Telstra Cloud Sight™

Simple, secure, and cost-effective way to manage cloud

Telstra Cloud Sight™ is a powerful web-based platform that simplifies the way businesses buy, deploy and manage multiple public cloud services and associated network connectivity all through a single portal.

Key features

Cloud Services promise greater flexibility and agility than other IT solutions, but if they aren’t managed properly the risks can quickly outweigh the benefits. Data security can be compromised, budgets can blow out and you may struggle to comply with regulatory standards.

Multi Cloud Procurement

Buy, deploy and manage your Telstra purchased multi-cloud environments from within a single portal using a simple and easy to use wizard that guides you through the set up of public clouds from partners such as AWS and Azure.

Telstra Cloud Connector™

A one-stop solution to privately, securely and reliably connect your public cloud environments to your Telstra Next IP® network via Cloud Sight.

Budget Controls

Track your spend across multiple providers through a single pane of glass, set account level budgets and automate spend alerts. Gain visibility on how you are trending with an accurate view of current month spend against your budget. Improve forecasts by using historical spend data and identifying high cost services.

Security & Compliance

Easily set up accounts with one click using Industry best practice security and compliance blueprints.


Complete control and peace of mind

Easy to use self-service portal puts you in control, enabling you to quickly and easily purchase, provision and consume multiple cloud services and cloud connectivity solutions from partners such as AWS and Azure, including Telstra’s own Cloud Connector™ all from the one portal.

Make informed decisions and increase operational efficiency

Use the Cloud Sight dashboard to make informed decisions for your business by accessing service level cost visibility of your cloud environments at a single glance. Upgrade to marketplace offerings such as Cloud Health from Telstra to gain deeper insight and trends to your cloud spend. Improve resource utilisation through automatically powering off resources when they are not in use.

Reduce your business risk in the cloud

Obtain control of your compliance status to keep your data safe and your cloud environment compliant to protect against costly data breaches and intrusions that can result from misconfiguration and/or mismanagement. User access and user level auditing to ensures additional security over Cloud Sight portal operations.

More about Telstra Cloud Sight

Cloud Sight FAQs

Get answers to your questions about Cloud Sight - from how to get started to addressing common concerns.

Telstra Concierge Services

Our Telstra Cloud Concierge service provides you with access to a team of cloud experts who can help get you set up, give you an overview of the portal and help remove the stress of choosing the best cloud for your needs.

We offer concierge services for free for first 30 days.

Telstra Purple

As the largest Australian owned technology services business, our national network of over 1,500 certified network, security, cloud, collaboration, mobility, software, analytics, and design experts to help you deliver outcome-based, transformative tech solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

Telstra Cloud Sight offers complementary cost visibility and tracking, compliance blueprint deployment for customers who purchase public cloud services (AWS and Microsoft Azure) through Telstra. Also it offers paid products and features such as Telstra Cloud Connector and Cloud Health from Telstra via the portal.

The following clouds are currently supported:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS from Telstra
  • Telstra Private Cloud

Please note that AWS from Telstra is our standard service that adds your cloud to a shared AWS tenancy. Select customers may purchase AWS Direct, which provides a dedicated AWS Master tenancy. Contact us to find out if you qualify for AWS Direct.

There are no pre-requisites for signing up to the Telstra Cloud Sight platform. To make use of any Telstra Cloud Sight functions, however, you must have a cloud service (e.g. Microsoft Azure account) purchased through Telstra.

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