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Our Financial Services industry experts can help you create and deploy secure-by-design solutions that are better for your customers and simpler for your staff.

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Image of city featuring Telstra services. Services include: Innovative insurance, Digital Twin, Straight through processing, Compliance, Scam indicator, Predictive analytics, Customer experience
Services include: Innovative solutions for insurance providers, Digital Twin, Straight through processing, Compliance, Scam indicator, Predictive analytics, Customer experience

Three steps to accelerate innovation


Build on a secure, flexible foundation for efficient operations.

Telstra can set you up for success by connecting your business over our secure-by-design networks to multi-cloud and the edge, including direct connectivity to Amazon and Microsoft clouds.


Safeguard your customer data, your business continuity and your brand reputation.

As you migrate to the cloud, digitise customer services and process information at the edge, Telstra helps defend your operations with global threat intelligence and enterprise-grade cybersecurity.


Seize emerging opportunities with industry expertise and world-class solutions.

Draw on Telstra Purple’s 2,000+ Australian experts and Quantium Telstra’s data scientists to deploy innovations like straight-through processing, hyper-personalised customer experiences and predictive scam protection. 

Customer success stories

Telstra Purple have done a great job throughout the engagement, providing detailed and considered recommendations for our future state A&I architecture. The attention to detail has been pivotal in the success of the engagement.

Vanessa Robinson
Head of Analytics & Insights, AFG

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Having the capability for remote working opens up new possibilities for the business. We now have the flexibility to expand our operating hours to 24/7 should the business require it.

Sheridan Francis
Manager, Regional Operations Centre, ADICA

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The move for us to a cloud-based solution has just made life in the contact centre so much easier. The opportunities for efficiencies and work improvements, the autonomy and empowerment it gives to staff, and the ease of dealing with the solution and making changes and responding to business needs have been fantastic.

Toni Mundy
Head of Member Services, Super SA

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This service has always been a must-have for us because it provides multi-factor authentication and one-time password, banking balance and notifications for our clients, and is one of the many connected elements of the technology landscape we provide – the industry plumbing.

Jonathan Plaskow

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Why work with Telstra?

Industry Experts

  • Dedicated financial services team.
  • Deep expertise, capability and partner ecosystem.
  • Proven reference sites.
  • Best-practice methodologies.

Data specialists

  • Market-leading data science and AI capabilities through the Quantium Telstra joint venture.
  • Data Hub that aggregates data from multiple sources and tags it for smart analytics, insights and reporting.

IT Solutions

  • Productivity tools and technology.
  • Mobile worker safety and monitoring.
  • Enterprise-grade generative AI technology integration.
  • Straight-through processing automation.

Cost efficiency

  • Reduce costs and free up valuable IT resources with our affordable managed services.
  • Pay-as-you-go cloud services and flexible mobility and network plans with no lock-in.
  • Telstra’s Managed Cost Optimisation offers a range of fully managed customer solutions, customisable as per requirements – to provide greater visibility, more control, and management of your telecom and ICT spend. 


  • Telstra’s advanced networks have smart, embedded technologies designed to safeguard business continuity and help protect data.
  • Underpinned by our local Security Operations Centres, Telstra Security offers robust security protection, trusted by thousands of organisations across Australia.

Extensive Ecosystem

  • No single solution – options to suit your needs.
  • Direct connectivity into Amazon and Microsoft clouds helps to improve app performance, security and reliability.
  • Strategic partnerships support early access to cutting edge technology along with advantageous price points.

Purple professional services

Telstra Purple industry specialists can work with you to modernise and automate your operations, empower your staff with advanced technologies and introduce powerful data platforms, making it easy to automate systems.

Purple managed services

From managing your WFH devices or your mobile fleet through to taking care of your network, we offer tailored managed services to suit your needs.

Get started with an expert consultation

Bring us your ideas and business goals and we’ll work with you to develop a smart solution. Our experienced professionals can help you create and deploy compliant products and services that are better for your customers and simpler for your staff.