Telstra Internet Optimiser

Prioritise your internet for what matters most

Whether it’s working from home, streaming or gaming, Internet Optimiser lets you choose what comes first. It’s included at no extra cost.
For Telstra nbn customers with a compatible smart modem. Excl. Fixed Wireless, ADSL and Ultrafast plans.

What is Internet Optimiser?

Internet Optimiser lets you prioritise online traffic in your home and make your internet work better for you. It’s included with your home internet service at no extra cost. Simply add it via My Telstra, then set up your priorities.

Work better from home

Prioritise your video calls and work apps to help reduce interruptions.

Make the most of family time

Prioritise your favourite streaming apps and set limits on other devices. 

Put online gaming first

Prioritise your online gaming and devices, reduce lag and choose servers with the lowest ping.

Internet Optimiser features

Powerful controls to make your internet work better for you. See all features in the user guide.

Network Priority

Choose which activities come first

Working, watching or gaming? Prioritise your most important activities and reduce frustrating interruptions. 

Network Monitor

See who’s using all your internet

See who’s online and what devices are hogging the internet, with a real-time view of all connected devices.  

Network Rules

Block devices, pause the internet

It’s your internet connection, you make the rules. Block specific devices and apps, manage your kids' time online and more. 

Gaming Geo-Filter

Reduce gaming lag

Choose which region your games can connect to and filter out distant servers with slow response times. 

How to get Internet Optimiser

Already with Telstra? Activate Internet Optimiser now

Simply sign in via My Telstra and set up your priorities. You can adjust them anytime.  

Switch to Telstra and get Internet Optimiser included

Choose fast nbn with help to ensure your connection is secure and get the power to prioritise your apps and devices included at no extra cost.

For Telstra nbn customers with a compatible smart modem. Excl. Fixed Wireless, ADSL and Ultrafast plans.

Priority Boost

Need a temporary boost?

With Internet Optimiser, you can boost the priority of a specific app you're using as you need it. Simply sign in to My Telstra and hit the blue Priority Boost button.

Frequently asked questions

Internet Optimiser is a feature available on eligible Telstra nbn services that allows you to prioritise your most important online activities, whether that be working, streaming your favourite apps or gaming.   

In busy households, other devices doing big downloads or software updates can cause frustrating interruptions. Internet Optimiser addresses this by letting you manage your online traffic and decide which devices and apps get first priority. It also lets you control how and when the different internet users in your house can access your home network. 

Internet Optimiser doesn't increase your speeds, it tries to make the best use of what’s available so you get the best online experience.

  • When prioritised activities like gaming or video calling are in use, Internet Optimiser activates a Congestion Control feature. This automatically reserves a percentage of your bandwidth so that your priority traffic can flow without delay.
  • The Congestion Control’s default setting is 85% upload and download. This means your internet connection will run 15% slower for other devices and usage. This should ONLY occur when your priority activities are in use.
  • You can manually adjust the Congestion Control setting under ‘Network Priority’ in your Internet Optimiser dashboard

No, you need to connect with a Telstra Smart Modem. Internet Optimiser will not work on other modems or routers, including older devices from Telstra.  

Compatible smart modems include: Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3. They all have Internet Optimiser pre-installed: you simply need to activate it and set your priorities.

If you're an existing Telstra customer, you can buy the Telstra Smart Modem 3.

No, Internet Optimiser only works on your home internet network. It does not work on any Telstra mobile network. If your smart modem switches over to the 4G Mobile backup, your Internet Optimiser will not prioritise usage until it switches back to your home internet network. 

If the three priority activities consume all of your connection at the same time, then they would each be given an equal percentage of the bandwidth. However, all other usage would be deprioritised during that time.

You can use the Bandwidth Allocation feature in Network Priority to set different percentage rules for Gaming, Work from home and Media. 

Yes, you can de-activate your Internet Optimiser at any time via the My Telstra app. Internet Optimiser will retain your priority settings until you choose to re-activate it. 

No, Internet Optimiser doesn’t work with

  • ADSL or Fixed Wireless connections, 
  • 5G Home Internet plans
  • nbn Ultrafast plans, or
  • 4G Fixed Wireless.

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