Privacy at Telstra

Accessing your personal information

As a part of our commitment to transparency, you can request access to the personal information we hold about you.

The data we hold includes your basic customer account information and other details you can find on your Telstra bill. You can also request access to additional information, like a copy of your IPND (Integrated Public Number Database) record.

Most of the personal information we hold about you can be found through My Telstra, and on your bills. It’s faster and easier to search for information there. 

Because your personal information only relates to your use of Telstra services, information about who called you or sent you an SMS is not available. If you request incoming call and SMS information, we won’t be able to provide it. 

What is said in a voice call (audio) or what is entered in an SMS (text/content) is also not available because Telstra doesn’t collect this information. 

See the sample PDF below for an example of what the data looks like

How to request access

Only the account holder (legal lessee), or an individual who is authorised on behalf of the account holder, can make a request to access personal information.

We’ll acknowledge your request and verify your identify within five business days, and provide you with the requested information within 30 days. If you request access to records that aren’t current or yours, we’ll contact you for further information.  

If we can’t action your request, we’ll contact you to explain why.

What can I access?

Personal information held by Telstra

You can request access to the following information through My Telstra, or request access, correction or deletion of your personal data online:

  • Basic customer information
  • Customer interaction and account notes, including faults summary
  • Contracts
  • Billing information 
  • Correction or deletion of personal or account information

Call, SMS & data usage sessions

You can request access to the following information:

  • Outgoing call and SMS details, including cell tower coordinates
  • Data sessions for mobile phones/mobile devices

Outgoing call and SMS details within the last 12 months can be accessed through My Telstra. All other requests can be made via the request your call and network data form.

Please note, Telstra cannot provide any incoming call and SMS information. 

IPND Records

The Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) is a centralised database that contains the record of each telephone number issued by Carriage Service Providers (CSPs) to their customers in Australia. Learn more about the IPND.

Request a copy of your Basic IPND record

Cost (per service)

Sometimes, a fee to access your personal information will apply. This is non-refundable and a quote will be sent to you within five business days of receiving your request. You’ll then be able to decide whether to proceed or not. 

If you accept the quote, you’ll need to make payment through the BPAY option shown on the tax invoice/quote. After we receive the payment, we’ll send you a confirmation email and start the retrieval process. This may take up to 30 calendar days to complete.

If you’re suffering financial hardship, you can request that we waive the fee when we contact you.

How to contact us

If you have a question regarding this process or how we handle your personal information, you can contact us by:

If you make a complaint, we will acknowledge receipt and aim to investigate and respond to you within 30 days or earlier, as per our Complaints Handling policy. If we cannot resolve your complaint, you may contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Things you need to know

  1. From 13 April 2017, when Telstra’s approved confidential Data Retention Implementation Plan expires, Telstra will commence holding data required under the data retention legislation.  To the extent this data is not already available to customers via this webpage, this page will be updated as more information becomes available.
  2. Billing information for mobile phones/fixed phone services and BigPond up to 12 months prior: You can easily access this information free of charge through My Telstra, looking at your bills or by calling 132 200.
  3. The information Telstra sends to the IPND on your behalf is used by critical users such as the Triple Zero Emergency Call Service and Emergency Alert and law enforcement and national security agencies. More information about the IPND can be found on the ACMA website

Any information provided for your outgoing call and SMS will only show the date and time, the caller’s (your) and the receiver’s number, length of a call and the location coordinates of a cell tower. Telstra does not retain a copy of what is said in a voice call (audio), or what is entered in an SMS (text/content).

Cell tower location information relates to the location of the cell tower which serves a call when first initiated (or an SMS, when sent). It’s important to note that depending on the technology, coverage and surrounding terrain, the range and accuracy of cell tower location information as an indication of where a mobile device was located could be typically up to 1,000 metres in any direction from a tower in urban areas and many 10s to 100s of kms in rural areas. 

The maximum total fee payable for outgoing call and SMS records (less than a year old) and data sessions is $25 (GST incl). 

A quote will be provided after the request has been assessed and you will have an opportunity to agree with the quote before we commence processing the request.