Important: AutoPay for upfront plans

If you're on an upfront plan, the only way to pay for your service is by an AutoPay payment from your bank account or credit/debit card. You’ll be required to set up your AutoPay details when you sign up for this plan and you can update your payment method in My Telstra.

If you've received a payment failure notification, no further attempts will be made to take the payment. You'll need to make a manual one-off payment and can choose to do this through:

  • The link in the email you received, or
  • The 'Pay now' link under 'Payments' in My Telstra.

There are no late payment fees on upfront plans. However, if your payment is overdue by more than 10 business days, your services will be suspended.

To remove your service suspension, pay the overdue amount in full via My Telstra. Your service suspension will be lifted within 1 hour of a successful payment being made.

If your service is suspended and you don't pay by your monthly payment date, some or all of  your services may be disconnected and you’ll be charged for any remaining device payments.

To ensure your AutoPay payment is successful next month:

  • Check and update your AutoPay details (in My Telstra: select Payments - Payment methods)
  • Check that your default credit card details haven't expired

Pay online

You can pay online with any of the following ways:

Pay with direct debit

Automatic Payments takes the stress out of remembering to pay your bill, just set and forget.

Learn more about setting up a direct debit. You'll need your Telstra ID handy to set it up.

Pay using BPAY®

If you already have BPAY:

  1. Sign in to your online banking
  2. Choose the BPAY® payment option in the payments section
  3. Enter:
    • Telstra BPAY® biller code (23796)
    • BPAY® reference number (this is your account number, at the bottom of your bill)
    • Amount you want to pay
  4. Click Pay.

If you’d like to set up BPAY:

  • Sign in to your financial institution’s website, search for BPAY® and follow the prompts
  • Alternatively, contact your financial institution directly.

Pay over the phone

Contact us and use your debit or credit card account to pay. Fees apply. Find out more about our debit and credit card fees.

Pay in person

To pay in person, visit a Telstra store or Australia Post store. Fees apply. Find out more about our payment fees and exemptions.

Mobile Satellite customers

There are a range of ways to pay your Telstra Mobile Satellite account.

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