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More coverage in more places

Enjoy peace of mind on Australia's largest mobile network, with greater reliability and faster speeds in more places.

Why do more people choose us?

Australia's largest 5G network

We've built Australia's first and largest 5G network and it's rapidly growing. 5G is now rolling out in selected areas on selected plans.

Most reliable network

With 4G across 99.5% of the population, in over 1600 4G Australian towns and communities, we have the most reliable network in Australia.

Best coverage

We cover more than 2.7 million square kilometres - that's around 1 million square kilometres more than any other mobile network.

We're closing 3G in mid-2024. Find out more

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Best mobiles, best network.

Stay connected to everything you love, with the latest phones on Australia’s best network.


Fast, reliable home internet.

Connect straight out of the box, and stay connected with Telstra Smart Modem's 4G mobile backup.

Small business

Work, wherever it takes you.

Our network covers more of Australia so you can connect with customers and work on the go.


Extend your coverage

Our network coverage extension devices can maximize your regional, rural and inbuilding coverage.

More about our network

What is 5G?

Discover 5G, the next generation in mobile technology.


The fastest 4G speeds in Australia on a compatible mobile device in a 4GX area.

Black Spot Program

Delivering high speed internet to over 780 rural communities across Australia. 

Regional service

Explore our range of products and services designed to suit the needs of rural and regional  Australians.

Improving coverage in so many ways

1M hotspots have free Wi-Fi data

Welcome to free Telstra Wi-Fi offering 1 million free Wi-Fi hotspots Australia-wide and millions more overseas.

Blue Tick, better coverage

If you see a phone accompanied by the Blue Tick symbol, that means it has better mobile coverage. Recommended if you live in regional Australia.

Extending your coverage

Have you tried our Smart Troubleshooting tips to improve your coverage? If you still need extra coverage, an extension device might be your answer.  

The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4G in all capital CBDs, most suburban areas and in over 1,600 regional towns across Australia. You’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 3G in other coverage areas around Australia.

The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4GX in all capital CBDs and selected suburban and regional areas and is progressively rolling out to more places. In other coverage areas around Australia, you’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 4G or 3G.

Speeds may vary due to factors such as location, distance from the base station, local conditions, concurrent users, hardware and software configuration and download/upload destination. To check current coverage in a given area, see our coverage maps.

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