Let’s create progress, together

In this fast-moving world, we strongly believe in the benefits of embracing change and an enterprising mindset. Our world-class network, local team of experts, and global strategic partnerships can help you seize the opportunities that technology provides.

Together, we can work to continually ensure that your business thrives in a brilliantly connected future.

Turning friction into innovation

At Telstra Enterprise, we’re proud to be working closely with some of Australia’s most enterprising organisations. Enabled by our expertise, experience, and technology, we’re helping them change the way they do business for their communities, employees, and customers - and to improve their bottom line.

And when the waves of disruption in the business landscape have settled, we’ll find ourselves in a state that’s the “new normal.” A digitally enabled, more flexible, more human-centric, and more daring place - where organisations that are bold and forward-thinking will thrive and rise above the competition.

Helping Sydney Water manage their vast network of pipes and assets with IoT

Save 65 million litres of water every year - a goal that Sydney Water is working to achieve with the help of our four million-sqkm NB-IoT network coverage and an innovative Water Management solution.

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Improving student engagement with mixed-reality technology

The University of Queensland harnesses the power of augmented reality to provide an enhanced learning experience and improve student outcomes.

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Bringing it all together

Telstra’s range of products and services is immense allowing us to provide end-to-end solutions across the full value stack - helping our customers realise their business imperatives/goals.

Telstra brings together a powerful combination of people, knowledge, skill, technology, partnerships with infrastructure to deliver end-to-end solutions for you across the full value stack. And it’s this unique combination that helps you shape, define, and realise your business vision.

World-class Network

We are building Australia’s largest, fastest, safest, smartest, and most reliable next-generation network to keep business and government connected and empower them to grow further.

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World-class Expertise

We are the partner of choice in Australia for some of the world’s leading tech companies, like Apple and Microsoft. We have a relationship with 90% of Australia’s ASX200, and over 2,000 tech experts ready to collaborate closely with our customers to achieve their business goals.

World-class Capability

We bring end-to-end services that span today’s multi-cloud environments, technologies, devices, and networks, with the performance and cyber security that our customers need to confidently reimagine business and transform user experiences.

Shaping today and tomorrow, together

A heritage of excellence

Our heritage is proudly Australian, with a long-standing international business and a strong commitment to the Asia-Pacific region.

We look to the future to inspire our purpose, inspired by our history of excellence to create and deliver the best experiences for our customers.

Collaboration at every level

From day one of our partnership with customers, we bring in the collaborative spirit of Telstra Purple to design, deliver, and manage your solution end-to-end. Working closely together every step of the way ensures that your organisation is.

People you can rely on

Draw on the experience of our global professionals and business partners to design, build and manage complete integrated solutions.

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