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At Telstra, we believe that technology has the power to do wonders – for the world, and for your business.

In every market and every sector, technology is changing faster than at any point in history. With increasing complexity, speed of disruption and rising customer expectations, businesses are under pressure to be better (and faster) than ever before.

It's challenging. But with the power of technology, we see opportunities.

Our global footprint

Telstra’s heritage is proudly Australian, but we have a longstanding international business with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Today, we have approximately 3,500 employees based in 20 countries outside of Australia, with a significant headcount in Asia, providing services to thousands of business, government, carrier and OTT customers.

South Asia

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North Asia

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Our 3 teleports reach more than 60 satellites and cover two-thirds of the globe

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We have deployed over 250k network endpoints over the past 10 years
Through Telstra Ventures, we have invested in over 60 companies since 2011

International leadership team

The Telstra international leadership team is proud to be part of one of the leading technology companies in the Asia Pacific region. Our experts combine decades of experience and work together to ensure Telstra can deliver the best solutions wherever you are, wherever you need them.

Oliver Camplin-Warner

Head of International

Paul Abfalter

Head of North Asia & Global Wholesale

Marjet Andriesse

Managing Director APAC

Nicholas Collins

President of Americas

Matt Williams

Managing Director EMEA

John Sullivan

Head of Wholesale Voice

Wayne Lotter

Head of Service Management & Delivery

Ben Vella

Head of Enterprise Customer Hub

Reagan Barry

Head of Commercial Enablement & Transformation

Our Capabilities

Global Network

Telstra global network includes an interest in more than 26 cable systems spanning more than 400,000 kilometres and facilitating access to more than 2,000 points of presence around the world. We have access to the most intra-Asia lit capacity, making our network one of the largest in the region. We also have access to multiple cable landing stations, including in China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines and South Korea.

Data Centres

We have 58 data centres globally, and in total we have more than 450,000 square feet of data centre space. This represents the largest integrated data centre footprint in Asia Pacific region, with sites in a number of markets, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.

Satellite Stations

We have satellite facilities in Hong Kong and Australia that can access Pacific and Indian Ocean region satellites, reaching two-thirds of the world’s surface.

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Doing business in China

As the first foreign company licensed to provide connectivity and network services on the mainland through our PBS joint venture, we have decades of experience helping customers thrive in China.

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Telstra Ventures

Telstra Ventures is Australia’s largest Venture Capital fund and in almost a decade has invested over US$350 million in 60+ companies, generated more than US$200+ million in revenue for their portfolio companies and managed 17 liquidity events.

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Telstra Health

Telstra Health is the largest Australian-based provider of software for healthcare providers and funders. Our vision is to be the leading provider of digital health solutions that shape a connected future for healthcare.

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