Telstra Edge

Enhance your performance at the Edge

Bring cloud apps and data analytics closer to users enhancing performance with Telstra Edge.

Key features

Telstra Edge enables organizations to adopt new technology leveraging AI and Machine Learning where the data needs to be processed close to the source.

Telstra Edge is part of Telstra’s Adaptive Cloud solution. Offered as a continuum of cloud solutions, Telstra Edge enables video analytics, IoT and industry 4.0 use cases with the capability of improved safety, security, operational efficiency and business insights.

Distributed and localised compute and storage

By bringing applications and data processing closer to the customer, realise the benefits of enhanced performance, improved resilience, network efficiency.

Harness Telstra Enterprise 5G

Largest coverage with Australia’s largest mobile network. Leveraging the speed of 5G to optimise your connectivity solution, covering 77.5% of the Australian population.

Platform for innovation

Seize opportunities to adopt emerging technologies and unlock tech-driven outcomes focused on improved safety, productivity, and near real-time decision-making.

Cloud Marketplace Solutions

Access a broad range of ready to consume edge native services via market leading public cloud marketplace.

Telstra Purple Services

Utilise our professional and managed services to help you ideate, prioritise, roadmap, and right-size the solution specific to your goals and needs.

Early Access to Network Edge

Help your business accelerate  adoption of edge computing  technology by testing your  applications at a Telstra  network edge location before  deploying in production. 

Telstra Edge benefits

Reduced latency and optimised application responsiveness

Get more choice in workload placement to help improve latency and optimise app responsiveness for better end-user and customer experiences.

Better understanding of your data processing responsibilities

Mitigate financial and compliance risks by generating, processing, and storing data in your own jurisdiction.

Take charge of your data’s movement across networks

Take control to make decisions on where data is processed. Bringing data processing closer means reducing dependency on your network to access the cloud.

Become a nimble, modern business

Edge is built in a modular, decoupled manner allowing future applications to be deployed fast and charged based on consumption.

A platform for the future

The Edge is a critical component enabling a digital customer experience, unlocking emerging services such as video analytics, advanced IoT and industry 4.0 use cases.


State of Cloud, Edge, and Security in Australia 2023-24 Report

Discover insights and recommendations to help you connect securely, protect your data, and empower future-ready innovation.

Frequently asked questions

Telstra Edge is part of Telstra’s Adaptive Cloud solution to extend cloud solutions closer to the customer. Telstra Edge brings to life capabilities such as video analytics, IoT and industry 4.0 use cases to enable outcomes of improved safety, security, operational efficiency and business insights. Telstra Edge continues to evolve, supporting a range of customer edge device types, plus the option for network edge solutions.

An Expression of Interest can be raised here or via Cloud Sight and a Telstra Cloud Specialist will make contact with you to discuss your edge computing needs.

Telstra Edge is a subscription service offering both term and no minimum term agreements.

At Telstra we are bringing the best of global cloud partnerships with Australia’s largest mobile network coupled with Purple Professional services.

Why Telstra

Thrive on-the-go with the network that’s faster in more places

Unleash productivity with the mobile network that reaches more Australians than any other provider. We are also at the forefront of 5G so you can unleash its potential for your business first.

National partner ecosystem

We have over 3,000 SMB partners and 150+ enterprise ICT partners located across Australia, so we can bring services and deployment closer to you faster. And as a network operator and services provider, we can give you more visibility of your IT systems and structure while making IT management simpler and easier with just one port of call for support.

Expert advice

Telstra Purple is the largest Australian owned technology services business, bringing together Telstra Enterprise’s business technology services capabilities and a number of its recently acquired companies, focused on outcome-based, transformative tech solutions.

Getting started

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