As an account holder, you can give others permission to access and manage your Telstra account and services. Simply choose the type of authority level you want your contact to have. You can update or remove them at any time.

You can nominate an authorised representative to contact us on your behalf (please make sure you give us permission to speak with them before they contact us) or you can have an advocate to speak on your behalf with you being present. An advocate can’t act on your behalf or access your information without you being present and without your consent. 

Levels of authority:

  • Full authority
  • Limited authority
  • Third party authority

When you add an authorised contact to your account, you remain responsible for the costs and debts incurred by them on your account.

To add someone as an authorised contact, contact us with that person’s full name, phone number and date of birth. Once we’ve added them, we’ll send you an email verification.

Important: Make sure the person’s details are correct because when we need to verify that person’s identity, their details must be an exact match. If not, we won’t be able to add them as an authorised contact until the details are corrected.

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