Telstra Secure

Monitor and manage your security

Get valuable insights, monitor and manage your alarm panels with an end-to-end solution for your control rooms.

Key features

Simple to install and seamlessly integrating with existing alarm panels, Telstra Secure scales easily and is certified to comply with the Australian Standard for alarm monitoring. And with both wireless and wireline access, get the peace of mind you need with the extra assurance of dual path alarm monitoring.

Flexible options

We offer both wireless and a range of wireline options for monitoring solutions, providing choice and flexibility to get the connectivity that suits your business needs.

High availability

Be sure your business has network availability when you need it with the option of genuine dual path solutions. That means your business has access to two connections over different forms of connection, so alarm panels can automatically connect to a secondary path in case there’s a problem.

Detailed reporting

Keep a close eye on the health of your field devices, extract data and run reports on a wide range of network metrics with our UltraAgent dashboard.


Simple to integrate and nbn™ ready

Our solution is seamlessly compatible with your existing alarm system as well as the nbn™.

Telstra Secure is directly compatible with your existing alarm system.

Easy installation

Our customer premise equipment is a self-contained unit that’s simple to install on your wall.

Get peace of mind

Feel confident in the knowledge that your connection issues won’t go unnoticed.

Rapid response when you need it most

If issues arise, our service team proactively notify you and arrange for it to be seen to.

How it works

If your company has a security control room, Telstra Secure has been specifically designed for you.

Telstra Secure works by retransmitting your alarm panel signal, such as alarms and faults across our secure VPN to the monitoring centre.

The self-contained communicator is mounted on the wall of your control room and is centrally managed by the monitoring centre using our UltraAgent software, which provides full visibility into your network health.

Our solution brings together a wireless data service, client premises equipment such as the UHS UC-331 alarm monitoring communicator, VPN and managed Radius (remote authentication dial-in user service) for simple, secure control.


Why Telstra

Simplifying security management

We make securing your business easy with a bundled range of products, licenses and service features in a range of flexible commercial offerings, so you get the security you want at the right price.

Keep your security tools up-to-date

We invest in security innovation to bring you new platforms for rapid, automated security alerts and management.

Benefit from the best of global technology

Telstra partners with leading security providers to make sure your business gets the best the industry has to offer.

Getting started

Register here and one of our solutions experts will get back to you.

Things you need to know

Telstra Secure requires a Telstra VPN, Managed Radius and a Telstra Secure compatible alarm receiver.

The Telstra Remote Telemetry network requires a Telstra Business IP service.

Telstra Secure equipment installation and activation at end-user premises is the customers’ responsibility.