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Find out what you need to do to prepare for and keep you connected through a major disaster event.

How to prepare for a disaster event

In Australia, extreme weather events such as bushfires, cyclones and floods are becoming more frequent and more intense, so being prepared for a disaster is critical.   

Having an emergency plan in place before a disaster happens is important and having the right gear which can help you stay in touch is a must. 

You may also consider having some portable equipment, like a satellite phone or alternative charger on hand if you live in a regional area or other location that’s prone to natural disasters.  

Get tips on how to prepare and stay connected during a natural disaster

Helping keep you connected during the disaster

Check for service outages in your area

Find information on network outages in your area and estimated fix times.

Free calls and Wi-Fi at our payphones

All calls from our payphones to standard local, national and mobile numbers in Australia are free.

You can also get free Wi-Fi at payphones equipped with free Telstra Wi-Fi.

Disaster support

Whether it's a temporary interruption to your service and you need immediate support or if you're recovering from a disaster, we can support you.

Find out more about:

Register for 25GB data and free call bundles

Immediate support during a disaster

To help you stay in touch if you've had to leave your premises due to a disaster, we'll give you:

Register for $500 credit for fixed home phone

Support during disaster recovery

If you've suffered severe damage or loss of your home or business premises and need to relocate, we can help keep you connected by

Payment assistance

If you're experiencing financial difficulty because of a disaster, we have a range of financial support options to help you. Read more about our payment assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Disaster support is offered based on impacted locations. If you've got a mobile service with us, you'll receive an SMS advising you of your eligibility. Announcements are also made locally in impacted areas.

Message us or call us on 1800 888 888 and we'll connect you with Telstra Response Team who can offer you disaster support.

Contact us on 1800 888 888 to discuss other options.

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Rural and regional

When you're living in some of Australia's most remote areas, staying connected can be a matter of life and death. 

Priority Assistance

If you depend on a functioning home phone due to a life-threatening medical condition, we prioritise the repair.

Helping you when times are tough

Depending on your level of urgency, we have flexible options that can help keep you connected.

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