Telstra Smart Modem 3. Because the modem matters.

With more Wi-Fi speed to more corners of your house, it's perfect for busy homes. Here's why our new smart modem is a game changer.

Up to 2 times faster Wi-Fi speeds

Than our major home internet competitors' modems*. Watch, work and play with faster Wi-Fi.

Source: independently supervised testing with 4 devices running at the same time in 4 different parts of a 4-bedroom test home. Testing conducted in Nov 2021.

For more people, on more devices

Wi-Fi 6 is great for when you’ve got a houseful of people using phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, smart speakers and more all at once.

Game on in more rooms

Game in your bedroom or on the back patio, with intelligent band-switching and improved Wi-Fi speeds throughout your home.


Why the modem matters

Watch expert tech reviewer Elly Awesome put our new modem through its paces and see why it outperforms our major competitors' modems.

We compared modems

How we tested

We used a real 4-bedroom home to compare the Wi-Fi speeds and coverage of Telstra Smart Modem 3 with our major competitors' modems. Here’s how they performed. Green shows the fastest speeds, yellow slower and orange the slowest speeds.

250 Mbps or more

50 to 250 Mbps or more

Less than 50 Mbps

 In same room

 1-3  rooms away

 3+  rooms away 


 Test points

Smart Modem Gen 3

Key test points Speed Coverage
Test point 1 776 Mbps  In same room as modem
Test point 2 569 Mbps 1-3 rooms away from modem
Test point 3 63 Mbps 3 + rooms away from modem

Netcomm NF18Mesh

Aussie Broadband WiFi Modem
Key test points Speed Coverage
Test point 1 475 Mbps In same room as modem
Test point 2 166 Mbps 1-3 rooms away from modem
Test point 3 No coverage 3 + rooms away from modem

Nbn home internet plans

Get the Smart Modem 3 with an nbn plan now.

Switch to Telstra nbn and you'll get a new Telstra Smart Modem 3 included for use with the plan.

New customers only. If you leave before 24 mths, return your modem or pay a $200 non-return fee.

Why all Wi-Fi is not the same.

Your modem plays a huge part in the Wi-Fi performance you get at home. Here’s six ways the Telstra Smart Modem 3 delivers Australia’s best home Wi-Fi experience.

Wi-Fi 6. It's the new black.

Wi-Fi 6 technology accommodates many more devices at greater speeds on a single Wi-Fi network. It's the next big thing in Wi-Fi. Smart modem 3 is already Wi-Fi 6 certified, so you'll enjoy:

  • up to 4 times more Wi-Fi capacity
  • up to 12 devices streaming at once
  • up to 40% faster Wi-Fi speeds
  • longer battery life for your connected devices

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