Manage AutoPay, direct debit and failed payments

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    Manage AutoPay

    To update your AutoPay details, sign in to My Telstra and go to Payments

    If you're adding a credit card, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Double check that the credit card you're nominating isn't about to expire.

    If you want to cancel AutoPay, contact us.

    If you cancel your AutoPay it means your service will also be cancelled.

    Manage direct debit

    Direct debit for other services that receive a monthly bill

    Set up automatic payments via direct debit and say goodbye to late payment fees. We don't charge them when you're on direct debit. You can view your next payment date and amount to be paid, plus view all your payment history in My Telstra in app or in a browser. And, if you're a Telstra Plus member, you'll earn Telstra Plus points each time you make a payment.

    Note, you don’t need to sign up for direct debit if:

    • you are paying via Centrelink
    • you are paying with a Telstra Bill Assistance Certificate
    • you don't have access to a credit card or bank account.

    Set up a direct debit 

    Learn more about setting up and managing a direct debit.

    Cancel a direct debit 

    To cancel a direct debit, sign in to My Telstra and go to Payments

    Manage failed payments

    What happens if my AutoPay failed?


    If you've received a payment failure notification, you can make a manual one-off payment through My Telstra > Payments or by using one of the other payment options available.

    You have 10 days to make a payment. If you don't make a payment, we will retry your AutoPay payment on day 9, one day before the service suspension begins on day 10. Check your preferred payment method is valid and has sufficient funds.

    You can check your upcoming payment date in My Telstra.

    10 business days after a failed payment

    If you still haven't made a payment 10 business days after your monthly AutoPay payment date, your services will be restricted and calls can only be made to emergency numbers.

    To remove your service restriction, pay the overdue amount in full via the My Telstra app. Your service restriction will be lifted within 1 hour of a successful payment being made.

    What happens if I don’t pay?

    If you don't pay by your next monthly payment date, some or all of your services and device repayment may be disconnected. You'll receive an invoice from us with the remaining amount of your device to be paid as a lump sum.

    To ensure your AutoPay goes through next month:

    1. Select Payments
    2. Go to Manage payment methods.
    • Check that your default credit card details haven't expired
    • Make sure that your preferred AutoPay method is set as default.

    What if I can’t pay right now?

    Depending on your level of urgency, we have flexible options that can help keep you connected.

    Explore payment assistance

    I tried to set up my direct debit but it didn’t work

    Sometimes the direct debit fails to set up. The best thing to do is wait 24 hours after submission and check My Telstra to see if the direct debit is active. If it isn’t, you may have to resubmit and try again. Double check that:

    • You have paid your bill in full as any amount owing on your account will prevent the direct debit from successfully being set up
    • Your payment details are correct.

    Why has my direct debit payment failed?

    Possible reasons why your direct debit didn’t go through:

    • Your credit card may have expired
    • You may have insufficient funds in your account
    • Your financial institution may have had a problem on their end
    • If you previously requested a payment extension, your direct debit may have been paused
    • You have an overdue amount on your account.

    To avoid a late fee, you’ll need to make a payment now (the direct debit will not be processed again this month).

    To ensure your payment goes through next month, sign in to My Telstra and:

    • Check and update your  direct debit details in My Telstra:
      • In app: select Payments
      • In a browser: select Bill issued.
    • If you've opted for a fixed amount to be deducted each month and your bill exceeded your limit, consider increasing it
    • If you have a payment extension for this bill, your payment will restart
      Tip: After you've made a payment, make sure you sign back in and check the status of your direct debit to see that it's been activated.
    • Check that your saved credit card details haven't expired
    • Contact your financial institution to ensure there are no issues with direct debits.

    What happens after multiple failed direct debit payments?

    If you’re paying for a service that receives a monthly bill and your direct debit payment has failed two months in a row, we may cancel your direct debit.

    You’ll need to sign in to My Telstra to set up a new direct debit.

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