Want a better home Wi-Fi experience?

  • Optimise your Wi-Fi setup

    Wi-Fi not doing what it should in some rooms? These tips will help minimise buffering and black spots, reduce lag and get smoother streaming on multiple devices.
  • Use a reliable Wi-Fi modem

    Home setup matters, but so does your equipment. A reliable Wi-Fi modem with 4G network backup can make all the difference to your Wi-Fi experience.
  • Add a Wi-Fi booster device

    Still not getting coverage in every room? Adding a smart booster with Wi-Fi mesh is one of the easiest ways to extend your home Wi-Fi network.

Tips to optimise your Wi-Fi setup

Increase Wi-Fi range

Sometimes all it takes is a few smart moves to improve your Wi-Fi signal

Your modem should be in a central part of the home

Move your modem to a central point

This maximises the modem's ability to send a strong signal through your home.

Your modem should be placed at desk or shelf height.

Place your modem well off the floor

Desk or shelf height is ideal. Too close to the ceiling can be as bad as too low to the floor.

Thick walls and solid objects can block your Wi-Fi signal.

Keep modem away from thick walls and solid objects

Solid internal walls can block your Wi-Fi signal. 

Thick walls and solid objects can block your Wi-Fi signal.

Add a booster to extend the signal

In larger and non-standard homes, Wi-Fi boosters can fill black spots and get the signal to every room.

Improve Wi-Fi speed

The quick tips can help boost Wi-Fi and stop your shows being buffered!

Speed test your modem

You may find areas where the Wi-Fi is not as strong as it can be. 

Check that other devices aren't interfering with your wi-fi signal

Check for interference

Other electrical devices can slow down your Wi-Fi. Switch suspect devices off and check your signal.

Restarting your modem can often help your wi-fi speed

Turn the modem off. Then on.

A simple reboot can noticeably increase your W-Fi speed. (Leave it off for 10 seconds.)

Use our app to manage your Wi-Fi

Get help and manage your internet service on the My Telstra app.

Reduce interference

Devices like microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones and TVs can affect your Wi-Fi.

Try to identify any patterns when your wi-fi slows down

Look for patterns

Is your Wi-Fi affected each time the microwave or cordless phone is used?

Try unplugging devices that you think might interfere with your wi-fi

Unplug suspect devices

Unplug each device that might be interfering, one by one, to see if your Wi-Fi improves.

If a device does cause interference, move them away from your modem

Move interfering devices

Move any devices that are causing interference away from your modem.

Consider a new Telstra Smart Modem to boost your wi-fi signal

Upgrade to a smart modem

If you're using an older modem, consider switching to the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Modem.

Improve device connectivity

Tips to run laptops, mobiles, tablets, TVs, and gaming consoles more smoothly.

Check devices that might be bandwidth hungry such as online gaming

Control bandwidth-hungry devices

Devices like game consoles can slow everyone down. Try managing online access times, especially with gaming and multiple streaming.

Make sure everything is connected to the modem properly

Check your devices are connected correctly

Optimise each device's connection to the modem. If you've got gamers in the house, you can manage network access for specific devices with Game Optimiser.

Consider upgrading your older modem to a Telstra Smart modem

Get the best Wi-Fi gear

The latest smart modems are designed to run multiple devices at once. If you're using an older model, consider upgrading to the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi modem. 

Modems and extras to improve Wi-Fi

Telstra Smart Modem

Speed, range and reliability with 4G mobile network backup. Wi-Fi meshes with Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Boosters.

Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster

Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ certified. Pairs directly with Telstra Smart Modem for guaranteed wall-to-wall Wi-Fi.

Power backup for modems

Helps ensure a continuous internet connection. For Priority Assist customers.

More ways to optimise your internet

Game Optimiser

Up your game.
Try Telstra Game Optimiser on us for a month.

Put gaming traffic first on your home network. Play like you've never played before. Road test the amazing Game Optimiser at no charge for the first month, then $10 per month.

Easy tools to do it yourself

Fix Wi-Fi issues and optimise your home setup for faster internet with our free step-by-step troubleshooting guides.

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