Rural and regional services

Creating stronger connections

Living and working in rural and regional Australia connects you to the land in a special way. Discover what Telstra is doing to make sure you have the coverage you need to connect reliably to the rest of Australia.


What we're doing for regional Australia

It shouldn't matter where you live or what you do. When it comes to working remotely, learning, streaming entertainment and sports or simply keeping in touch, good coverage and a reliable connection are essential. That's where we come in.

A lady standing in a paddock looking at her mobile phone

Investing in you

We're investing heavily so we can build and upgrade regional mobile infrastructure. How will we get there? By co-investing with the Federal Government on projects like the Regional Connectivity Program and Mobile Blackspot Program.

Every Australian community should benefit from the digital economy.

Our joint funding initiatives with federal and state governments are dedicated to improving networks for people like you who live, work and study in rural areas.

Connecting you

Expanding our network means better connectivity. Across all the tech you need to live and work in regional Australia. And with your personalised support crew (that's us) who are dedicated to making sure you stay connected.

We'll continue to work hard on improving coverage to the most remote areas.

Mobile blackspot program

Covering more communities

Healthcare to education to business to entertainment, connectivity touches on every aspect of our lives.

Supporting you

Support takes many forms. It's expert advice to ensure you receive the right service and devices. It's a helping hand in times of crisis. And it's ongoing community outreach.

Whatever support you need, we have you covered.

Citizens of regional Australia are now better connected than ever before, but we're aiming higher than that. We want to create a future where someone who lives in the country can connect as easily as someone who lives in the city.