Extending our coverage to even more communities

As part of our commitment to regional Australia, we're excited to bring high-speed mobile internet to even more communities around the country as part of the Mobile Black Spot Program.

Where is my closest Black Spot site?

What is the Mobile Black Spot Program?

The Federal Government's Mobile Black Spot Program is one of the largest ever expansions of mobile coverage in regional and remote Australia. Areas which will receive new mobile network coverage have been announced in multiple rounds since 2015, starting with Round 1, and most recently with Round 5 announced in April 2020.

After this latest 5th round of the Mobile Black Spot Program is completed, Telstra will have invested up to $290 million and built over 880 new sites to improve coverage for regional areas around the country – more than 2/3rd of the total 1229 sites co-funded by Government under the Program since 2015.


What is MBSP

Mobile Black Spot

What the Mobile Black Spot Program means for Australians?

This program will deliver mobile coverage to a large number of regional and remote communities who, for the first time, will be able to access fast mobile voice and data services. The improved coverage is increasing access to new technologies for key regional sectors like agriculture, transport, mining and tourism – technologies which rely on a fast, reliable and affordable mobile network.

Who’s funding the Mobile Black Spot Program?

The Mobile Black Spot Program builds upon significant investments already undertaken by Telstra to expand and upgrade our mobile network.

Our partnership with the Federal Government will involve Telstra investing up to $290 million of our own funds to build over 880 new sites under all rounds of the Mobile Black Spot Program. This is over and above the billions of dollars we have spent on our mobile network in recent years.

We’ve worked with State and Local Governments, to attract tens of millions of dollars in additional targeted funding. This means we’re able to deliver a combined investment of over $640 million for regional telecommunications under the program.

funding for Mobile blackspot

Our commitment to regional Australia

Our commitment to regional Australia

Telstra is committed to providing improved mobile coverage to regional and remote Australia.  In the five years to end June 2020, Telstra invested $7.5bn in our mobile network nationally with $3bn of that invested in regional areas alone.

In addition to the Mobile Black Spot Program, Telstra has also delivered over 200 small cells in selected areas where appropriate infrastructure is available, which will bring high speed 4G data services to small country towns.

Telstra continues to invest significantly in maintaining and expanding our mobile network across Australia.