We’ll be switching off 3G in mid-2024. This means you’ll need to upgrade your 3G only device or 4G device that doesn’t have 4G voice calling (HD calling) capability.

We currently offer 4G technology and have also launched the next generation of 5G mobile technology, which will bring advancements in mobile gaming, virtual reality experiences, HD video conferencing and other applications. 

As customers move from 3G to take up the benefits of newer technology, we’ll be repurposing the 850MHz spectrum, currently used to provide 3G coverage, to support our 5G rollout. This will let us grow and improve our delivery of next generation 5G technology.

To minimise any disruption, please talk to our team so we can assess your needs. We recommend changing your SIM to a compatible device or change the network settings as soon as possible. You can also visit your nearest Telstra store for assistance. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask a team member at your local Telstra store or Telstra dealer or contact us.

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