Telstra Track and Monitor

Worker monitoring devices across multiple locations and equipment

Turn asset tracking data into decisions

Telstra Track and Monitor can help your business track moving assets, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Today, your customers demand a better service, faster and cheaper. To meet these demands, you need to manage your moving assets more efficiently.

The more visibility you have, the better you can manage your business. We’ll deliver the right asset tracking solution for your business, powered by Telstra IoT network technologies to securely support a range of IoT deployments.

For a national transport company without a tracking solution, we calculated the potential loss in one year was nearly $4million.

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Key features

A range of IoT asset tracking devices

Track assets of different sizes and values with enterprise grade devices designed to suit your needs.

Powerful Telstra IoT network technologies

Track assets using a range of different Telstra IoT network technologies including including Cat-M1/LTE-M, GPS and Bluetooth®

Web portal, mobile app or API interface

A secure onshore cloud platform hosts the data, which is then displayed in an intuitive web portal or integrated with your own systems via API.


Reduce the cost of lost or missing assets

Companies commonly misplace ~3% to 5% of their assets each year. IoT tracking and analytics can contribute directly to your business’ bottom line by reducing such losses.

Turn location data into decisions

Make decisions informed by location data that empowers you to manage assets at scale, connect your supply chain data and serve your customers better.

Improve your customer experience

Connect your supply chain to forecast deliveries or transfers, and reduce delays and improve efficiency by predicting fleet maintenance.

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Lost assets/ year
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How it works?

Price and plan

We can implement a ‘proof of concept’ and have a sample of 10 or 20 devices at your location within a few days.

Devices can be purchased upfront or via monthly repayments over 12, 24 or 36 months so you can forecast costs with confidence. We have volume pricing options for large deployments

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More about Track and Monitor

Asset Tracking ROI Calculator

Try the asset tracking Return-on-Investment (ROI) Calculator - It's just an example so you can estimate the cost of lost or misplaced assets in your business, and the savings you could make using IoT asset trackers. It’s only a demonstration guide to start you thinking about the power of IoT in your business

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Track and monitor infographic

Check our infographic to see a really simple view of IoT asset tracking. Find out how we can help you to have visibility of your assets and turn data from your asset locations into informed business decisions.

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Use cases

Telstra Track and Monitor provides better asset visibility, management and reduced costs. Explore 2 use cases that are driving the take up of this automated tracking solution.

Chief Information Officer: Lift customers’ supply chain experience

If you are managing increasing numbers of delayed, missing or incorrect asset deliveries, Track and Monitor can help you meet and exceed delivery timelines and quality of service.

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IT Manager/Decision Maker: Lower CAPEX/OPEX costs, improve asset use

If you’re seeing inaccuracies in your asset tracking records, or don’t have the visibility needed for making more informed decisions about your usage of assets.

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Awards and Recognition

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Acomms Awards 2019

Innovation - Large Company



  • SCT Logistics

    "SCT Logistics chose Telstra Track and Monitor for the unparalleled IoT network coverage across Australia to deploy Solar charged Cat-M1 trackers on our fleet. It will allow us to locate rail wagons and containers easily, forecast delivery times and analyse data in the moment to deliver efficiencies in our business. "

    Sean Atchinson – CIO, SCT Logistics

Frequently asked questions

Why Telstra

IoT-invested for the long haul

When you’re investing in a long-term business case, you need a long-term partner. With a team of IoT specialists, ongoing infrastructure investment, market-leading technology and global partnerships, IoT is at the core of our strategy.

Solution to real challenges around costs, productivity and customer experience

It’s not an IoT solution unless we are solving a real problem or addressing a key priority you face every day. Our solutions are built to integrate into and improve your business processes to help you compete.

Getting started doesn’t have to be complex

It’s simple—you bring the business challenge and we’ll scope the IoT solution. We can help you design, trial, deploy, scale, and manage your IoT solution. We can even offer commercial terms to help with upfront costs.

Getting started

Choose from a wide range of IoT or M2M data plans, with roaming across different regions, SIMs to suit your specific needs and operational environment.

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