Telstra Smart Modem 3

A new standard in home Wi-Fi.

Introducing Telstra Smart Modem 3. With the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, it's our most powerful modem yet. And it's included with our new nbn home internet plans.
New services only. If you leave before 24 mths, return your modem or pay a $200 non-return fee.

Telstra Smart Modem 3. Because the modem matters.

With more speed to more corners of your home, it's perfect for busy households. Here's why our new smart modem is a game changer.

For more people, on more devices

Wi-Fi 6 is great for when you’ve got a houseful of people using phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, smart speakers and more all at once.

Next-generation security

The Wi-Fi 6 technology in our Smart Modem 3 delivers major security enhancements to help keep your information secure online. Automatic software updates also help to ensure security protocols are kept up to date.

Game on in more rooms

Game in your bedroom or on the back patio, with intelligent band-switching and improved Wi-Fi speeds throughout your home.


Now with Wi-Fi 6 for better in-home connectivity.

Telstra Smart Modem 3 has next-gen Wi-Fi 6 technology to let you connect many more devices at greater speeds. It’s perfect for today’s busy homes:

  • Stream on up to 12 devices at once
  • Up to 4 times more Wi-Fi capacity
  • Up to 60% faster than our previous modem
  • Longer battery life for your connected devices

Get the Smart Modem 3 with an nbn plan now.

Switch to Telstra nbn and you'll get a new Telstra Smart Modem 3 included for use with the plan.

New customers only. If you leave before 24 mths, return your modem or pay a $200 non-return fee.

Why all Wi-Fi is not the same.

Your modem plays a huge part in the Wi-Fi performance you get at home. Here’s six ways the Telstra Smart Modem 3 delivers Australia’s best home Wi-Fi experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our latest smart Wi-Fi modem for use with our home internet plans.  

Telstra Smart Modem Gen 3 comes with Wi-Fi 6 technology, which delivers more Wi-Fi speed, on more devices, in more corners of your home.  

It also has advanced security and other features, making it our most powerful and intelligent home Wi-Fi modem yet. 

Smart Modem Gen 3 is replacing Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2, which does not have Wi-Fi 6 technology.

The Wi-Fi speeds of the new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 3 are on average 60% faster than the Wi-Fi speeds of our previous Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2.

Wi-Fi 6 modems are backwards compatible with Wi-Fi 5 and older Wi-Fi devices in your home. 

You may not experience the same level of Wi-Fi speeds and coverage on those non-Wi-Fi 6 connected devices as you will with your Wi-Fi 6 certified devices. 

Many new smart devices are moving to Wi-Fi 6 certification.  

Yes, connecting Telstra Smart Modem Gen 3 is so easy you can do it yourself in around half an hour.

  • Once you’ve decided on the best spot in your home for the smart modem, you just need to plug it into power and into your nbn connection box.
  • Then you can start connecting your devices via the Wi-Fi 6 signal
  • You’ll find an easy quick start guide with step-by-step instructions included in the modem pack.

Get answers to your modem setup and troubleshooting questions on our Telstra Smart Modem support page

If your home is like most Australian households today, you’re probably got multiple devices running at once with people streaming, gaming, browsing and working from one end of the house to the other.

You may even have a few appliances connected. All on the one Wi-Fi signal.

The Telstra Smart Modem 3 was specifically developed for today’s homes, to handle the huge demands we’re all putting on our Wi-Fi connections.

Our latest modem uses Wi-Fi 6 technology to accommodate many more devices, at greater Wi-Fi speeds, than our previous modem. In fact it’s on average 60% faster than our previous Smart Modem Gen 2.*

It also delivers greater reach to more corners of your home. 

Whether or not you have a houseful of heavy users or you just want a strong connection from one end of the home to the other, Telstra Smart Modem 3 is your best choice.

Telstra Smart Modem Gen 3 is included for use with our new nbn plans 

Comparison testing performed November 2021

The new Smart Modem Gen 3 is included for use when you take up a new Telstra nbn home internet plan. There’s no additional cost. If you leave before 24 months, you’ll need to return your modem or pay a $200 non-return fee.

  • Find the best fit: do a little research to find the provider that meets your needs. Do you want a budget connection, super fast speeds or more reliable home Wi-Fi?
  • Compare the inclusions: not all providers include things like unlimited data, no connection fees and a new smart modem. (Telstra ticks all three).
  • Consider whether you need a home phone line: although many of us don’t need one, it can be good to have the option. Telstra nbn plans include a fixed phone line as standard, so it’s there if you need it.

Existing Telstra internet customers

If you’re on an eligible Telstra plan you can upgrade to the Telstra Smart Modem 3 for $12 extra per month over 24 months (min cost $288).

There are two ways to upgrade:
Message us now
Visit your nearest Telstra Store

You can also try these tips to improve your home Wi-FI

Yes, existing Telstra internet customers can buy the Smart Modem 3 for a one-off price of $288.

To buy the modem outright:
Message us now
Visit your nearest Telstra Store

Unfortunately, existing Telstra internet customers can’t purchase the new Telstra Smart Modem outright, on our website or app.

The Telstra Smart Modem 3 has all the features of Telstra Smart Modem 2 - including the built-in 4G SIM for outages.

What’s new is the next-generation Wi-Fi 6 technology, which basically allows for many more devices at greater Wi-Fi speeds on the one Wi-Fi network.

Here are the key differences between Smart Modem 2 and Smart Modem 3 with Wi-Fi 6:

  • Smart Modem 3 has on average 60% faster Wi-FI speeds than Smart Modem 2.
  • Smart Modem 3 has a stronger Wi-Fi signal that pushes further into your home than the Smart Modem 2.
  • Smart Modem 3 performs better when there are multiple devices connected and running at the same time. This includes phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, smart speakers and other IoT devices.

Smart Modem 3 is one of the first modems to offer Wi-Fi 6 to Australian internet customers.


Important: An nbn service can never go faster than the maximum line speed available at your premises, so for FTTN/B/C customers we will confirm your maximum attainable speed after connection and let you know if your line is not able to achieve the maximum speed of your plan.

The nbn™ tier figures represent wholesale maximum network speeds during off-peak periods. The nbn™  tier figures and ‘typical busy period speeds’ are not measures of customers’ actual in-premises speeds, which may be slower. Not all customers receive these speeds. In some cases, the nbn™ tier figures and the typical busy period speeds are similar.

Find out more about speeds on the nbn network with Telstra.

nbn™ New Development Charge: In areas serviced by nbn co, Telstra may be required to connect services onto the nbn network. If you’re in a new development and not already connected to the nbn network, nbn co may charge $300 to connect your premises to the nbn network. If applicable, we will bill that charge to you. Once you are connected to nbn fibre, you won’t be able to move to our copper network. Extra charges may apply for non-standard or professional install of Telstra or nbn co equipment and for premises in new developments.

Telstra Smart Modem 3™: 4G Mobile backup is available to premises in 4G coverage areas. Check coverage at Your mobile backup connection is capped at 25Mbps for downloads and 5Mbps for uploads. Actual speeds may be lower due to local conditions and content accessed.

Medical security alarms, lift phones and fire indicator panels: If you have a medical alarm, lift phone or fire indicator panel, you need to register these services with nbn co by calling 1800 227 300. Medical alarms can also be registered online at It’s important to understand that registering these services won’t prevent them from being disconnected when moving to the nbn network. As well as registering, you must also contact your medical alarm, lift phone or fire indicator panel provider to arrange the transfer of these services to the nbn network 

nbn™, nbn co and other nbn™ logos and brands are trademarks of nbn co limited and used under licence.

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