Simplify your entertainment

Easily find, watch, and record what you love. One box, one menu, one remote and universal search.
Recording only available on the Mighty.

Fetch makes your TV smarter

Fetch is a set-top box that works with your Smart TV to offer recording functionality and curates a diverse range of live TV channels, on-demand content, and integrated streaming apps.

Please note that Kayo, Binge, Flash, and Foxtel Now are not currently available on Fetch.

Displaying movie and show previews of ESPN, Prime Video and Marios Bros.

World class content

Live channels, streaming, movies & more in one menu

Displaying Fetch UI with previews of Prime Video and Stan and other movie and show titles.

Easy access watching

Visit "My Stuff" tab to track & resume what you're watching.

Displaying Fetch UI of show previews. Magnifying glass overlayed to show the amount of free to aris, apps and streaming services.

End endless searching

Fast & simple universal search, plus voice search.

Displaying remote control. On the left hand side focuses on the rewind icon,  right hand side focuses on the record icon.

TV on your terms

Capture every moment. Pause and rewind live TV.

Fetch it with Telstra

Telstra makes your Fetch experience more rewarding.

Unlock premium offers

Get Fetch with Telstra and get 3 months Ultimate Pack and Movie Box on us.

Get rewarded

Earn Telstra Plus points on Fetch purchases. Redeem points to rent & buy movies & shows.

Pay monthly or outright

Flexible payment options to pay for your Fetch box.

Free delivery

No delivery or set up costs for your Fetch box.

Choose your Fetch box

What’s on Fetch?

The biggest brands in entertainment. Add or cancel anytime.

Ultimate Pack – Included for the first 3 months (normal cost $20/mth)

Subscribe to Ultimate Pack direct in Fetch box when offer ends.

Ultimate channel pack offers endless entertainment for the whole family, all together in one great value pack with every channel from Vibe, Variety, Knowledge, and Kids.

Vibe Pack - $6/mth

Feel the buzz with sports, music, comedy, and more – the latest games, shows, songs, and laughs.

Knowledge Pack - $6/mth

Knowledge brings you captivating factual storytelling, news, and global adventures, along with inspirational home ideas.

Variety Pack- $6/mth

More of what you love. Character-driven drama, classic shows, and tunes to make you smile and dance.

Kids Pack $6/mth

Non-stop fun and learning for all ages, with beloved characters and curious stories that ignite their imagination.

Movie Box – Included for the first 3 months (normal cost $1.99/mth)

Subscribe to Movie Box direct in Fetch box when offer ends.

Enjoy 30 pre-selected rental movies with a daily new addition.

Apps you can use with your Fetch box

Please note you must have an active subscription to streaming apps.

Binge, Kayo, Flash and Foxtel Now are not available on Fetch.

Frequently asked questions

As a Telstra Plus personal member, you can accumulate points by purchasing Fetch through a 12 or 24-month repayment plan. However, no Telstra Plus points will be earned if you opt for an outright purchase of Fetch.   You must be 18+ with an eligible service. Excludes enterprise. Read the terms and conditions.

When you buy movies or TV shows from the store, you'll have the choice to rent or buy using Telstra Plus points for eligible titles. However, it's important to note that not all titles will be available for purchase using Telstra Plus points.

Absolutely! You can purchase and use Fetch services without being a Telstra internet customer. Once Fetch is purchased via Telstra, it will always be a Telstra Fetch box, and is not transferrable to another ISP.

You can have up to 3 Fetch boxes on one personal account.

Once the 3-month offer on Ultimate and Movie Box ends, you have the flexibility to add these packs at any time by accessing the subscriptions tab on your box. Similarly, you can cancel all premium channels and Movie Box whenever you wish.

If you have a Telstra TV, you can keep using it and Telstra will continue to provide support. We’ll help you with the transition from Telstra TV to Fetch later or if you choose to cancel your service. 

Fetch does not currently have these applications. 

Fetch box

Available to new and migrating customers to Fetch with Telstra. Price varies between Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty. Min cost $8.25/mth over 24mths. Additional charges will apply for any channels packs or streaming services subscribed to. Limit of 3 Fetch boxes per household, per account. If you cancel your monthly Fetch box repayments before your contract period ends, you will need to pay out the remainder of your Fetch box as a one-off payment on your next billing date.

Ultimate Pack & Movie Box

Available to new customers to Fetch with Telstra. After 3 months opt into Ultimate Pack (currently $20/mth) and Movie Box (currently $1.99/mth) to continue access. Prices and channels subject to change.  

Multiroom Offer 

Multiroom allows you to share recordings, movies, TV shows and Channel Packs between boxes. Multiroom at Telstra is charged at $5/mth per customer. From August 15th, 2023, until August 31st, 2024, customers with more than 1 Fetch box will receive Multiroom on us. After August 31st, 2024, customers must opt-in and purchase multiroom for $5/mth to continue sharing content between boxes. If Multiroom is not purchased after August 31st, 2024, any content purchased will only be available on the box it was purchased on. We will send you communications prior to August 2024 to advise you of the changes.

Existing Fetch customers

Fetch devices purchased from other retailers are not able to be linked to your Telstra Fetch device for Multiroom and cannot be added to your Telstra account or household.

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More information about Fetch can be found in our Support section.