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Simplify the complexities of cloud

Telstra’s cloud management and optimisation solutions help you simplify the complexities of cloud with our powerful, award-winning cloud management platform and simple, easy-to-consume managed services.

Make the most of your cloud to deliver better business outcomes.

Explore our cloud management and optimisation solutions.


A multi-cloud management platform that gives you cloud visibility and control all in one place—with actionable recommendations for meaningful business impact.

Managed Services – Cloud

Our experts reliably and securely manage any cloud, anywhere so you can focus on what matters most for your business.

Telstra Cloud Sightᵀᴹ

Simplify the way you buy, deploy, and manage multiple public cloud services and network connectivity all through a single, powerful, web-based platform.

Why Telstra for Cloud management and optimisation

Our comprehensive suite of cloud services

Telstra supports your business at every stage of your cloud journey. Our comprehensive offerings include secure access to market-leading public clouds along with tools and services that enable you to operate more flexibly and cost-efficiently, help protect privacy, and unlock value with data insights that drive innovation.

A proven track record

Our high standard of service is continually recognised locally and regionally for best practice. We are the Australian leader in the Asia-Pacific IDC Marketscape Next Generation Telcos: Telecom Services 2020, which measures alignment with customer requirements in a three to five-year timeframe.

Control your clouds

Gain more control over your environments and services with our range of over-the-top cloud management software and services.

Get the most from your cloud infrastructure

Our expertise in architecting, deploying, and managing cloud services means you can focus on driving performance and adapting to future business challenges.

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Whether you’re exploring new possibilities or needing support for your existing cloud solutions, we’re here to help.