Telstra IoT Platform from Cumulocity

Better business intelligence

Turn ordinary things into connected things and data into actionable insights with Telstra's IoT platform from Cumulocity.

Manage your solutions

Cumulocity puts you in control of your IoT solutions, giving you visibility and intelligence that has the power to transform how you do business. An online dashboard of tools and data feeds, Cumulocity is a one-stop IoT platform for device management, data collection, data visualisation, application development and runtime analytics.

Key Features

Insights at the click of a button

Get control and visibility over compatible devices and insights in an intuitive dashboard. Display key metrics and details, and get near real-time web or mobile alarms.

Highly reliable

Underpinned by a 99.95% availability target, the platform offers redundancy, providing stable and more secure storage for your valuable device data.

Flexible and scalable

Customise your platform from a range of plans, features and scale as needed. Our PAYG option allows you to build applications or buy and download pre-built ones.

Customise your insights

Application add-ons and custom rules options make data relevant and actionable. Easily integrate with compatible CRM, ERP and other IT applications

In control anywhere

Access the platform from any compatible device connected to the internet and you can control and monitor who has access to which applications.


Faster, more reliable operations give better business results

Visibility of data empowers informed decision-making to help speed up processes, reduce costs, improve productivity and lift the customer experience.

Maximise ICT resources

Reduce spending by moving to the cloud, only paying for what you use and focusing on IoT innovation, not on IoT platform development, hosting and maintenance.

Streamline business operations

Bring your business together more easily and quickly to share information through advanced platform integration capabilities.

Learn more about Cumulocity

Cumulocity Datasheet

Discover more features and benefits of Cumulocity.

Cumulocity User Guide

Get your platform up and running with our user guide.

Conserving water with IoT

Learn how Telstra’s IOT Water management solution is helping Western Australia’s Busselton Water monitor, manage and save water.

Why Telstra

Solutions to real challenges around costs, productivity and customer experience

It’s not an IoT solution unless we are solving a real problem or addressing a key priority you face every day. Our solutions are built to integrate into and improve your business processes to help you compete.

We bring expertise and end-to-end capabilities so you don’t have to

We have the IoT expertise, capability and partner ecosystem you need to succeed in IoT. Our solutions are made up of high performing devices, connectivity, platforms, security, and professional services under one roof.

Innovate with confidence on the Telstra IoT Network

Securely connect more things in more places on the Telstra IoT Network - Australia’s largest – with a range of future-proof, ready-built network technologies for a range of use cases.

Getting started

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