Regional services

Regional and remote customer support

If you're experiencing issues with your coverage, need to troubleshoot your services, or find information specific to regional customers, here's everything you need to know.

Improve mobile coverage

Network extension

Extend your mobile coverage in low reception areas using our network coverage extension devices.

Our coverage

Check what mobile coverage is available in your area.

Blue Tick handsets

For the best possible voice coverage in regional locations, choose a mobile phone with our 'Blue Tick'.

Boost Wi-Fi coverage

Enjoy a better home or office internet experience with our Wi-Fi solutions and tips to help improve your Wi-fi setup.

Troubleshooting your Telstra services

Help and support

All the answers you need to set up, manage, and troubleshoot your Telstra services.

Smart troubleshooting

Sign in with your Telstra ID to use our smart troubleshooting tool. It'll help you diagnose and resolve technical issues with Telstra services.

Disaster preparation and assistance packages

Before and during any disaster, we're here for you.

Regional solutions

Telstra Mobile Satellite

Stay connected using handsets or data services, while travelling in remote locations using the Iridium Satellite network.

Satellite small cells

A Small Cell or Satellite Small Cell can deliver mobile network access to people living and working in remote areas of Australia.

Our IoT network and solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) makes it easier to monitor and control devices, machinery and equipment.

Regional support

Improve coverage in your home or local community

Find out how we can help improve mobile network coverage within your home and local community.

Invite a network expert to your next event

Invite us to your next event to discuss your community's network needs.

Contact our regional team

You can find contact information for your local Telstra team here.

Manage services online FAQ

You can pay your bill from the payments tab in My Telstra, or online.

You can top up your Pre-Paid mobile in the services tab of My Telstra or online.

You can find all the information you need to activate your Pre-Paid or post paid mobile services here.

Request a replacement SIM card in the services tab of My Telstra or online.

You can register a Telstra ID by creating a username and password that you can use to sign in to a range of Telstra apps and services.

Need more help?

My Telstra app

Manage your services on the go and send a message if you need.

Fix an issue

Our smart troubleshooting tool can help you diagnose and resolve technical issues with Telstra services.


Find the answers on our support pages.

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For general enquiries, please call us on 13 2200. Or contact your Regional Australia local team.