intelligent and simple solutions to help you streamline your operations, promote drivers' safety, save on fuel & maintenance costs, help with compliance obligations.

We’ll help you shift from manually processing paperwork towards digital fleet management, allowing you to make more impactful decisions fast.

Starting the transformation journey doesn’t have to be complex

We will work with you to understand your business challenges and technology needs.

Together we will plan the right fleet management solutions that would suit your business needs. These solutions will be secure-by-design, modular, integrated, scalable and innovative while also within budget.

Getting started

Register here and one of our connected fleet experts will contact you to discuss how we can support your business.