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Extend your coverage, improve your experience.

Need to boost your connection out there? Add an external antenna and get maximum coverage, clearer voice and faster data performance in rural and regional areas.

How do external antennas boost your coverage?

External antennas connect to your phone or broadband device and amplify the network signal where coverage is patchy.

While most mobile phones and broadband devices have built-in antennas, their size and their performance is limited by the size of the device.

External antennas are larger and more powerful. They can dramatically improve your coverage, allowing you to connect to the Telstra network from further away than normally possible, or in hilly or dense tree-covered terrain.

Choose the right antenna for the best result

Our range of external antennas and repeaters will boost your connection, inside or out.

Telstra Smart Antenna

The Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna®4G is designed to extend indoor coverage for Telstra 3G and 4G/4GX mobile or mobile broadband services, in Telstra Mobile network coverage areas. Simply connect your Smart Antenna 4G device and find a spot to make calls.


Telstra Go Repeater

The Telstra Go Repeater is designed to dramatically boost voice quality and increase data speeds for moving vehicle and building applications. Both the Portable and Stationary Repeaters have been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the Telstra Mobile Network.


Low to Medium gain antennas

Low Gain (0-2.5dBi) antennas are ultra-portable and designed to boost signal strength in good coverage areas. They transmit equally in all directions including vertically, making them ideal for built up metropolitan areas and regional centres.

Medium Gain (3-5dBi) antennas boost signal strength for voice and data devices within buildings, and in fringe coverage areas of the network. They focus the signal towards the horizon and are ideal for areas where the terrain is moderately hilly and base stations are further apart.


High Gain Antennas

These powerful 5-9dBi rated antennas can significantly boost the signal range for cars, homes and businesses in remote areas with patchy reception or nearby reception. High gain antennas are omni-directional and need to be mounted on the outside of your vehicle or building. They are ideal for flat or moderately hilly country where base stations are sparse, and for boosting coverage along major highways. They are not suitable if there’s no reception at all in the vicinity.


Very High Gain Antennas

Very High Gain antennas are directional, which means they are very effective at boosting your signal range when pointed directly at a mobile phone base station. Directional antennas can dramatically improve your voice and data performance if you’re on the outer limits of the mobile coverage map, or you just have average reception in your region. They must be mounted on poles or high buildings - the higher the better - and aimed exactly at the base station. They are not suitable for vehicles.




Contact us to discuss which antenna could boost your coverage

Visit your local Telstra shop for help choosing and installing the right antenna for your location.

  • Residential customers: call 132200
  • Business customers: call 132000
  • Account Managed customers: contact your account executive