Telstra Track and Monitor

Turn asset tracking data into decisions

Telstra Track and Monitor can help your business track moving assets on and off your site, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Telstra Track and Monitor

Today, your customers demand a better service, faster and cheaper. To meet these demands, you need to manage your moving assets more efficiently.

The more visibility you have, the better you can manage your business. We’ll deliver the right asset tracking solution for your business, powered by Telstra IoT network technologies to securely support a range of IoT deployments.

Imagine if you have visibility of the last known approximate location of your assets, to turn location data into decisions, assist to reduce unnecessary costs and help create a better customer experience.

With Telstra Track and Monitor you can. Put the power of the Internet of Things into your business. To help you get ahead of your competitors.

[text on screen: "25% of Australian Business will take up an IoT solution this year to gain a competitive edge". Forrester Research 2019. Source: Beyond the map with location intelligence J.McCormick and E.Miller, Jan 2019. ]

Telstra Track and Monitor, tracks and enables you to monitor different types of assets using various technologies.

[text on screen: When the Track and Monitor device is within LTE-M coverage areas or within proximity of the Bluetooth Finding Community (device dependent). Check LTE-M coverage at]

[text on screen: Solar powered devices & LTE-M]

There's a solar powered tracker for high value non powered assets which is compatible with Telstra's Low Power Wide Area Network LTM, that reaches around three million square kilometres of coverage throughout Australia.

[text on screen: Bluetooth devices]

For smaller, low value assets there are Bluetooth devices that use a different technology, covered by the growing Bluetooth finding community and over 3500 Telstra Air pay phones, enabled as hotspots connecting 24/7 app customers, Telstra Locator customers and Track and Monitor app users to provide approximate location updates when a tag is within range.

[text on screen: 3500+ Telstra Air Enabled Payphones and Telstra Air 24/7 App]

Telstra Track and Monitor's web portal and mobile application can deliver asset visibility at a glance and last known approximate location data hosted within a secure onshore software as a service platform.

[text on screen: Internet connection required to view the Telstra Track and Monitor portal. Data charges may apply.]

[text on screen: API integration]

The Telstra Track and Monitor API is included in the solution.

[text on screen: Additional fees may apply for integration of the API into your systems.]

So why not ask us about how you could use the Track and Monitor API with your operational Systems?

[text on screen: Data to support informed business decisions. Manage logistics operations at scale.]

Use this data to support informed business decisions made in the moment enabling you to manage logistics operations at scale.

Telstra Track and Monitor can help your business track moving assets to assist to reduce unnecessary costs and help improve the customer experience.

Try out our ROI calculator and to find out more book a call with one of our IOT experts.

[text on screen: Things you need to know: The track and Monitor device must be located within LTE-M coverage areas or within proximity of the Bluetooth Finding Community (device dependent).

Check LTE-M coverage at:]

Key features

A range of IoT asset tracking devices

Track assets of different sizes and values with enterprise grade devices designed to suit your needs.

Web portal, mobile app or API interface

A secure onshore cloud platform hosts the data, which is then displayed in an intuitive web portal or mobile app with outdoor maps and indoor floor plans. Integrated with your own systems via API.

Powerful Telstra IoT network technologies

Track assets using a range of different Telstra IoT network technologies including Cat-M1/LTE-M, GPS, and your site’s compatible wireless network.

An extensive Telstra Bluetooth network

Enable your workforce to take your Bluetooth network with them via the Telstra Bluetooth Finding Community


Reduce the cost of lost or missing assets

Companies commonly misplace ~3% to 5% of their assets each year. IoT tracking and analytics can contribute directly to your business’ bottom line by reducing such losses.

Turn location data into decisions

Make decisions informed by location data that empower you to manage assets at scale, connect your supply chain data and serve your customers better.

Improve your customer experience

Connect your supply chain to forecast deliveries or transfers, reduce delays to improve efficiency by predicting fleet maintenance.

Enhanced visibility across your supply chain

Track assets on and off site, indoors and outdoors across multiple locations via a single application.

Tracking units and tags

Cat M1

Solar Tracking Unit

$499 (ex. GST) per device

Service: $14.50/month

Finance options: over 12/24/36 months
Network Technology: GPS/CAT M1
Dimensions: 262 mm x 88 mm x 30mm
Tracking Frequency: Up to 1 track per min when moving 1 track per 4 hrs when stationary
Battery: Solar Fixed
Battery life: Up to 4 months per full charge

Get in touch for more information about this product and Telstra Track and Monitor.

Cat M1 & Bluetooth

Cat-M1 Tracking Unit

$199 (ex. GST) per device

Service: $10/month

Network Technology: Cat-M1 (LTE-M) and Bluetooth Community
Dimensions: 114 X 80 X 39mm
Tracking frequency: 1 per day
(Cat-M1) + Proximity to Bluetooth Finding Community
Battery: Replaceable
Battery life: Up to 5 years

Get in touch for more information about this product and Telstra Track and Monitor.

Asset Calculator

What are lost assets costing your business?

Use our Asset Tracking Calculator to help you consider the power of IoT in your business.

It provides a simple estimate of the cost of lost or misplaced assets, and the potential savings you could make using IoT asset trackers.

Use cases

Telstra Track and Monitor provides better asset visibility, easier management and reduced costs. Explore two use cases that are driving the take up of this automated tracking solution.

For CIOs

Lift customers’ supply chain experience

If you are managing increasing numbers of delayed, missing or incorrect asset deliveries, Track and Monitor can help you meet and exceed delivery timelines and quality of service.

For IT Managers and Decision Makers

Lower CAPEX/OPEX costs, improve asset use

If you’re seeing inaccuracies in your asset tracking records, or don’t have the visibility needed for making more informed decisions about your usage of assets.

Telsyte Telstra Track and Monitor studies

Discover how better physical asset management can reduce financial losses and improve business transformation and optimisation with our Telsyte Telstra Track and Monitor Study.

Government and Social Services

Government and social services organisations lose on average seven per cent of assets every year. The cost of that loss averages $42,000 to every single organisation and $441 million across the country.

Supply Chain Industries

Supply chain organisations will lose on average five per cent of assets every year. The cost of that loss averages $105,000 to every single organisation large or small – and $1.6 billion to the industry.

Awards and Recognition for Track & Monitor


IoT Global Awards 2019

Research & development or new launch category


Acomms Awards 2019

Innovation - Large Company


IoT Alliance Awards 2019

Enablement & Industry Impact categories

Downloads and Support Material for Track and Monitor


SCT Logistics logo

SCT Logistics

“SCT Logistics chose Telstra Track and Monitor for the unparalleled IoT network coverage across Australia to deploy Solar charged Cat-M1 trackers on our fleet. It will allow us to locate rail wagons and containers easily, forecast delivery times and analyse data in the moment to deliver efficiencies in our business.”

Sean Atchinson – CIO, SCT Logistics

Why Telstra

IoT-invested for the long haul

When you’re investing in a long-term business case, you need a long-term partner. With a team of IoT specialists, ongoing infrastructure investment, market-leading technology and global partnerships, IoT is at the core of our strategy.

Solution to real challenges around costs, productivity and customer experience

It’s not an IoT solution unless we are solving a real problem or addressing a key priority you face every day. Our solutions are built to integrate into and improve your business processes to help you compete.

Getting started doesn’t have to be complex

It’s simple - you bring the business challenge and we’ll scope the IoT solution. We can help you design, trial, deploy, scale, and manage your IoT solution. We can even offer commercial terms to help with upfront costs.

Getting started

Wanting more information about Telstra Track and Monitor or need support? Get in touch with our teams today to find out more.