Common bill charges

Are you seeing unfamiliar charges on your bill? We’ve summarised the most common charges that sometimes take customers by surprise.

Technician call-out charge

This fee is charged if you request a professional installation for home broadband and telephone services by one of our technicians. As a one-off charge, this won’t appear in your following bill unless you have more services professionally installed.

International call charge 

These charges will appear on your bill if you’ve made international calls that are outside of your plan’s allowance.  If you’re going to be making international calls regularly, you can add an International Calling and SMS Pack to your service in My Telstra by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Services
  2. Select the service
  3. Select See plan details
  4. Select Add-ons
  5. You'll then be able to manage add-ons such as international roaming and data packs

Accessory or device repayment

This charge will appear if you recently bought a new accessory or device which you requested to pay off over several months. This accessory charge will be on your bill for the length of your repayment contract.

If you cancel an accessory or device repayment early or cancel your plan, your repayment contract will also be cancelled and you’ll need to pay out the remaining amount. Repayment contracts are only available to Telstra customers with an active post-paid service.

Non-return fee for a device

If you were leasing your phone and that lease recently ended, you needed to return your leased phone. This fee, equal to the phone’s fair market value, will appear if we haven't received your phone and you’ll then own your phone.

If you’ve already returned your phone, you can disregard this message and your fee will be waived once we receive your device. If you’d prefer to upgrade or return the leased phone, please call us on 13 22 00 to discuss your options.

Get help

If you have any questions or queries regarding a bill charge, you can message us if you’d like to discuss these bill charges further or start a messaging conversation in Get Help.