What data can you access?

The Telstra data that you, as an individual account holder can access includes your basic customer account information (such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IMEI/IMSI number and – if we have it - handset model) and other information that you can find on your Telstra bill, like who you called, and how long you spoke for. You can also access additional information, like the location of the cell tower that an outgoing call connected to when you made it.1 Individual account holders may also obtain a copy of their IPND (Integrated Public Number Database)7 record.

Because your data only relates to your use of Telstra services, it doesn’t include information like who called you or sent you an SMS.

Applying to access your data

Please note you can only apply to access your data if you’re a personal Telstra account holder. This facility is not available for business account holders.

How to apply

Only the account holder (legal lessee) can request data in this webform.

It’s good to first check through My Telstra and your bills to see if what you’re looking for can be found there.

Once we receive your request and verify your identity, we’ll acknowledge your request within five business days.

The request will be recorded in your account notes.

Click on the “View sample data” button below to confirm that you are ordering the correct information.

Cost (per service)

A fee to access your data may apply which is non-refundable and a quote to process the retrieval will be sent to you within five business days of receiving your request.

If you accept the quote you will be required to make a payment via the BPAY option listed on the tax invoice/quote. After we have received the payment, we will send you a confirmation email and commence the retrieval process. This may take up to 30 calendar days to be completed.

If you are suffering financial hardship, you can request that we waive the fee when we contact you about your request.

List of information requests and cost (per service)
Information request Cost (per service)
Basic Customer Information No cost
Customer interaction and account notes including faults summary No cost
Contracts No cost
Billing information No cost
Deletion or correction of personal information

No cost
Basic IPND Record No cost
Outgoing call and SMS details including cell tower coordinates

We do not keep audio logs of calls, or provide SMS content.

$25 (GST incl.)2
for records equal or less than 1 year old

$40 per hour (GST incl.)
for records older than 1 year


Data sessions for mobile phones / mobile devices. $25 (GST incl.)2