One number, two devices.

Telstra One Number lets you share your mobile number with your compatible smart watch. So you can use it to call, text and stream music without having to carry your phone with you. Add it to your plan for just $5 month-to-month.

Telstra One Number is not available on any Telstra Upfront Mobile plan.

How to get Telstra One Number

  • Ensure you have the correct devices

    You’ll need a compatible phone on a Telstra mobile plan and a compatible smart watch.

    See compatible phones

    See compatible watches

  • Get a Telstra One Number

    Log into the My Telstra app using your Telstra ID and activate Telstra One Number for your service in the 'Extras' tab.

    Get a Telstra ID

  • Pair your watch to your phone.

    Pair an Apple Watch with an iPhone
    Open the Watch app on your iPhone. Turn Bluetooth on and pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone.

    Pair a Galaxy Watch with a Samsung phone
    Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your Samsung phone. Select your watch from the list of devices and pair your Galaxy watch to your Samsung phone.

  • Confirm your Telstra One Number during setup
    When prompted during setup, confirm your Telstra One Number subscription and your watch will automatically connect to our network.

    Are you a Small Business? Get a Telstra One Number

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