Network coverage extension devices

Telstra GO Repeater Bull Bar Antenna Bundle

Ideal for vehicles with bullbars such as four-wheel drives, commercial vehicles and trucks. This antenna gives you greater range, clearer mobile calls and better data connection in a moving vehicle. You can use it with multiple devices. Bundle includes mobile repeater, 12-volt power cable, cables, and mounting accessories.  

Telstra GO Repeater Panel Antenna Bundle

Designed for mounting indoors, this repeater panel antenna improves voice call quality and data connection for smartphones and mobile broadband devices. The bundle includes stationary repeater, power supply, 10m cable and mounting  accessories. Requires professional installation.  

Telstra GO Repeater Yagi Antenna Bundle

Designed to be mounted outdoors, this antenna helps overcome signal loss in challenging terrain. It can improve voice quality and data performance on mobile devices, as well as point-to-point communications in RF control. The bundle includes stationary repeater, power supply, cable and mounting accessories. Requires professional installation. 

Telstra GO Mobile Smart Signal Vehicle Repeater

The Telstra GO is a mobile repeater device that maximises coverage for better voice and data connectivity and quality for moving vehicles.

Telstra Go Stationary Repeater

The Telstra GO stationery repeater maximises indoor coverage.

Professional installation is recommended to achieve an optimal result. A Site Survey fee will apply. See details within product request link.

Telstra Smart Antenna® 4G

The Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna® 4G is a device that extends indoor coverage for Telstra 3G and 4G/4GX mobile or mobile broadband services, on Telstra Mobile Network. It comes in two parts. One part is sited near a window or other indoor area that has some coverage, and this then relays the signal to the second part located in a poor or no coverage area to extend the coverage into that area. 
The Telstra Smart Antenna may benefit from an external antenna, chat to our team for expert advice.

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Depending on device capability and available coverage, network coverage extension devices can improve 3G and 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network. Not all network coverage extension devices allow direct connection to the handset or broadband device. External antenna accessories are only available for selected handset and broadband models. Please refer to the device manufacturer for specifications or visit a Telstra shop for assistance.


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