Conserving water with IoT: our partnership with Busselton Water and Software AG

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We’re trialing an innovative water management solution in collaboration with Software AG and Western Australia’s Busselton Water, using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and an analytics solution to monitor and manage water across the Busselton area of WA, saving water while simultaneously lowering operating costs.

Water is a scarce resource, and conserving it wherever possible is a constant process of research and development. New and innovative solutions like IoT, using our 3.5 million square kilometres of NB-IoT network coverage, makes intelligent sensing possible, with benefits for individual customers and water utilities – like detecting pressure drops from blockages or leaks in water infrastructure and more detailed usage and consumption information.

Our partnership with Software AG, starting with a proof-of-concept trial with Busselton Water in Western Australia, will use our IoT platform and Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT Solution Accelerator for Water Management to provide utilities companies a quick way to gain insights from meter data and help minimise the cost of water supply. Given that Busselton Water is already using radio frequency monitoring for its over 26,000 customers in the region, they are well placed to test this innovative water management system.

The solution collects available sensor data like pressure, consumption, and alerts such as pressure drops from a new generation of digital water meters managed via Telstra’s IoT platform and the Cumulocity IoT Accelerator running in the cloud. The solution offers off-the-shelf tools for monitoring and managing all this data, and dashboards provide users with near real-time full state-of-play at any given time.

Utilities can add customizable tools and water utility specific dashboards to monitor other data metrics such as aggregated consumption over time, min/max/average flow and trend analysis, as well as peak and non-peak consumption. We will offer the solution to water utilities around Australia either as a standalone product or as part of our IoT for Intelligent Utilities package.

We are very excited to use our deep expertise and relationships in the water industry and technology partnerships to build a solution that meets the specific requirements of water utilities. By adding insight to the data our utilities collect, our solutions will help save water and improve services for customers.