Microsoft Azure

Connecting opportunities 

We’re bringing Australia together by empowering a nation to achieve more.

Key features

Our strong alliance with Microsoft is helping enhance digital transformation and deliver lasting change by empowering and connecting businesses across Australia.

More opportunities in the cloud 

Enable a more reliable and resilient business with our connectivity and integrated, cost-effective solutions. 

More innovation

The latest Microsoft technologies and Telstra’s local insights and expertise can help extract more value from existing investments specific to your industry. 

More visibility and control 

Gain better oversight and control with a combined, holistic approach from Telstra and Microsoft. 

More secure 

Monitor and help prevent risks better with security features integrated across your network, cloud, devices, apps, and connected activities. 

More human-centric 

Add value to your IT investments through collaborative, human-centered professional and managed services from Telstra Purple. 


Optimise your business with the benefits of Microsoft cloud and edge solutions, Telstra’s market-leading connectivity, and Telstra Purple’s technology expertise to accelerate digital transformation. 

Unlock more value

Microsoft’s cloud, edge, and modern work solutions with Telstra’s network leadership and technology expertise can help speed digital transformation.

Co-innovation with a co-creation mindset 

Increased collaboration between Telstra and Microsoft means working closely with you to support the creation of new, fit-for-purpose, innovative solutions.

Transform your business

Realise your best potential with solutions for Modern Workplace Experience, Agile Infrastructure,  Security, Data and AI, and Digital & App Innovation. 

Get the best cloud experience 

Harness the power of Microsoft Azure backed by our Adaptive Networks and advanced global network coverage. 

Trust us to deliver 

Modernise your workplace and improve customer experiences with reliable, scalable, and agile solutions delivered by Telstra’s technology experts and partners. 


Pricing guide for Telstra Microsoft Azure Plan

Charged monthly to your Telstra bill based on consumed services configured in the Azure portal.

Pricing guide for Telstra Microsoft Azure Plan Reserved Instances

Charged monthly to your Telstra bill based on consumed services configured in the Azure portal.


Strengthening our partnership further with Microsoft 

Telstra and Microsoft sign a five-year agreement to support Australia’s digital growth. 

Telstra Purple launches dedicated Microsoft Practice

Telstra Purple’s dedicated Microsoft Practice will benefit customers giving them access to a single team with experts to partner and transform with. 

Case studies

Case study

Ambulance Victoria

Empowering health workers in saving lives 

The collaboration between ANZICS, Ambulance Victoria, and Telstra Purple resulted in an efficient health information platform that now helps save lives. 

Case study

Kennards Hire

Digital innovation for better user experiences 

Microsoft Azure experts from Telstra Purple worked closely with Kennards Hire to design and deploy a bespoke IoT solution for asset monitoring. 


Our goal is to help Australian businesses like yours get the tools and infrastructure you need to help add value to your business operations. That’s why we focus on human-centred design approach to help to solve some of your biggest business challenges. 

Modern Workplace 

Reliable and resilient connection to and utilisation of Microsoft apps for an easy and scalable working experience. 

Agile Infrastructure 

Experience enhanced performance by migrating to the right Azure model and continually optimising infrastructure. 


Monitor your cloud environment and reduce risk better by combining insights across programs, devices, and connected activities. 

Data and AI 

Optimise your business with smarter ways that deliver smarter operations today and into the future. 

Digital & App Innovation

Scale your applications and innovate with new applications, with solutions specific to your business problems. 

Professional and Managed Services delivered through Human-Centred Design

We focus on adding value with a holistic management approach, automation-focused, and co-creation mindset. 

Accreditations and Partnerships

Telstra holds all Microsoft Solutions Partner designations in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

With a demonstrated capability across Data & AI (Azure), Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Infrastructure (Azure), Business Applications, Modern Work, and Security, Telstra is one of the only partners to attain six of six Solutions Partner designations in Australia. 

Telstra's Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations are Modern Work, Data & AI (Azure), Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Infrastructure (Azure), Business Applications, and Security

Accelerated transformation brings forward the benefits to your business, people, and communities. Our deep domain expertise as an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider can help deliver outcomes at pace and solve real business problems. 

Azure Expert MSP badge

Why Telstra

Better together 

Our strong partnership with Microsoft is helping accelerate digital transformation and enabling lasting change by empowering and connecting businesses across Australia. With a dedicated Microsoft Practice within Telstra, you have access to the latest tools and expert support you need from Telstra Purple and local partners, to help you on your cloud journey. 

Expertise you can rely on 

Innovate at pace with an agile mindset Telstra Purple brings to the table. Telstra Purple is the largest Australian-owned digital transformation organisation with over 2,000 people—including professionals with extensive expertise and experience in Microsoft Azure and related technologies—and 2,000+ digital transformation projects delivered. Our experts provide integrated advice and management across cloud, security, edge computing, and network. 

Powered by Telstra 

Get the best experience on Microsoft Azure with access to our networks and partners. Our multi-access networks offer the freedom of hybrid networking, and our combined footprint will deliver fast and reliable operation across Australia and the world. 

Getting started

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