Telstra Multi Cloud Solutions

The best of both worlds with multi cloud

Multi Cloud is the integration of multiple clouds operating distinctly to deliver the best results for your business.

Key features

Maximise your cloud potential with access to the best people, cloud and networks: The Telstra Multi Cloud ecosystem.

It’s built with your business objectives in mind, delivering consistent outcomes across different platforms and networks—allowing you to leverage the people, capabilities, partnerships, and leading-edge cloud, network and security solutions from Telstra and Telstra Purple.

Leading capability

Match the right provider to your specific business, performance, application, and cost requirements.

Integrated Connectivity

Your cloud is only as good as your network, and you’ll be in the hands of Australia’s leading network provider with a well-integrated cloud and network solution.

Secure, integrated cloud environment

Well-integrated cloud solutions optimise application performance and operational efficiency—to enable your business to do and achieve more.

Streamlined management and security

Simplify your tech stack into a single unified experience to enable a diverse IT environment without the hassle of multiple vendors and suppliers.

Powered by Telstra Cloud Sight™

Our ecosystem brings together public clouds from AWS and Azure so you can have the visibility across your public cloud deployments.


Keep your business moving

Ensure your business continues to operate even in the face of unexpected events, as physical and location redundancies are incorporated to reduce downtime risk.

Optimise your ICT investment

Buying across multiple public clouds gives you the freedom to choose the right options for your business.

Empower innovation

Have the ability to implement new apps and processes fast—plus, to integrate DevOps processes to make innovating for your people and customers simpler.

Better application performance

Optimised interconnects can not only speed up app response times, but also delivers automated, high-performance connection to safeguard your data identity.

Visibility over your entire multi cloud environment

Integrate, migrate, scale, and deploy cloud workflows and applications as you need them, with the visibility you need to make it happen.

How it works

Access the best people, cloud, and networks with Telstra Multi Cloud

In cloud, technology doesn’t work in isolation—everything is interconnected, and it’s crucial that your cloud partner gets the relationship between the different parts right.

Every IT environment is unique, which is why we’ve partnered with the best in the business to ensure that our multi cloud solution is perfectly suited to your unique needs.



We combine our trusted local presence with Amazon Web Services global technology footprint, to help you maximise the benefits of cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Realise true business transformation with a leading enterprise-grade cloud platform - Microsoft Azure.

Why Telstra

Rely on our deep experience and expertise

Rely on our combined depth and breadth of 2,000 certified experts covering network, security, cloud, collaboration, mobility, software development and design, data, and artificial intelligence. We have more than 200 cloud-ready consultants, with programs in place to increase the number of AWS and Microsoft Azure-certified experts and scale capability across security and front-end digitisation.

The strength of our network

Your cloud is only as good as your network—and working with Telstra means you’ll be in the hands of Australia’s leading network provider. Well-integrated cloud and network solutions are essential for optimal workload and application performance (reliability, latency, embedded security, privacy, and availability).

Leverage our partnerships with industry leaders

Telstra is a true multi cloud partner, providing a vendor-agnostic service that suits your specific requirements. We have strong alliances with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dell Technologies, VMware and Equinix, with programs in place to significantly increase collaboration and technology co-development. Our partnerships provide you with access to different clouds via a single bill.

Getting started

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