Telstra Plus Terms and Conditions



1. What is Telstra Plus?

You’re important to us and we value our relationship with you. That’s why we created Telstra Plus, a rewards program designed to let you:

(a)  Earn and redeem Telstra Plus Points (see Part C: How Telstra Plus Points work);

(b)  Enjoy Telstra Plus membership benefits (see Part D: How Telstra Plus membership tiers work); and

(c)  Receive special offers (see Part B: Joining Telstra Plus).

2. Your data

By signing up to Telstra Plus, you agree to let us collect, use and disclose your data, including personal information, in accordance with our Privacy Statement and these terms.



1. Are you eligible to join Telstra Plus?

You can join and participate in Telstra Plus if:

  • You are over 18; AND
  • You have an active Telstra personal/consumer service*; AND
  • You have a Telstra ID (if you don’t have one you can  register for a Telstra ID).

* Please note – currently, you are only eligible for Telstra Plus if you have an active Telstra personal or consumer service. We’ll look to expand Telstra Plus to our valued small and medium business account owners in the future. 

2. How do you join Telstra Plus?

(a) General sign up: Simply sign in to Account or Telstra 24x7® App with your Telstra ID, click on the link to join Telstra Plus, and then follow the instructions.

(b) Family or friends on your account? If your Telstra account has multiple users, only the authorised account owner or a user with full authority needs to enrol the account into Telstra Plus for all eligible spend on that account to start earning Telstra Plus Points. However, each user of the account must separately join Telstra Plus to

(i) Redeem Telstra Plus Points (except limited authority users); or 

(ii) Enjoy Telstra Plus membership benefits.

(c) Multiple Telstra Accounts or Services? If you have

(i) Multiple Telstra accounts associated with the same Telstra ID, all accounts will be automatically enrolled in Telstra Plus;

(ii) Multiple Telstra services on one account and that account is associated with your Telstra ID, those services will be automatically included in the enrolment process;

(iii) Multiple Telstra services across different Telstra accounts and different Telstra ID’s (e.g. separate accounts for your mobile and home broadband services), you will need to separately enrol each Telstra account to Telstra Plus. We recommend consolidating your services onto the one Telstra account so you can earn more Telstra Plus Points and enjoy more Telstra Plus membership benefits. You can consolidate up to 20 Telstra services on to one account by following the instructions here.

3. What happens after you join?

Welcome to the Telstra Plus family! Once you have received a Telstra Plus membership, you can:

(a) Earn and redeem Telstra Plus Points (see Part C: How Telstra Plus Points work)

(b) Enjoy Telstra Plus membership benefits (see Part D: How Telstra Plus membership tiers work

(c) Receive special offers and choose your Telstra Plus marketing preferences (see below).

(d) Consolidate your services under one Telstra membership:
        To get the most out of your Telstra Plus membership, you can apply to consolidate up to 20 Telstra services on your existing Telstra Plus account. When you combine Telstra services under your Telstra Plus membership account, we’ll combine your points and spend history to help you earn more Telstra Plus Points and unlock further Telstra Plus membership benefits.

4. Your Telstra Plus Membership Year

Joining Telstra Plus also starts your Telstra Plus membership year, which runs for 12 months from the date you join Telstra Plus. 

Your membership year start and anniversary dates will affect how we calculate your Telstra Plus membership tier – see Parts C and D below for more details.

5. Receiving Special Offers

When you sign up to Telstra Plus, you agree to receive marketing communications from Telstra, including via email, SMS, MMS, and app notifications, even if you have previously opted out of receiving marketing. This means that your marketing preferences will be reset. 

You can manage your marketing and communications preferences in My Account at any time after joining Telstra.

6. Choosing your Telstra Plus Marketing Preferences

After joining Telstra Plus, you’ll receive marketing communications on special offers from Telstra. You can adjust your marketing and communications preferences through My Account at any time. 

For example:

(a) You might choose to opt-out of receiving special offers and other marketing communications via SMS, but continue to receive them via email. 

(b) If you’re using the Telstra 24x7® App, you can use your handset settings to opt-out of receiving push notifications.

Don’t worry, you’ll always retain your Telstra Plus membership if you make adjustments to your marketing communications preferences although this will affect our ability to present you with special offers.


1. How do you earn Telstra Plus Points?

You’ll earn Telstra Plus Points whenever you

(a) Pay your monthly bill for your Telstra services (after any discounts or refunds are applied, see below);

(b) Recharge your Telstra prepaid service;

(c) Buy a mobile handset or hardware from Telstra through monthly instalment payments; or

(d) Accept a special offer that contains Telstra Plus Points as a benefit.

Some examples of payments and account spend which are excluded from earning you Telstra Plus Points include outright purchases, credits, refunds and late payment fees.

For more information on eligible spend, see Eligible Spend criteria.

2. When will you get your Telstra Plus Points?

Your Telstra Plus Points will be automatically added to your Telstra Plus account, typically between two and four business days from the time that Telstra receives your payment (approximately 7 business days in total).

3. How many Telstra Plus Points do you get for eligible spend?

As soon as you join Telstra Plus, you’ll start earning 10 Telstra Plus Points for each $1 of eligible spend. Telstra Plus Points are earned on whole points only. For example, if your eligible spend is $5.49, you will receive 54 Telstra Plus Points.

4. What happens if your eligible spend gets refunded by Telstra?

If for some reason Telstra provides you with a refund on your Telstra services bill, you’ll get the Telstra Plus Points initially for your eligible spend, but they will be recalled from your Telstra account after the refund goes through.

If you have already spent the Telstra Plus Points earned from the refund, your Telstra Plus Points balance may go into negative until you earn enough new Telstra Plus Points. 

Refunds may also affect your Telstra Plus membership tier (see Part D: How Telstra Plus membership tiers work).

5. How do I keep track of my Telstra Plus Points?

You can check your Telstra Plus Points balance online through Account or the Telstra 24x7® App.

6. Transferring Telstra Plus Points

We’ve designed Telstra Plus to be flexible, so as long as you are the account owner or have full authority on your Telstra account, you can transfer Telstra Plus Points to any other legitimate Telstra account enrolled in Telstra Plus.

7.  How do you redeem Telstra Plus Points?

(a) Who can redeem Telstra Plus Points?

As long as you are the account owner or have full authority on the Telstra account, you can redeem Telstra Plus Points on that account. 

(b) What can you do with Telstra Plus Points? 

You can redeem your Telstra Plus Points to buy or enjoy discounts on any eligible devices, accessories, and services from Telstra or other rewards which will be available through the Telstra Plus store.

Access to some membership benefits is limited to account owners and users with full authority. Other account users can still access Member level benefits.

See Section 2 below for more information on using your Telstra Plus Points to redeem rewards.

8. How long do you have to redeem Telstra Plus Points?

You have three years to redeem your Telstra Plus Points, starting from the month in which you earn them. All Telstra Plus Points older than three years will expire.


1. Telstra Plus membership tiers

We’ve designed three Telstra Plus membership tiers to give us lots of ways to reward you: Member, Silver and Gold. The higher your tier, the more Telstra Plus membership benefits you can enjoy.

You can unlock higher membership tiers or move down tiers based on how much you spend with Telstra every membership year.

2. Unlocking and Moving Telstra Plus membership tiers  

(a) Unlocking higher Telstra Plus membership tiers: 

Membership tiers are based on how much you spend with Telstra for every membership (which starts on the date you join Telstra Plus). When you meet a membership tier spend threshold (see below), you’ll be able to unlock and join the higher membership tier. Once you unlock a higher tier, you’ll stay in that tier for the rest of your membership year, plus the following membership year.

Example: If you join Telstra Plus on 28 March 2019 as a Member, and reach $1,500 of eligible spend on 29 November 2019, you’ll attain Silver membership on 29 November 2019 and stay there until at least 28 March 2021, regardless of your Telstra spend levels during that period.

(b) Moving down Telstra Plus membership tiers:

If your spend in a membership year doesn’t meet the threshold spend of your membership tier, you’ll move to the tier that matches your spend either at the beginning of your next membership year, or immediately where your spend no longer meets the threshold because Telstra has provided you with a refund.  

Example: If you join Telstra Plus on 28 March 2019 as a Member and reach $3,000 of eligible spend on 15 January 2020, you’ll attain Gold membership on 15 January 2020. However, if your eligible spend between 28 March 2020 and 27 March 2021 (i.e. your second membership year) is $2,400, which doesn’t reach the Gold membership threshold of $3,000, you’ll be moved to Silver membership at the beginning of your next membership year, which in this case is your third membership year starting 28 March 2021 (unless your spend between 28 March 2020 and 27 March 2021 increases and passes the Gold membership tier threshold again).



$0  - $1,499.99

This represents an average monthly spend of $0-124.99


$1,500  - $2,999.99

This represents an average monthly spend of $125-249.99


$3,000 +

This represents an average monthly spend of $250+

3. What are your Telstra Plus membership benefits?

We’re excited to offer you a range of Telstra Plus membership benefits. You will be able to see the benefits available to you via, My Account or the Telstra 24x7® App.


1.    How to leave Telstra Plus

You can leave Telstra Plus at any time via or by calling 13 22 00.

Once you leave Telstra Plus and your membership has an account owner or user with full authority, you won’t be able to earn or use Telstra Plus Points or enjoy Telstra Plus membership benefits. Your existing Telstra Plus Points will also expire

2. What if you leave Telstra Plus but have family or friends on the same Telstra account?

An account owner or user with full authority must always remain enrolled in Telstra Plus for your family and friends to continue to earn points and keep enjoying membership benefits.

3. Suspending your Telstra Plus membership

You must have an active Telstra service at all times to maintain your Telstra Plus membership. If you don’t, you may not be able to earn and use points or enjoy membership benefits. If your Telstra Plus membership is suspended for more than 12 months, your Telstra Plus Points balance will expire. 

4. Reactivating a suspended Telstra Plus membership

If your Telstra Plus membership is suspended, you can easily reactivate it by signing up to a new Telstra service or reactivating a suspended Telstra service on the same Telstra account.

If you reactivate your suspended Telstra Plus membership within 12 months of the suspension, you will recover your Telstra Plus Points balance at the time of suspension.

5. If Telstra ends your membership

Telstra may end or suspend your Telstra Plus membership immediately if we reasonably believe you’re misusing Telstra Plus (including if your use is unacceptable, unreasonable, fraudulent or illegal) according to these terms, our FairPlay Policy, or if you otherwise breach your obligations under the Telstra FairPlay Policy.

If we end your Telstra Plus membership, you will no longer be able to earn or redeem Telstra Plus Points or enjoy Telstra Plus membership benefits. Your existing Telstra Plus Points will also expire.

6. If the authorised account owner dies

If the authorised account owner dies a family member or a person who shares their home address can contact us and claim the remaining Telstra Plus Points within 12 months, provided they are legally entitled to do so.


About the Telstra Plus Rewards Store 


1. What is the Telstra Plus Rewards Store? 

Our Rewards Store is a place where you can view and redeem items if you are a Telstra Plus member. It’s our way of saying thanks. By redeeming items in the Rewards Store or in-person in a Telstra branded store, you agree to be bound these terms and conditions.

2. Who can use Telstra Plus Points?

If you are the account owner or a user with full authority on the enrolled Telstra Plus account, you can redeem items from the Rewards Store (unless your Telstra Plus membership is terminated or suspended – see Section 2 Part E of these terms and conditions). You must only redeem items from the Rewards Store using your own Telstra Plus account and points. 


1. What can you redeem with Telstra Plus Points? 

You can use your Telstra Plus Points to fully redeem or enjoy discounts on eligible devices, accessories, and services available through the Telstra Plus Rewards Store. From time to time, we may change or withdraw the items that are available in the Telstra Plus Rewards Store, change the number of points required for a product or limit the availability of products and impose conditions or restrictions on products offered in the Telstra Rewards Store at our discretion.
This also means that we might not notify you when changes are made.

2. How can I use points at the Telstra Plus Rewards Store? 

You can redeem an item from the Rewards Store online at or in-person at a Telstra branded store provided that the item you wish to redeem is in stock within that store. To redeem an item from the online store, you will need your Telstra ID and password.
To redeem an item from a Telstra branded store, you will need to provide proof of identity.

3. How do I redeem an item?

You must have at least the minimum required number of points in order to proceed with a redemption. You can redeem using one of the two options below where available:

  • using your Telstra Plus Points only; or
  • with Points + Pay; Points only:
    There will be items in the Rewards Store which you can redeem using your points only. The points price is the total number of points required to redeem the item. 

Points + Pay: 

Points + Pay enables you to use a combination of Telstra Plus Points and a monetary amount to redeem an item. We will always set a minimum number of points for each product when making a Points + Pay redemption. 

You can make a redemption via Points + Pay by paying the monetary component outright (“Points + Outright”) or, if you are eligible, you can select to pay the monetary component over a fixed term in equal monthly instalments (“Points + Repayment Option”).

We may make a variety of combinations of Points + Pay options available to you from which to choose. When you choose the number of points you wish to allocate to your redemption, you will be advised of the monetary amount that you will need to pay to redeem the item. 

If you do not have the required minimum points, the transaction will not be processed. 

Accepted Payment Cards: We accept the following payment cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and MasterCard debit cards. 

Points + Repayment Option

The repayment component of the the Points + Repayment Option is for customers who

(a)       choose an eligible product from the store (eligible products are those offered in the Store with a Points + Repayment Option);

(b)       have a valid billing account;

(c)       pass a credit assessment if required;

(d)       retain a Telstra consumer service for the entirety of the repayment term; and

(e)       have no more than 5 Repayment Options with Telstra (inclusive).

You must repay the balance of your product in full. If you cancel your repayments, you must pay an Early Termination Charge (ETC) equivalent to the remainder of your outstanding payments. If at any time during your repayment term you cease to have an active Telstra consumer service, your repayment option will be cancelled and you will need to pay an ETC.

All other terms relating to paying via a repayment option can be found at

4. What other things should I know? 

We will conduct our standard identity and credit checks to verify your identity and the validity of your payment. 

There may be an additional fee payable by you (such as merchant fees), depending on which Accepted Payment Card you use. 

Your Telstra Plus Points will be deducted from your Telstra Plus account within approximately 2 business days from the date of redemption. 

Unless we notify you otherwise at the point of redemption, there will be no delivery fee payable by you. Items redeemed in-store must be picked up in-store (there is no delivery option available). 

Pre-Paid only customers will be ineligible to to redeem using the Points + Repayment Option.

Where you elect to use the Points + Repayment Option to redeem your item from the Store:

you will begin paying your first monthly instalment on your next bill.
we will validate your card details with your card provider by processing a pre-authorisation transaction up to $1. Your monetary payments will appear on your next Telstra bill and will commence at the start of your next billing cycle.


We will process orders: 

  • once we have verified that you have enough points to redeem the item; and 
  • once the payment has been authorised or verified (as the case may be) by the relevant merchant bank of the Accepted Payment Card if you have chosen to redeem a reward using Points + Pay. 

    If you don’t have the required number of points, we cannot process the transaction. 
  • Any monetary payment must be made using an Accepted Payment Card (online or in-store) or cash (in-store only) or using the repayment option on your bill. 
  • You can redeem one item per order from the Rewards Store. 
  • All dollar values are GST inclusive. Telstra Plus point values are GST exclusive. 



You do not earn Telstra Plus Points on purchases from the Rewards Store. In the case of Points + Repayment Option your repayments are included on your bill so you will therefore earn points for each monthly instalment. 

You do not earn points on the Pay component when using Points + Pay payments.

Unless we notify you otherwise, you will not be eligible to receive bonus points for items that are redeemed from the Rewards Store. 


  • All items in the Rewards Store are subject to availability and may be subject to further terms and conditions including the terms and conditions of a third party supplier and Our Customer Terms, see
  • Points are not convertible to cash. Telstra Plus Points earned in a transaction cannot be used in the same transaction. 
  • Your Telstra Plus Points may not have the same value across different reward options or Points + Pay combinations. 
  • The Telstra Plus program may receive a payment from program partners for some rewards offered in the store. 
  • All dollar amounts are in AUD. 
  • There is no exchange or refund available if you change your mind or make the wrong selection. You should carefully check your order before you redeem an item from the Rewards Store. This paragraph does not limit your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. If you are a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law, our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under law. You are entitled to a solution if a product does not meet a consumer guarantee. Where a product is faulty, the solution will depend on the type of fault and whether that fault is “major”. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. Consumer guarantees apply regardless of any manufacturer’s warranty or Telstra policies and can apply even after the manufacturer’s warranty has ended. Should you return a product under a consumer guarantee your points will be returned in approximately 7 business days. 
  • We are not responsible for any loss caused: 
    • as the result of rewards having been exhausted or no longer being available to members; or 
    • to a member as the result of a fraudulent redemption of Telstra Plus Points by an unauthorised person(s),
      • where such redemption has been accepted on the basis of the security and identification procedures applicable from time to time. 
  • We may end or suspend your Telstra Plus membership immediately if we reasonably believe you are misusing Telstra Plus and/or Telstra Plus Points. If we end your Telstra Plus membership you will no longer be able to earn or redeem your Telstra Plus Points or enjoy Telstra Plus membership benefits. Your existing Telstra Plus Points will also expire. We may also take any action we deem fit if you have redeemed a reward for which you were not eligible, for example where someone other than the authorised account holder redeems items from the store. 
  • Telstra reserves the right to reverse or cancel any Telstra Plus Points credited to your account incorrectly, not in accordance with, or in breach of these terms and conditions at any time, even if doing so would put your Telstra Plus account into a negative points balance. 




We may need to cancel or suspend the Rewards Store or change these terms and conditions at any time. If we do, we may or may not notify you, depending the change we make.


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia.