3G network closure

Replacing your 3G device

As we switch off the 3G network on 31 August 2024, we’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible to stay connected with a range of affordable 4G/5G compatible devices.

We’re switching off 3G on 31 August 2024.

As we evolve our network to provide an improved experience for customers across Australia, it’s time to say goodbye to 3G. 

Once the 3G network closes, you’ll need a compatible 4G device to stay connected. 

To help you in the transition, we’ve taken the guess work out of finding a compatible device– here are our recommendations to keep you connected to our 4G/5G network.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the age of your current device, you may need to replace your SIM card when you upgrade. Many older 3G devices use larger SIM cards than current devices, so we’ve outlined some steps below to help you with ordering a new SIM

Most current devices require a Nano sized SIM card.

Diagram illustrating a standard sim card


The largest of the three sizes. Commonly used in earlier smartphones and basic phones such as:

  • Telstra Cruise, Easy Call 2 and 3, Flip 1 etc 

  • Apple iPhone 3, and 4

Diagram illustrating a micro sim card


Used in slightly older generation devices, and many of the mid-range smartphones such as:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 4, 

  • Telstra Easy Call 4, Flip 2

  • Apple iPhone 4s 

Diagram illustrating a nano sim card


Used in most current and later generation major smartphones. This is the smallest of the three sizes

  • Apple iPhone 5 onwards

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 onwards

  • To keep your existing phone number, you must place a SIM replacement order.

  • For Pre-Paid services you can do this in My Telstra (using the App or a desktop/laptop computer) or contact us. Your SIM card will be delivered to you within a few days, and once received you can activate in My Telstra or by calling 132200.

  • For Postpaid services you will need to contact us to order and activate your replacement SIM.

  • Visit Telstra.com and select Sign in > My Telstra

  • Sign in or create a new Telstra ID (you will need your email address)

  • To keep your account secure complete any verification steps ie one-time code sent to your mobile phone

  • On the ‘Services’ page locate your Pre-Paid service

  • Select ‘Manage Pre-Paid’

  • Scroll to the lower section > Select ‘Order replacement SIM’

  • Select ‘Next’ and then ‘Confirm’

  • Login to the My Telstra app and complete any verification steps ie one-time code

  • On the ‘Services’ tab locate your Pre-Paid service

  • Scroll to the lower section > Select ‘Order replacement SIM’

  • Select ‘Next’ and then ‘Confirm'

  • Login to My Telstra and complete any verification steps ie one-time code

  • On the ‘Get Help’ tab select ‘My orders’

  • Locate your ‘Order replacement SIM’ order

  • Select ‘Activate my mobile’

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