Based on national average mobile speeds

The Telstra Mobile Network is Australia’s fastest, largest and most reliable mobile network

Australia’s fastest mobile network

Fastest based on average national speed


Telstra 4G

Telstra 4G gives you faster streaming and less buffering in more places, delivering a better video experience, with typical download speeds of 2Mbps – 50Mbps (available to 4G devices) across an area that has the largest 4G coverage of any mobile network in Australia. Outside 4G areas, you will switch to our fastest available 3G speeds.

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Telstra 4GX

Telstra 4GX brings you the fastest 4G speeds on your 4GX device in Australia, up to two times as fast as our regular 4G on a compatible mobile device in a 4GX area. Which means faster downloads, streaming and browsing.

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Telstra 4G


Australia’s largest mobile network

Get more bars in more places with Australia’s largest mobile network covering more than 2.4 million square kilometres, so you can do more on the go.

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largest network

Australia’s most reliable mobile network

Trust Telstra to connect you with the people and things you love and get the most out of your busy lifestyle. With more than 8,200 mobile coverage sites nationwide, the Telstra Mobile Network has fewer dead spots and drop outs and works better in more places – such as in buildings – than any other Australian mobile network.


Committed to always being the best

We’re focused on bringing you brilliant experiences on our mobile network.  Some great things you can look forward to:

  • Ultra-fast 1Gbps mobile network speed capabilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBD’s in 2016.
  • Expanding 4G coverage from 96% of the Australian population today to 99% of the Australian population by June 2017. 
  • Cutting-edge technologies like Voice over Wi-Fi that hands your call between our mobile network and a Wi-Fi network to give you better indoor coverage. Set to launch by mid-2016. 
  • Next generation in video calls – Video over LTE – launching later this year.
  • Rolling out of LTE-Broadcast (LTE-B) technology that will make it possible to receive high-quality video broadcasts on your mobile – even in crowded spaces like sporting stadiums.


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