What influences your network coverage?

Like any mobile network, coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network depends on where you are, the mobile handset, tablet or mobile broadband device you’re using, and whether an external antenna can be attached. It’s important to understand that different devices have different capabilities.

There are some important factors to consider when choosing a mobile device and any accessories:

  • Where you’ll be using your device – regional areas, rural areas, or metropolitan areas out-at-sea or indoors; and
  • Whether you’ll be using it:
    • in handheld mode
    • with a car kit and an external antenna; or
    • with a patch cable and an external antenna.
  • Obstructions – such as buildings, vehicles, trees, hills and building materials – can all reduce signal.

How do network coverage extension devices maximise your coverage?

Network coverage extension devices amplify the network signal your mobile device receives, which extends the area that your device can work in.

These devices can help you connect to the Telstra Mobile Network from further away than normally possible, or in areas where signal may struggle to penetrate – such as indoors, or in hilly or dense terrain.

Choosing the right network coverage extension device

Wireless network coverage extension devices, such as the Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna and Telstra Go, are also known as ‘repeaters’ as they repeat the signal from one location to another.

In contrast, network coverage extension devices that connect directly to a mobile device are often called external antennas. They are described by their power or ‘gain’, which is a measure of how much they can amplify the mobile signal.

Both of the Telstra Go Repeater and Telstra Smart Antenna products below have been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the Telstra Mobile Network.

Telstra will be switching off 3G in 2024. After switch off these devices will continue to operate but only with 4G (700 MHZ, 1800 MHz) Find out more


  Telstra Smart Antenna Telstra Go Mobile Smart Signal
Vehicle Repeater
Telstra Go Repeater
3G Yes Yes Yes
4G Yes Yes Yes
Stationary/indoor Yes No Yes
Vehicle No Yes No
Needs external antenna No (unless required) Yes (includes magnetic mount antenna) Yes
Can be mounted on vehicle No Yes No
Professional Installation recommended* No (but can be provided if required) Yes Yes
Optimal signal strength Requires existing minimal signal. Requires existing minimal signal. Reception only required outdoors.
RRP $1080 $864* $816

*Professional installation may require additional charges

Network coverage extension devices


Telstra Go Mobile Smart Signal Vehicle Repeater

The Telstra Go is a mobile repeater device that maximises coverage for better voice and data connectivity and quality for moving vehicles.

Professional installation recommended. Or Click here for Self Installation instructions.

Telstra Go Stationary Repeater

The Telstra Go stationery repeater maximises indoor coverage.

Professional installation is recommended to achieve an optimal result. A Site Survey fee will apply. See details within product request link.


Telstra Smart Antenna® 4G

The Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna® 4G is a device that extends indoor coverage for Telstra 3G and 4G/4GX mobile or mobile broadband services, on Telstra Mobile Network. It comes in two parts. One part is sited near a window or other indoor area that has some coverage, and this then relays the signal to the second part located in a poor or no coverage area to extend the coverage into that area. 
The Telstra Smart Antenna may benefit from an external antenna, chat to our team for expert advice.

External antenna types and uses


Medium gain antennas

Medium gain (3-5dBi) and high gain (5-9dBi) antennas maximise signal strength for voice and data devices within buildings and in fringe coverage areas of the mobile network. Although they are omni-directional, they achieve more gain by being more narrowly focused towards the horizon and are ideal for areas where the terrain is hilly and base stations are further apart. They can be mounted on both buildings and vehicles (including boats).

Medium gain antennas are smaller, lighter and easier to mount than higher gain antennas and so may be favored for use in areas where coverage is patchy. For remote areas or to maximise the coverage for vehicles and boats, higher gain versions are suited best. Coverage still needs to be present somewhere in the vicinity for these to be effective.


Very High Gain Antennas

Very high gain antennas are directional, which means they are effective at maximising your signal range when pointed directly at the mobile base station that provides the strongest signal in the area. Directional antennas can significantly improve your voice and data performance if you’re on the outer limits of the mobile coverage map, or you just have average reception in your region. They must be mounted on poles or high buildings - the higher the better – and aimed exactly at the best base station. They are not suitable for vehicles.

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