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We’ve been supporting our rural and regional customers for years, and that’s not about to change.

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We’re committed to improving telecommunications for your local community.
That’s why we offer a range of products and services to suit the specific needs of rural and regional Australians.

We are closing 3G in mid-2024. For more information

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We can help you solve some issues online or over the phone.

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Blue Tick handsets for rural areas

For the best possible voice coverage in regional and rural locations, choose a mobile phone with our ‘Blue Tick’.

Extend your coverage

Our network coverage extension devices can maximise your regional and rural as well as in-building coverage.


No fixed broadband?
No problem

Our new month-to-month mobile broadband plans are perfect for households without access to fixed broadband. 


Connect with Next G™ Wireless Link

Get a voice, fax and internet service for your home or business, for the price of a standard Telstra fixed line voice service.

For details call 1800 696 495

Satellite Mobile

In remote areas, a phone is a lifeline. So Telstra's Mobile Satellite network provides coverage you can rely on. To find out more call 1800 632 995, 8am – 9pm local time.

Mobile Blackspot Program

Telstra is rolling out more than 780 new mobile sites across rural and regional Australia under the Mobile Black Spot Program, representing a Telstra investment of $ 280 million, more than double the commitment of all the other carriers combined.

Troubleshooting and reporting a coverage problem

Before completing the form, please perform these basic troubleshooting checks.

If the coverage problem persists you can report it via the link below so that it can be considered in our future network planning. You may also benefit from a coverage extension device.

Reaching further with new 4GX-lite

4GX-lite provides a new cost effective solution to extend coverage in rural and remote Australia.

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Customer Service Guarantee

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Service Status

Check for events or maintenance activities impacting your service, and view troubleshooting guides.

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Crowd Support

Find answers to common questions about your Telstra products and services.

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For general enquiries, please call us on 13 2200. Or contact your local Regional General Manager (RGM).

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