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Securely connect more things in more places on the Telstra IoT Network - Australia’s largest and underpinned by future-proof, ready-built network technologies for a wide breadth of use cases.


Our range of mobile network technologies address some of your biggest concerns when it comes to deploying IoT solutions, including security, reliability and coverage.

And our Cellular Low Power Wide Area Networks (Cellular LPWANs) deliver additional benefits for scaled deployments around cost, battery life and coverage in challenging locations.

Inbound and outbound roaming agreements offer Global IoT Connectivity via our global partnerships in selected countries. Together with our multiple platform options, this means we can offer global enterprises the ability to scale their solutions into Australia with the benefits of a local SIM profile.

Key features of mobile network technologies

Largest IoT Network

Around 3 million sq km LTE-M coverage and around 4 million sq km NB-IoT coverage.

Roadmap for the future

Our mobile network is built using global 3GPP standards, creating a roadmap for the future, backed by many of the world’s leading operators and manufacturers.

Ready to go today

Our coverage is ready to go today to enable rapid solution deployment without the need for you to invest in additional infrastructure

Reliable mobile network

Our mobile network, built to connect millions of devices, is reliable compared with proprietary technologies due to 3GPP standards and licensed spectrum that is capacity managed.

Carrier grade security

Telstra’s IoT network is built upon a security framework comparable with existing 4G carrier grade standards.

Range of technologies

A range of network technologies to connect a range of use cases. You can scale up for more bandwidth and mobility, or scale down to optimise battery life and costs.

Benefits of Cellular LPWANs

Making IoT at scale accessible

LTE-M and NB-IoT have many of the features of mobile technologies, but with new advantages that are specific to scaled IoT deployments.

Reduced cost

Cost efficient devices and lower ongoing costs.

Massive scale

A network built to support millions of devices.

Better coverage

Extended coverage and depth (in-building and sub-surface areas) to reach challenging locations in selected areas.

Extended battery life

Low power operation for compatible IoT devices means battery life is measured in years rather than hours and days.

Future assured

Coexists with 5G, a long-term priority for Telstra.

Learn more about the Telstra IoT Network

Telstra’s LTE-M and NB-IoT Coverage map
Discover the extent of our LTE-M and NB-IoT coverage and check if locations relevant to your business are covered.
3G and 4G coverage map
For IoT solutions requiring higher bandwidth, check coverage of 3G and 4G.
For coverage in the most remote locations with limited to no network coverage, Telstra Satellite is the answer.
Telstra’s Bluetooth Finding Community map
Discover the reach of our Bluetooth Finding Community to help find the things that are most important to you.
Optimising routes and keeping drivers safe with Linfox
Linfox relies on IoT Telstra’s network to deliver advanced transport and logistics data and quality benchmarking information which helps enhance public and driver safety, optimise routes and save fuel.
Asset tracking at scale on The Telstra IoT Network
Telstra is using LTE-M to support a solar-powered asset location tracking solution that enables manufacturers and distributors to see the last known approximate location of their fleet of moving assets.

Water Management on the Telstra IoT Network

Learn how Sydney Water is leveraging water management solutions on NB-IoT to become more customer centric.

[Title] Leveraging IoT to become more customer centric

Sydney Water at Telstra Vantage 2019

Sydney Water supplies water and waste water services to the greater Sydney population including the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. About 20 billion dollars worth of assets a thousand pumping stations, 250 reservoirs, 25,000 kilometres of

waste water pipe, 21,000 kilometres of water network and about four and a half to five million customers.

So the 21,000 kilometres of pipe work pretty much we rely on customers to tell us when something goes wrong and the same with a waste water network. So, the first that we were going to know about that is when a customer rings in and tells us something has gone pear shaped. The opportunity for us was really to be more customer centric and to get ahead of the event.

We tried 17 different vendors, five different solutions, five different wide area networks until we landed on the one that we were comfortable with. When we'd done enough trialling to be comfortable, we picked the technologies that had actually done best out of it. Telstra gave us a platform at zero cost for us to try out technologies which was a real spring starter for us.

From the scalability point of view, one of the reasons we chose the Telstra platform as it happens was because it's scalable. The thing we've been most pleasantly surprised about is the connectivity within the IoT. So, it's been significantly better than we expected and it allows us to expand much more rapidly than having to build out our own network. So major plus we've got an end to end technology platform that we can use immediately. And so far, the tangible benefits we're seeing are the knowledge about things that we didn't know about previously. So, we've had it in the sewers to try and stop environmental overflows, and the environmental overflows detected 23 already it's been in nine months, so it's an immediate win. It's all about either an outcome for the environment, for the customer, or for our staff and for all of those IoT and the technology that's available at low price, low bandwidth is perfect for us.

Demonstrating the benefits for a customer perspective has been what it's all about, it's moving from an asset centric organisation really to customers centric organisation. What we're expecting is certainly digital metering and opportunity to change customer usage patterns. We've worked with Telstra for 25 years for communications on our SCADA network and this was a natural extension really of that relationship. Our next stage is to scale it up. So, we started with five hundred devices we're in the process of rolling out 10,000 and once we get the benefits from that it'll be millions.

Our customers


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"IoT development relies on the right connectivity to link and share data from the growing and increasingly diverse array of IoT devices being deployed by enterprises and their public sector partners"

OVUM (2019 Trends to Watch in IoT)

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"New and innovative solutions like IoT, using our 3.5 million square kilometres of NB-IoT network coverage, makes intelligent sensing possible, with benefits for individual customers and water utilities – like detecting pressure drops from blockages or leaks in water infrastructure and more detailed usage and consumption information."

Gerhard Loots, Global IoT Solutions Executive

Accreditation's and Partnerships

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IoT World Alliance®

The IoT World Alliance ® is a global partnership of telecommunications providers dedicated to enabling our multinational customers seamless IoT device connectivity around the world.

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IoT Alliance Australia

IoTAA is the peak industry body representing IoT in Australia. We see a thriving future for Australia and the world by connecting data, devices, people, processes and things to the Internet. It helps people make better and more informed decisions to get the best possible outcomes and ultimately helps boost Australia’s future success, productivity, competitiveness, jobs and the economy.


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GSMA IoT Security Champion Award

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Systemic 2018 Mobile award

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Innovate with confidence on the Telstra IoT Network

Securely connect more things in more places on the Telstra IoT Network - Australia’s largest – with a range of future-proof, ready-built network technologies for a range of use cases.

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We have IoT expertise, capability and partner ecosystem you need to succeed in IoT. Our solutions are made up of high performing devices, connectivity, platforms, security, and professional services under one.

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